c4eva Spoke! (2011-04-28 #fw)

[2011-04-28 06:35AM UTC] #fw <hiro2233> c4eva?
[2011-04-28 06:35AM UTC] #fw <hiro2233> please help me
[2011-04-28 06:37AM UTC] #fw <hiro2233> i need know how i can disable internal spi from mt chip 16d4s
[2011-04-28 06:39AM UTC] #fw <c4eva> hiro:designed specifically against that!

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  1. avatar gl says:

    Че за херня ? !!!

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  2. avatar karrington says:

    Тут просто народ общается, ни слова про 0225.

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  3. avatar Fahad Akter says:

    couldn't understand that!

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  4. avatar Livrol says:

    О чем этот пост??

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    • avatar Nicknamed says:

      Речь идёт о SPI Flash MX25L2005 ( WP), которая интегрирована в контроллер что бы нельзя было проводить операции по записи/чтения порсто отпаяв чип, если посмотреть на распространённый даташит, то видим что для того что бы записать что-то в SPI Flash этого типа, достаточно не подсоединять 7 ногу на программаторе. А также для записи можно подаль логический сигнал (в даташите всё это есть), да только толку ноль, т.к. он интегрирован в контроллер (читай проц Читалки Дисков), и управление отдаётся только подачей определённого бита в определённый адрес (типа полу открытого лотка).

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  5. avatar wowzz says:

    Speak english you russian f**ks. You can read, so f**king type it.

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  6. avatar The Bull says:

    Never Good News, We need Ps3 Hackers to Look at the 360 Slim, C4 cannot pull this out.

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  7. avatar Soxx says:

    for f**kes' sake. s**t comments. s**t C4Neva asnwers this is bulls**t, TX i will never buy a product from again can't wait for X360Key…

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  8. avatar Xbox360Slim says:

    couldn’t understand that!

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    • avatar thebestest says:

      If u mean the soxx comment – He want to tell that he bought a x360usb pro or ck3 with the hope the firmware will be released soon , but it is not released even now . And that makes that guy angry , cuz he bought something from which he does not need .

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  9. avatar chupacabra says:

    LOL release this anyway

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  10. avatar Aron says:

    Hello (:
    I just want to know if LT 2.0 will support on Fat XBOX360 ?

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  11. avatar rableneck says:

    how are you gunna be testing and programming this for almost a year, and you are just now noticing the drive has write protect?

    scam for sure

    i wuldnt doubt it if M$ is affiliated.. they could make so much money if they were c4eva in disguise

    release update..
    release tools = $$
    release firmware
    release tools = $$

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  12. avatar darkville says:

    c4eva c'mon we want the early departure of the break the lock of the reader 0225 :(

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  13. avatar Vladimir Kozlov says:



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  14. M$: Hi, Mr c4eva?
    c4eva: Yeah, its me. Who's this?
    M$: Its Bill Gates u dumbass, how's it going?
    c4eva: Oh Mr Gates, not to much, just trying to hack 0225. Nice job btw!
    M$: thank u :)

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  15. avatar MATIAS says:


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  16. avatar teclado says:

    C4EVA y que pasa con 0500?? estara para el 2015??? y CFW de la PS3????? 2017 con PS5???

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  17. avatar thebestest says:

    Whats up eva , did u find how to hack the write protect ? :D

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    • avatar Vladimir Kozlov says:

      You know its imposible…….. i don't know. FLASHING WILL HARD, CAUSE WRITE PROTECT

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      • avatar thebestest says:

        No it is possible . As one guy says , everhy single hacker should be able to do it without any removing or adding hardware from the dvd drive . So it is a amount of time for c4eva to do it and I am telling you : After he brakes the protection , a few days after that the firmware will be released , so do not worry abouthard flashing or buying expensive hardware : :)

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  18. avatar good says:

    Somebody bribe a microsoft employee in admin. Thats all it takes people talk because money can buy almost everything. Especially info about 0225

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  19. avatar Juc4 says:

    Haja gente pra falar besteira em…vcs não entenderam ainda o cara ta esperando sair o update da dash pra depois soltar seus firmware e ver qual outros problemas ele tera com esse update,puta bando de gringos chatos…

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  20. avatar Pycckue says:

    Сосите хуй американофилы
    Вы хоть свою нацию видели, тупые законы порой абсурдные Жирные коровы везде Да быстрее вымрете от ожирения чем мы. СССР вас дрочило вы и боялись, живёте стереотипами о нас. Правильно что вас ебут террористы, если вас не будет то весь мир вздохнёт с облегчением

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    • avatar Roller says:

      Почему многие россияне такие националисты? Прежде чем кого-то оскорблять, на себя посмотрите.

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      • avatar from russia with love says:

        американские дебилы тут начали первые всех оскорблять не только русских они себя считают высшей расой ( так многие из них пишут тут ) НО СОСАТЬ ИМ ХУЙ У ПЬЯНОЙ МАРТЫШКИ ХАХАХАХ :D

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  21. avatar Louis says:

    I have what is probably a dumb question. If it isn't possible to write to the drive then how do they know there is no problem with the firmware. Wouldn't that require writing to the drive to test it?!

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    • avatar thebestest says:

      They are gessing , I know that only a few numbers have to be changed compare with the 9504 firmware , they will try it right after they hack the write protect . In the 70 percent of the cases , it has to be the right firmaware . About the write protect i have just red , there will be one 1 more program , which is the hack to disable the write protection during flashing so get ready to play :D

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  22. Release it anyway C4EVA !! doesnt matter if 0225 is write protect. I have many 9504 Drives here. I can write them !!
    So give us a proof that you are not just talking BLA BLA !!
    x360key comes soon, and you will be beaten !!! hahaha go home C4EVA !! No body wants your lame Slim FW then !!!

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  23. avatar wiz_knutsen says:

    If m$ can write to the dvd with fw update then c4 can do it to, and all others… Its posible just a mather of time before the selution is readdy. And one more thing,,, some info has realy calm down people :p

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  24. avatar beorange says:

    c4eva is god of flashing

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  25. avatar ZrAAtcH says:

    Will the phat be able to handle the 2.0 lt ? :eek:

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  26. avatar Bill Gates says:

    0225……..I WIN.

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  27. avatar pong says:

    The uC is OPT? 0225

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  28. avatar fabiogiusti says:

    C4eva is such a cool guy doing this for free, and stupid ass face teens keep trolling !

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  29. avatar MonsterK says:

    ps3 team busy with there security atm. This is why 0225 delayed.

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  30. avatar tjd7687 says:

    Lol, all these little boys talking bad mouthed on the internet….Amusing

    Hey C4Eva, good to hear from ya again! Hey, I know you're a busy man but would you have an estimated time on when this will be released? We looking at days or months? Thanks bud!


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  31. avatar dick says:

    Some people are really stupid!Forget the 0225 fw at least until M$ release the new dashboard to public!C4 already tell people that the fw is made for 0225 but since theres no write table on the drive they are seeking other alternatives that will be up at july!So until them buy a fat 360 a slim 9xxx or buy originals to play on the 0225!Keep the good work C4 and TX!

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  32. avatar hell_sea says:

    stop yapping around…..
    yes the x360key is awesome…but fw is much better…
    this is just the matter of time and patient …..
    gladly i have ps3 to accompany me…..
    to be honest with you guys….i don't like it either ….waiting ..waiting …waiting …waiting ….it's s+u+k+s
    but i learn one thing in my 20years of life which is the best option of wining … and that thing is PATIENT …..
    come on x360key it's just an opening…
    don't be frustrated ..C4 is doing the best they can….. :wink:

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  33. avatar shitIhavea0225 says:

    Haha we have been waiting almost a year then they say that impossible to write the hacked fw to the drive…. Good job!! NOT!

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  34. avatar ema says:

    As soon as there are pre-orders for x360ey I will. C4eva you can keep your fw

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  35. avatar Sagele says:

    Please c4eva!. can you give us an estimated date of releasing? thanks!

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  36. avatar thebestest says:

    Can't u just remove this write protection from the drive ?

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  37. avatar good says:

    it is currently impossible to write the hacked fw to the drive. This is being heavily investigated by the team.

    Guys c4 never said he cant write over the drive, so presently there is no possible way. Come on c4eva I been waiting since December. I refuse to pay 65 dollars per game that is just total b.s

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    • avatar good says:

      I will download these games and only buy the ones I feel are worth 65 dollars. I was at best buy yesterday and Halo 3 is still 45 bucks plus tax. f**king ridiculous. I am a college kid I cant afford to shell out the kind of money for a game I will beat in 2 days. I say support the company's that make these games if you have the money. I certainty do not, so I am just trolling here and waiting for 0225 to be flash able. I didn't even buy my slim it was given to me as a present for Christmas, I cannot afford a console like that. Thebestest I think think this July there will be a writable 0225. Thats what my gut felling says

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  38. avatar Paula Tejando says:

    People curse, complain but they want it for free … OK, I understand that!
    How about you guys lift up your asses in front of the PC and do something.
    Maybe you can help people who live in Haiti or Africa for free, because they are also waiting … what? you will not do for free? I thought so too!

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  39. avatar Vladimir Kozlov says:



    FOR C4eVA TO DIE! :eek:

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  40. avatar thebestest says:

    OMFG . I have just seen that x360key costs 119$ . What are these guys thinking ? No 1 is going to buy it . More simply – fail . I love u c4eva ! U do all of this for free ! But better hurry up with the 0225 ! :)

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  41. avatar ds says:

    the war start 'we need to wait until july to see who is the best……at last more then one hack

    XODE: Another Xbox 360 Optical Drive Emulator Announced

    1- Fortunately x360key follows the "old" approach of Wode… XODE instead introduces a new way of working really original… we will surprise you.

    2- XODE will work on XBOX SLIM since its launch with a 100% support of AP25.

    3-Half price then a X360KEY in production!!! thanks the new "original" concept of point 1…

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  42. avatar Carlos E says:

    Its simple my friends, the 0225 is not going to get released because they want get money from a clone of x360key product, they are going to make the XODE from team jungle, if they release the write option for the firmware 0225 then they will dont sell the XODE, also C4eva say that 0225 was going to work with the x360USB and thats true, but was a half true, he dont specify that was only for read the key, in the end he lie to no one, clever…

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  43. avatar Carl F says:

    Who can belive that in 1 year they dont know that the drive cant be enable for writing, i think they are waiting the oficial DASHBOARD update but they cant tell, mouse and cat game…

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  44. avatar Carlinga says:

    If the 0225 get released then no one is going to buy the Team Jungle X360KEY clone, there is no need for it if they release the firmwares for 0225 and 0500…

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  45. avatar SAMYKOKA says:

    well, i have this crazy idea that the solution for the slim – all models – is by far more simple that we all think.
    why ? , out of the sudden , we found besides C4eva FW – 2 other products to play backups : x360key and xode …. if we consider that c4eva 0225 firmware is based on 3rd product – x360usbpro- WTF , it is all about money then and they are all making complicated devices for the same simple solution just to make money
    i mean , they build this devices to make use of this simple idea that for example could be made using a flash usb drive !!!

    plz , execuse me for my bad english as it is not my native lang.

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  46. avatar karl pilkington says:

    Why is it suddenly news that there's currently no way to write to the 0225 model?

    He said "9554 first, 0225 later with write solution" over 3 months ago! Maybe give it another 3 ;)

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  47. avatar whywhywhy says:

    everytime i connect to the irc #fw channel im get disconnected straight away why is this? :!:

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  48. avatar fabio says:

    c4eva would ask with all respect that you give a date or deadline for the release of 0225 or UPGRADE sites often for information about how good the building process with the release of 0225! am a buyer of its products purchased was the last to x360usb unlocking the 0225 and the change in status made ​​me very sad because it was awaiting the release of the fast as 9504!
    thank you and thank you for understanding!

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  49. avatar Anonymous says:

    Is it just a Drive hack?
    I mean if i use it will I be able to restore it to the original one and play on live?

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  50. avatar Mihai says:

    If I will use it ( after it will be released) will I be able to restore my xbox so I can play on live without getting BANNED?

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  51. I think so too. Buy x360key.. C4EVA S*CKS

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  52. F*cking release the Firmware now for 0225 SLIM C4EVA !!! We are all waiting to long allready.

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  53. avatar hacktheplanet says:

    p.s. Burn in hell you a**hole..

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  54. avatar Anonymous says:

    Wel am not gunna moan no more we got other devs on the scene no more dictatorship thats all we wanted we need t giv em time at least we have more options than a 1 man band saying it has to go this way i said so…c4 problem is lies tbh everything has t b dun so its live save ap.25 has to be done my way or things will not boot wel sum russian hackers released alternate ap.25 patches that work mite not be live save as team x say but hey the game wouldnt boot if it wernt wud it c4 ?? Cause u wouldnt lie so wer dependant on u to release ur misold equipment to us testing usb pro with slim fw and all that bull what was total bull cause 0225 is unwritable a little fact they held bk mmm cant wait t c wot develops if these guys can give us backup boots without live al b happy i only want t play my backups nothing more no fancy live al get a legit console and originals and give sumthing bk for now am tired of this

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  55. avatar Razorback says:

    LOOOOOOL c4eva made a bad comment for the x360key becouse this group made a alliance with the maximus lizard xDXD so He can't gain money,how he do whit the s**tty 360usb that it is useless for write 0225 drives xD

    Sorry for my english,I'm Italian but I hope all of you understand what I mean

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  56. avatar kosmaghz says:

    Hey Man please release 0225 frimware i realy need it
    no problem with new update micro
    just release lt 1.0 for 0225
    let people find out how to write that :D

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  57. avatar hell_sea says:

    who knows

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  58. avatar Al says:

    X360key should be released in 65 days.
    Lets run a count down on this site, this will maintain hope and faith :)


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  59. avatar wiz_knutsen says:

    Dont care about the 0225 no more I can play live when its realesed. Until then i use my brand new jtag box :D :p

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  60. avatar bruce says:

    hahahhaahahha c4eva , now maximus alliance has defeated you.
    No more lough , no monopoly , you're not alone , so you now must show at the world that you are the number one , for moment you are like mourinho , bla bla bla bla bla bla bla

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  61. avatar Chocodoxy says:

    What about making some money recreating the 9504/0225 board in china, and sell it as a 0225 replacement board?

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  62. avatar good says:

    Not trolling today… Osama Bin Laden is dead. f**k yeah, he was killed by Navy Seals. One day I may have the honor of being one. America, f**k yeah. He is dead now all the victims, friends, and neighbors who I lost in 9/11 can finally rest in peace.

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  63. avatar thebestest says:

    C4eva , i know u dont move your finger about the 0225 firmware since the last few days . Thats why u dont post anythink , cuz there is no what to post . Ok , so i have got a suggestion for ya . Finish the 0225 and take the bggest rest ever , i mean like 2 or 6 moths , i dont care ( fuk 0500 , cuz i dont have it ) . :D

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  64. avatar El Majico says:

    esce a breve questo fw? oppure devo sostituire il lettore? gradirei una risposta grazie.

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  65. avatar Kong Jonnny says:

    #fw basically what do we need for flashing 0225??? so that we can keep it ready…

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  66. avatar foritaly80 says:


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  67. avatar sagele says:

    hi! there is any news? please.

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  68. avatar Malapope says:

    can we have any news about disable 0225 protection ?

    give us a percentage !

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  69. avatar BULLET says:

    ЧЕВА! ПОЛЮБОМУ МАЙКРОСОФТСКИЙ ЗАСЛАНЕНЦ.Не может он записать прошивку бля!
    на приводе бля защита от записи! да все он может!!! тянет время по ходу мало бабла на x360USBpro заработали! ща хотять на x360key поднять шевелюшек ). достал он со своими прошивками!
    Кажись надо по тихой на PS3 перебираться!!!

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  70. avatar Anonymous says:

    you comments c4evas in your IRC:

    2011-03-26 11:56PM UTC] nope, 0225 write all good, just verifying
    [2011-03-26 11:57PM UTC] 0225 fw shortly

    [2011-03-27 01:03AM UTC] #fw 0225 write not a problem! working on it now!

    what changed?

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    • avatar Edson Dario says:

      Take it to be true!

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    • avatar jaycboy says:

      he didnt lie guys he was misquoted lol !!! just like any new project he is behind he will be misquoted again lost trust for c4eva he just sells stuff now for team x…and team x too busy trying to be like mzx lizard and do portable flashing wtf !!! its not that portable if you have to take ya netbook with you and why buy external mobile power kit if you mobile and you have 12volt molex av converter why would you need this….maybe for flashing during power cuts its all sell sell sell the next statement will be we didnt build this no but ya selling on ya site to make money i wonder if usb pro sales av gone down now they have introduce more s**t people wont need but the gullable will buy cheers team x for showing ur true money money money ways and that includes c4 the misquoted sales man of the year !!!!!!………

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  71. avatar Loathe says:

    When is 0225 eta???

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  72. avatar Pycckue says:

    Да пиндосы вы совсем уже охуели, если ты тупица и идиот и не можешь пользоваться переводчиком Иди и трахни свою собаку, а потом застрели себя
    Заебало читать хуйню про ссср и коммунистов Уже давно их нету, ну точнее есть но мало…Хд
    Вы вообще о себе высокого мнения Вам бы воевать сколько мы, да вы бы щас бы с палками ходили черти забугорские
    СОСИТЕ КОНСКУЮ ЗАЛУПУ И ИДИТЕ НА ХУЙ НАХУЙ !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111

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  73. avatar Thanatos says:

    Another week without news…
    Some days ago, 2 weeks without posting in the site, and we got "bad news".
    Now 1 week without C4eva posting, this time is good or bad news about 0225???
    Please C4eva speak!

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  74. avatar hell_sea says:

    what the hell..a new driver 0401….
    Microsoft Really taking it out there :D
    No problem since i have 0225….
    gonna be hard for C4 to crack this one:))
    0500 wasn't enough 0401 added :) )

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  75. avatar MSZOZZ says:


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  76. avatar Alex072 says:


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  77. avatar sepultura says:

    "When a time of need arises, a man to do the job will appear."

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  78. avatar Alex072 says:

    you do not know who is working to buy an Xbox and could not buy games because they are so expensive. and every day I look to see if it is finally ready and nothing FW :( 0225 0225 0225 0225 0225 0225 0225 0225 0225 0225 0225 0225 0225 pleaseeeee

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  79. avatar ghismo says:

    c4eva R.I.P.

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  80. avatar darkyorch says:

    Everybody! just stop complaining, stop asking for a effin FW, we al want it, YES.

    but if it were so easy why is not out there from monts ago?

    Just let c4 do his thing…

    peace bitches :)

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  81. avatar Xboxslimmer says:

    Thank you very much c4eva i bought a xbox and waited 5 months for the fw but i traded it with a ps3 a week ago and i have played the s**t out of this sick console.

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  82. avatar NightWOLF1982 says:

    why dont you lot just shut your mounths and let c4eva do his job

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  83. avatar NightWOLF1982 says:

    c4eva does have a life just like you lot … i mean you dont know if has kids to look after
    just leave him alone and let get on this 0225 fw :!:

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  84. avatar NightWOLF1982 says:


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  85. avatar NightWOLF1982 says:

    C4eva ?

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  86. avatar gl says:

    C4 speak with us, pls !

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  87. avatar karrington says:

    Yeah, you want to wait for mid-July? I almost sure, that c4eva release it faster.

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  88. I just wanna play LA Noire C4eva!
    release the FW dudee… come on :)

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  89. avatar darkville says:

    c4eva, I hope to make every effort in writing the reader 0225.
    waiting for an early solution :eek:

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  90. avatar thebestest says:

    What's happening with c4eva latelly ? :(

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  91. avatar BAN MICROSOFT says:


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  92. avatar C4eva needs 0225 says:

    just know that the new dashboard 2.013141.0 be available from 19 May, which I update or I do.

    C4eva Please do update or not? :(

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  93. avatar Nikolai says:

    Ok , tell me : Whats does it do and how does it work and i will think about it

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  94. avatar Vladimir Kozlov says:

    Learn to check whats going on before yelling its been 1 year without solution… First of all the 0225 started to show up round november and from what i know they did went forward with the 9504… so please get some informations before you all go out and cry like a little girl.

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  95. avatar hell_sea says:

    if they need our help…they wouldn't team up….

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  96. avatar jaycboy says:

    i was on the irc channel when c4eva popped up and said write not a problem on 0225 doing with it now just veryfying it…… i actually was logged on irc at that point then the kernel popped up and backed him up up the quote was…yes c4 is in with the jungleflasher boys now its going good write not a problem…these quotes were then released as facts why wouldnt they be from 2 senior team members ???? then nothing no info no releases just sell sell sell the usb pro advert after advert showing you how good compared to lizard also showing you extracting key from 0225 and the quote testing with slim firmware…after 2 month of that people asked were is FW we bought ya products we listened to your claims….the response oh sorry we was misquoted and stop pissing and moaning you little modder girls crying we never said this or that the device is sold and does everything advertised !!!….hell you didnt guys the people actually sticking up for team x and c4eva are actually part of that team or have connections to the team everybody else 99 percent who are complaining and flaming in here bought ya device on your claims team x was slick in its advertising if we didint feel tricked we would be singing team x praises not saying we feel tricked and let down which we do !!!!…..Team x we built your company up we bought ya products its built of modders backs..the same modders that are now treated like s**t get no info releases (not that we would believe them now) and told to stop crying like little girls cause we tricked you to buy this product hahahaha cant wait till you try sell us crying little girls modders another new team x product :p POWER TO THE CONSUMERS !!!!

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