c4eva Spoke! (2011-04-28 #fw)

[2011-04-28 06:35AM UTC] #fw <hiro2233> c4eva?
[2011-04-28 06:35AM UTC] #fw <hiro2233> please help me
[2011-04-28 06:37AM UTC] #fw <hiro2233> i need know how i can disable internal spi from mt chip 16d4s
[2011-04-28 06:39AM UTC] #fw <c4eva> hiro:designed specifically against that!

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  1. avatar rableneck says:

    how are you gunna be testing and programming this for almost a year, and you are just now noticing the drive has write protect?

    scam for sure

    i wuldnt doubt it if M$ is affiliated.. they could make so much money if they were c4eva in disguise

    release update..
    release tools = $$
    release firmware
    release tools = $$

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  2. avatar darkville says:

    c4eva c'mon we want the early departure of the break the lock of the reader 0225 :(

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  3. avatar Vladimir Kozlov says:



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  4. M$: Hi, Mr c4eva?
    c4eva: Yeah, its me. Who's this?
    M$: Its Bill Gates u dumbass, how's it going?
    c4eva: Oh Mr Gates, not to much, just trying to hack 0225. Nice job btw!
    M$: thank u :)

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  5. avatar MATIAS says:


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  6. avatar teclado says:

    C4EVA y que pasa con 0500?? estara para el 2015??? y CFW de la PS3????? 2017 con PS5???

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  7. avatar thebestest says:

    Whats up eva , did u find how to hack the write protect ? :D

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    • avatar Vladimir Kozlov says:

      You know its imposible…….. i don't know. FLASHING WILL HARD, CAUSE WRITE PROTECT

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      • avatar thebestest says:

        No it is possible . As one guy says , everhy single hacker should be able to do it without any removing or adding hardware from the dvd drive . So it is a amount of time for c4eva to do it and I am telling you : After he brakes the protection , a few days after that the firmware will be released , so do not worry abouthard flashing or buying expensive hardware : :)

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  8. avatar good says:

    Somebody bribe a microsoft employee in admin. Thats all it takes people talk because money can buy almost everything. Especially info about 0225

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  9. avatar Juc4 says:

    Haja gente pra falar besteira em…vcs não entenderam ainda o cara ta esperando sair o update da dash pra depois soltar seus firmware e ver qual outros problemas ele tera com esse update,puta bando de gringos chatos…

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  10. avatar Pycckue says:

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    • avatar Roller says:

      Почему многие россияне такие националисты? Прежде чем кого-то оскорблять, на себя посмотрите.

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      • avatar from russia with love says:

        американские дебилы тут начали первые всех оскорблять не только русских они себя считают высшей расой ( так многие из них пишут тут ) НО СОСАТЬ ИМ ХУЙ У ПЬЯНОЙ МАРТЫШКИ ХАХАХАХ :D

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