c4eva Spoke! (2011-04-27 #fw)

[2011-04-27 02:07AM UTC] #fw <slayer218> c4eva speak to us, please
[2011-04-27 02:07AM UTC] #fw <c4eva> hello :)
[2011-04-27 02:08AM UTC] #fw <crispice> o s**t, c4 what are your thoughts about the unbanning and x360key
[2011-04-27 02:11AM UTC] #fw <GlassVial> c4eva has there been a roadblock on 0225 progress?
[2011-04-27 02:11AM UTC] #fw <c4eva> no
[2011-04-27 02:12AM UTC] #fw <Corim123> so there is a write solution besides swapping drives c4eva?
[2011-04-27 02:12AM UTC] #fw <GlassVial> c4eva people were concerned because the status changed from "nearing completion" to "in progress" again
[2011-04-27 02:12AM UTC] #fw <Corim123> I heard that was the roadblock
[2011-04-27 02:13AM UTC] #fw <c4eva> x360key:something better will be out around the same time :)
[2011-04-27 10:40AM UTC] #fw <shahi> so c4eva this means no 0225 bcoz write protection is enabled i was shocked when checked the status today
[2011-04-27 10:42AM UTC] #fw <c4eva> 0225 cometh!
[2011-04-27 10:47AM UTC] #fw <c4eva> 0225 will feature LT 2.0 – support for XGD3 backups!

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  1. avatar Siphorus says:

    Wow, all I can say is, this is a real malicious business tactic, and to be frank, quite smart on their part. Think about it.
    Xecuter gets rumor of a emulated booter (360key)
    Xecuter decides to hold back on the firmware until a month or so before its release, and then, no one wants it anymore.
    No wonder it got pulled back from nearing completion to in progress. Heh.

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    • avatar GaussY says:

      c4eva , Xecuter and 360key, what kind of relationship

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    • avatar Anonymous says:

      they clearly knew from the beginning that 0225 is write protected but they didn't want tell the public to make sure many 0225's owners buy x360usb thinking the firmware will be released shortly after 9504

      marketing scam at it's best

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    • avatar StillWaiting says:

      lol and I believe C4eva might be in contact with Aliens to import his firmware.. come on guys.. from my reading i understood the 9504 didnt need of anything but a sata compatible port and any kind of power for the drive.. rest is all software, lets not get in those parano-linkage.. they work together yes its a fact, though there is no place where it is said you need TX hardware to succed the flash.

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    • avatar robertpan says:

      Hola, me podrian ayudar con un manual para poder sacar la key a la lectora 0225, hasta que logren flashearla, gracias.

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  2. avatar good says:

    That means we have av eta as of right now for 0225 firmware to be avaliable mid july

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  3. avatar thebestest says:

    I have a question about the x360key : Can i connect it to my laptop's hdd or i have to buy a portable hdd and seccond if I need a portable hdd , what about if there is more than one game on it ? (if any1 can explain me even more in detail please do it)

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  4. avatar TwinCities360 says:

    Already have my Slim 9504 flashed…thanks for the hard work C4eva! I can just wait for the others to happen….patience is a virtue and and chance favors the prepared!

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  5. avatar show says:

    Yes, the 0225 FW is not problem, but WRITE is problem….it is the same for us..NOT ready…

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  6. avatar nacho says:

    noooo! c4eva desime que no hay que esperar hasta julio… :( 0225 hasta cuando te esperare flash!!!!

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  7. avatar Tiago Rodrigues Sutil says:

    I've been looking at those games on demand, which are complete and run directly in HD. How to run the demos in HD is just necessary to copy and paste in the right folders. I'm trying to run also other full games on my slim 0225, if anyone wants to help me on this journey I am grateful. Sorry for the english, I'm from Brazil.

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  8. avatar Fahad Akter says:

    What i think is 0225 should be immune of new dash (just out of beta which flashes drives).

    SO it went to in progress from nearing completion.

    Dear C4EVA, please take what time you need for development. No problem if i have to make my XBOX slim (0225) idle for more 3 months.

    Thanks :)

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  9. avatar Caio D says:

    C4EVA is it possible to break that write protection?
    July it's to much time, but if it's necessary. Do what.
    thank's anyway :D

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  10. avatar xnx says:

    wow, big nightmare for xecuter

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