c4eva Spoke! (2011-04-16 #x360usb)

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[2011-04-15 08:21PM UTC] #x360usb <Oggie> ciao
[2011-04-15 08:35PM UTC] #x360usb <yogie> ciao
[2011-04-15 09:58PM UTC] #x360usb <TX669> hey all
[2011-04-15 09:58PM UTC] #x360usb <TX669> i'v faced a problem
[2011-04-15 09:59PM UTC] #x360usb <BaT420> yes?
[2011-04-15 09:59PM UTC] #x360usb <TX669> i'v just update my moded xbox slim to 12625, then it doesnt read any disk. just say open tray
[2011-04-15 09:59PM UTC] #x360usb <TX669> is there any solutions on it?
[2011-04-15 10:00PM UTC] #x360usb <BaT420> a 9504 is in the console or a fat liteon?
[2011-04-15 10:01PM UTC] #x360usb <TX669> its 9504 liteon slim xbox
[2011-04-15 10:01PM UTC] #x360usb <BaT420> and it read games at a lower dash?
[2011-04-15 10:01PM UTC] #x360usb <TX669> i moded it, then just put my assassin creed:brotherhood, and it says update dashboard. then i'v faced this problems.
[2011-04-15 10:02PM UTC] #x360usb <TX669> is there any way to go again old dashboard?
[2011-04-15 10:02PM UTC] #x360usb <BaT420> the ac patched with ap 2.5 data?
[2011-04-15 10:02PM UTC] #x360usb <BaT420> i bet its not
[2011-04-15 10:02PM UTC] #x360usb <BaT420> repatch ac bh with abgx so ap 2.5 is applied and reburn
[2011-04-15 10:03PM UTC] #x360usb <BaT420> or grab a game thats not assasian creed fable 3 needs for speed hor pursuit halo reach or backops and test it
[2011-04-15 10:03PM UTC] #x360usb <BaT420> all those titles need ap 2.5 data and reburning
[2011-04-15 10:03PM UTC] #x360usb <TX669> yes, i tested it with different games
[2011-04-15 10:03PM UTC] #x360usb <TX669> no disk is readable
[2011-04-15 10:03PM UTC] #x360usb <BaT420> so grab another game from your stack and try man
[2011-04-15 10:04PM UTC] #x360usb <TX669> even, cd, movies, dvd etc,, nth
[2011-04-15 10:04PM UTC] #x360usb <BaT420> well if cds or movies don't play lasers dead i bet
[2011-04-15 10:04PM UTC] #x360usb <BaT420> cause cds and movies will play without a proper key on the drive
[2011-04-15 10:06PM UTC] #x360usb <TX669> but, its a new xbox
[2011-04-15 10:06PM UTC] #x360usb <TX669> it was alright before
[2011-04-15 10:06PM UTC] #x360usb <TX669> just from yesterday, after updating, its not working
[2011-04-15 10:06PM UTC] #x360usb <TX669> :( (
[2011-04-15 10:06PM UTC] #x360usb <BaT420> did you turn the box on and back on yet and try loading a game?
[2011-04-15 10:06PM UTC] #x360usb <TX669> yes
[2011-04-15 10:07PM UTC] #x360usb <TX669> i did it, but same results
[2011-04-15 10:07PM UTC] #x360usb <BaT420> i dunno what to tell you man thats pretty weird
[2011-04-15 10:07PM UTC] #x360usb <BaT420> goto #jungleflasher
[2011-04-15 10:09PM UTC] #x360usb <TX669> ok
[2011-04-15 10:09PM UTC] #x360usb <TX669> anyway thanks for your help
[2011-04-15 10:13PM UTC] #x360usb <frazzeld> have you tried to reflash?
[2011-04-15 10:45PM UTC] #x360usb <TX628> could someone help me out with x260usb pro driver setup
[2011-04-15 10:46PM UTC] #x360usb <TX628> the damn thing keeps giving me hid complient device…and before anyone says switch is on or off..its OFF
[2011-04-15 10:49PM UTC] #x360usb <BaT420> you following the guide?
[2011-04-15 10:51PM UTC] #x360usb <BaT420> wanna install teamviewer i'll take a look for ya
[2011-04-16 02:49AM UTC] #x360usb <Rock> on a benq i keep getting this and i have no clue why so does anyone know what the prob can be
[2011-04-16 02:49AM UTC] #x360usb <Rock> Sending Magic Keys to Drive on port 0×0000
[2011-04-16 02:49AM UTC] #x360usb <Rock> ………………………………………….
[2011-04-16 02:49AM UTC] #x360usb <Rock> Done!
[2011-04-16 02:49AM UTC] #x360usb <Rock> Sending Vendor Intro
[2011-04-16 02:49AM UTC] #x360usb <Rock> Vendor Intro Failed
[2011-04-16 02:57AM UTC] #x360usb <Rock> nm
[2011-04-16 03:08AM UTC] #x360usb <sciswin1> pebkac?
[2011-04-16 06:26AM UTC] #x360usb <X360USB72> When it is expected 0225 ?
[2011-04-16 06:28AM UTC] #x360usb <X360USB72> hey

[2011-04-16 06:28AM UTC] #x360usb <c4eva_> when its done!
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[2011-04-16 07:43AM UTC] #x360usb <vee> and the ps3 isnt that great in grphx
[2011-04-16 07:44AM UTC] #x360usb <Oggie> MY horse and me 2 boots fine on my 9504
[2011-04-16 07:44AM UTC] #x360usb <vee> hahahaha
[2011-04-16 07:44AM UTC] #x360usb <vee> im curious
[2011-04-16 07:44AM UTC] #x360usb <vee> how IS that game?
[2011-04-16 07:45AM UTC] #x360usb <Oggie> no idea
[2011-04-16 07:45AM UTC] #x360usb <vee> sounds like the intended audience for the game are female children between the age group of 3-7
[2011-04-16 07:46AM UTC] #x360usb <Oggie> sounds like the kind of people you'd opt to abduct, no?
[2011-04-16 07:47AM UTC] #x360usb <vee> no mate…i got my sexual preferences right
[2011-04-16 07:47AM UTC] #x360usb <Oggie> so not like when abandoning a sinking ship …
[2011-04-16 07:47AM UTC] #x360usb <Oggie> Women and children first ?
[2011-04-16 07:48AM UTC] #x360usb <vee> that's gentlemanly…i think you're confusing being honorable with being horny
[2011-04-16 07:49AM UTC] #x360usb <Oggie> likely
[2011-04-16 07:50AM UTC] #x360usb <vee> hey 0ggie
[2011-04-16 07:50AM UTC] #x360usb <vee> since you're an admin on the channel
[2011-04-16 07:50AM UTC] #x360usb <vee> are you part of the store?
[2011-04-16 07:51AM UTC] #x360usb <Oggie> what store ?
[2011-04-16 07:51AM UTC] #x360usb <Oggie> No I am not
[2011-04-16 07:51AM UTC] #x360usb <Oggie> but I figured Id ask, anyway
[2011-04-16 07:51AM UTC] #x360usb <vee> oh ok
[2011-04-16 07:51AM UTC] #x360usb <vee> i ordered off ck3.co.uk
[2011-04-16 07:51AM UTC] #x360usb <vee> wanted to know the status of my shipment
[2011-04-16 07:51AM UTC] #x360usb <Oggie> no idea
[2011-04-16 07:51AM UTC] #x360usb <vee> nm
[2011-04-16 07:58AM UTC] #x360usb <marko_> send them an email
[2011-04-16 07:58AM UTC] #x360usb <marko_> they'll reply asap..monday =)
[2011-04-16 07:58AM UTC] #x360usb <vee> oh ok
[2011-04-16 07:59AM UTC] #x360usb <vee> will do
[2011-04-16 07:59AM UTC] #x360usb <vee> but it's not like im in a hurry anyways
[2011-04-16 07:59AM UTC] #x360usb <vee> i mean…0225 is not yet out
[2011-04-16 07:59AM UTC] #x360usb <vee> its my friends that are bothering me
[2011-04-16 07:59AM UTC] #x360usb <Oggie> I like how you pretended to have friends, on irc
[2011-04-16 08:00AM UTC] #x360usb <Oggie> I done that before
[2011-04-16 08:00AM UTC] #x360usb <vee> not on IRC
[2011-04-16 08:00AM UTC] #x360usb <Oggie> no,youre pretending on IRC to have friends IRL
[2011-04-16 08:00AM UTC] #x360usb <vee> its called…THE REAL WORLD
[2011-04-16 08:00AM UTC] #x360usb <vee> ah
[2011-04-16 08:00AM UTC] #x360usb <vee> lol
[2011-04-16 08:00AM UTC] #x360usb <vee> ok
[2011-04-16 08:03AM UTC] #x360usb <vee> do they sell modded 9504 consoles on ebay?
[2011-04-16 08:03AM UTC] #x360usb <vee> just the consoles
[2011-04-16 08:03AM UTC] #x360usb <vee> not pb,not controller
[2011-04-16 08:03AM UTC] #x360usb <Oggie> no idea
[2011-04-16 08:03AM UTC] #x360usb <vee> gonna go check
[2011-04-16 08:04AM UTC] #x360usb <skynets> will x360usb work with future versions of the dash
[2011-04-16 08:04AM UTC] #x360usb <skynets> or can it be blocked
[2011-04-16 08:05AM UTC] #x360usb <Oggie> it has 0 to do with dashboards
[2011-04-16 08:07AM UTC] #x360usb <skynets> i mean
[2011-04-16 08:07AM UTC] #x360usb <skynets> don't the dashboard updates update the drives' fw?

[2011-04-16 08:08AM UTC] #x360usb <c4eva_> doesnt matter!
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[2011-04-16 08:08AM UTC] #x360usb <Oggie> still, that as nothing to do with the x360usb :)
[2011-04-16 08:08AM UTC] #x360usb <skynets> alright :)
[2011-04-16 08:08AM UTC] #x360usb <Oggie> morning / evening c4
[2011-04-16 08:09AM UTC] #x360usb <skynets> hey c4

[2011-04-16 08:09AM UTC] #x360usb <c4eva_> hello
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[2011-04-16 08:13AM UTC] #x360usb <TX672> c4,can we expect 0225 firmware in two month or not?
[2011-04-16 08:13AM UTC] #x360usb <TX672> c4,can we expect 0225 firmware in two month or not?
[2011-04-16 08:13AM UTC] #x360usb <Oggie> ask again
[2011-04-16 08:14AM UTC] #x360usb <skynets> lol
[2011-04-16 08:16AM UTC] #x360usb <skynets> can't wait to get mine
[2011-04-16 08:17AM UTC] #x360usb <skynets> it's less than a price of a game
[2011-04-16 08:17AM UTC] #x360usb <Oggie> theyre so fuckign mint
[2011-04-16 08:17AM UTC] #x360usb <TX672> c4, you said that a release of 9504 and 0225 will not have much time
[2011-04-16 08:19AM UTC] #x360usb <Kuken> is it possible to power a 9504 drive with the first connectivity kitt from 2006?
[2011-04-16 08:19AM UTC] #x360usb <Oggie> sure
[2011-04-16 08:19AM UTC] #x360usb <Mosquito> hello c4
[2011-04-16 08:20AM UTC] #x360usb <Kuken> great
[2011-04-16 08:21AM UTC] #x360usb <Mosquito> c4eva, how going works?
[2011-04-16 08:22AM UTC] #x360usb <ribbit1> can i put a logic board from phat 9x series into a 7x series to fix a play dvd error sometimes
[2011-04-16 08:27AM UTC] #x360usb <Sleepy2> c4e -> 0225 write solution ?
[2011-04-16 08:51AM UTC] #x360usb <cccc> no release for the moment
[2011-04-16 09:13AM UTC] #x360usb <TX284> hello
[2011-04-16 09:13AM UTC] #x360usb <TX284> when i use the x360usb pro it will not see any drives conected to it?
[2011-04-16 09:18AM UTC] #x360usb <Baz> you installed the drivers
[2011-04-16 09:45AM UTC] #x360usb <lonley22> c4eva_ .. any news on the xgd3 disc?
[2011-04-16 09:46AM UTC] #x360usb <noose> It's colourful
[2011-04-16 09:46AM UTC] #x360usb <lonley22> lol..
[2011-04-16 09:46AM UTC] #x360usb <lonley22> i mean.. it can be ripped?
[2011-04-16 09:47AM UTC] #x360usb <noose> Probably, with a new xbc yeah
[2011-04-16 09:48AM UTC] #x360usb <lonley22> i hope so.. :| i also hope to fit on a DL disc :-s
[2011-04-16 10:11AM UTC] #x360usb <Podger> the whole point of the new media is so they don't fit
[2011-04-16 10:13AM UTC] #x360usb <Kuken> verbatim maybe will release a new type of DL disc. Because its all about the money!!!!! :) if the se a market they will go for it
[2011-04-16 10:14AM UTC] #x360usb <frazzeld> Exclusive Deals to manufactures only/
[2011-04-16 10:16AM UTC] #x360usb <Podger> I'd bet money on verbatim just happening to introduce a disc with overburn :)
[2011-04-16 10:16AM UTC] #x360usb <Podger> let's face it who burns movies any more, its all media bricks
[2011-04-16 10:17AM UTC] #x360usb <noose> I did once
[2011-04-16 10:17AM UTC] #x360usb <Podger> and never on DL, too expensive etc
[2011-04-16 10:17AM UTC] #x360usb <noose> My tv wouldn't play whatever codec was used
[2011-04-16 10:17AM UTC] #x360usb <noose> But yeah it was single layer
[2011-04-16 10:18AM UTC] #x360usb <noose> How much more space is required?
[2011-04-16 10:18AM UTC] #x360usb <noose> For game partition
[2011-04-16 10:18AM UTC] #x360usb <Podger> 900mb I think
[2011-04-16 10:18AM UTC] #x360usb <Podger> its significant
[2011-04-16 10:38AM UTC] #x360usb <psnem> hi there
[2011-04-16 10:38AM UTC] #x360usb <psnem> any news about 0225 ?
[2011-04-16 10:40AM UTC] #x360usb <psnem> you threet customers of usb360 like shit …

[2011-04-16 10:40AM UTC] #x360usb <c4eva_> ?

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349 Responses to c4eva Spoke! (2011-04-16 #x360usb) (Including 54 Discussion Threads)

  1. avatar Kopas says:

    We want more infos about 0225. Tell us about write method ? The fw is similar to 9504 or you must start from the beggining.

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  2. avatar Bunker39 says:

    WTF are you guys stupid?! C4eva is working his ass off to get the custom firmware to work, and yet you’re complaining? If it's so damn hard to wait; well just create the firmware yourself! No, sorry I forgot, you can't! And they didn't rip you off with the usb360, it's a device for flashing all 360, not just a 0225 device! And it's not like they had in mind to sell this in order to f**k with those that have the 0225. And since c4eva numerous times have said that the 0225 for the moment only can be dumped, then it's your own f**king fault for buying the usb360. And creating a firmware takes time, everything must work! It's not like slicing a pizza or taking a crap. So just f**king deal with it and wait like everyone else! And if you still can't do this, then you either got to; 1. Create the firmware yourself (which you can’t) or 2. Die, so that we don’t have to hear you whine.

    This is all that I have to say, and for the record; I have the usb360 and a 0225 drive. And it was a great purchase! Thx c4eva for your hard work : )

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    • avatar shitIhavea0225 says:

      But remember this that they are working on it..hmh.. one year? maybe not one year but almost… It's really long time.. people are tired of waiting…

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      • avatar Bunker39 says:

        "people are tired of waiting" what kind of sentence is that ? c4eva never said that it wouldn’t take one year, it might as well take 2 (why not 3) years. He doesn’t have to do this, no one is making him do this and he might as well stop. So you are in no point of demanding stuff from him (like a release date and such), instead you should just be grateful that at least someone is willing to do this for the community (even when 50% of them act like douc bags).

        And to c4eva I'll have to say this; Keep up your hard work mate and don’t try to push the release, release it when it’s completed! :)

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    • avatar juanitopel says:

      I dont know why i keep reading in here, there are the same stupids like before but with 0225, dont worth the time to answer'em , do like me, just read the headers and thats all.

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  3. avatar ludovic says:

    0225 !!!!!!!!!!!

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  4. avatar 0225 says:

    when will the flash out for 360 Slim 0225
    0225 0225 0225 0225 0225 ???? :wink:

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  5. avatar Аноним says:

    Блять этот конченый троль ебучий , досих пор не может выпустит прошивку , он же блять сказал , или он просто даун что , она ничем не отличается от 9504 так хуля ты сука сидишь и со всех стебаешься , мразь ебучая …. ты ведь всех тролишь сука а люди вы тебя верят , ты поступаешь как последнее говно со всеми , гнида , таким верить себя не уважать только пизит с пустого места гнида !

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    • avatar Stunna says:

      Че ты несеш, он потом говорил, что 0225 отличается от 9504… Откуда столько ненависти, ебаный уебан…

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      • avatar Borland says:

        Да хуйню гонят опять.

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        • avatar Аноним says:

          ебаный уебан ты , если ты троль тупорылый и читать не умеешь он сказал что ты мразь тупая , что они не отличаются только программая прошивка будет отличаться , сука где таких чмырей берут , очередная школота которая лижет жопу что бы ему прошивочку побыстрей выпустили …. несешь * с мягким знаком неуч , тут уже ясно что ты тупое буратино ….иди ему ещё отсоси мб ексклюзивом тебе прошивку на рот накончает ….

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          • avatar Bad Russian says:

            "Э"ксклюзивом , а не ексклюзивом, неуч"Ь" с мягким, ты сам мля тупой дЭбил, "в чужом глазу щепку заметишь, в своем бревна не замечаешь" )))) Я тебе уже сказал, что таким как ты вообще не ХУЙ тут делать, иди клоун лучше выучись на програмиста и сделай прошу лучше, а "просто так пиздеть, не мешки воротить"

  6. avatar tchekoo says:

    what is the method to unlock the 0225 ?

    FW ?

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  7. avatar beorange says:

    0225 its already done
    but c4eva always do this to us so we should wait no prob

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  8. avatar Borland says:


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  9. avatar Anonymous says:

    C4eva muchisimas gracias por este trabajo tan desinteresado ovbiamente el tiempo de espera a sido largo pero no importa gracias amigo.

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  10. avatar Fugno ETG says:

    OK toma tu tiempo c4 igual ya esperamos lo mas hayq ue tener paciencia muchachos y si lo precionamos depronto nos demora mas el fw de castigo, ademas es el unico que esta haciendo esto si el no lo hace entonces quien podra ayudarnos

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