c4eva Spoke! (2011-04-28 #fw)

[2011-04-28 06:35AM UTC] #fw <hiro2233> c4eva?
[2011-04-28 06:35AM UTC] #fw <hiro2233> please help me
[2011-04-28 06:37AM UTC] #fw <hiro2233> i need know how i can disable internal spi from mt chip 16d4s
[2011-04-28 06:39AM UTC] #fw <c4eva> hiro:designed specifically against that!

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  1. avatar dick says:

    Some people are really stupid!Forget the 0225 fw at least until M$ release the new dashboard to public!C4 already tell people that the fw is made for 0225 but since theres no write table on the drive they are seeking other alternatives that will be up at july!So until them buy a fat 360 a slim 9xxx or buy originals to play on the 0225!Keep the good work C4 and TX!

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  2. avatar hell_sea says:

    stop yapping around…..
    yes the x360key is awesome…but fw is much better…
    this is just the matter of time and patient …..
    gladly i have ps3 to accompany me…..
    to be honest with you guys….i don't like it either ….waiting ..waiting …waiting …waiting ….it's s+u+k+s
    but i learn one thing in my 20years of life which is the best option of wining … and that thing is PATIENT …..
    come on x360key it's just an opening…
    don't be frustrated ..C4 is doing the best they can….. :wink:

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  3. avatar shitIhavea0225 says:

    Haha we have been waiting almost a year then they say that impossible to write the hacked fw to the drive…. Good job!! NOT!

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  4. avatar ema says:

    As soon as there are pre-orders for x360ey I will. C4eva you can keep your fw

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  5. avatar Sagele says:

    Please c4eva!. can you give us an estimated date of releasing? thanks!

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  6. avatar thebestest says:

    Can't u just remove this write protection from the drive ?

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  7. avatar good says:

    it is currently impossible to write the hacked fw to the drive. This is being heavily investigated by the team.

    Guys c4 never said he cant write over the drive, so presently there is no possible way. Come on c4eva I been waiting since December. I refuse to pay 65 dollars per game that is just total b.s

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    • avatar good says:

      I will download these games and only buy the ones I feel are worth 65 dollars. I was at best buy yesterday and Halo 3 is still 45 bucks plus tax. f**king ridiculous. I am a college kid I cant afford to shell out the kind of money for a game I will beat in 2 days. I say support the company's that make these games if you have the money. I certainty do not, so I am just trolling here and waiting for 0225 to be flash able. I didn't even buy my slim it was given to me as a present for Christmas, I cannot afford a console like that. Thebestest I think think this July there will be a writable 0225. Thats what my gut felling says

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  8. avatar Paula Tejando says:

    People curse, complain but they want it for free … OK, I understand that!
    How about you guys lift up your asses in front of the PC and do something.
    Maybe you can help people who live in Haiti or Africa for free, because they are also waiting … what? you will not do for free? I thought so too!

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  9. avatar Vladimir Kozlov says:



    FOR C4eVA TO DIE! :eek:

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  10. avatar thebestest says:

    OMFG . I have just seen that x360key costs 119$ . What are these guys thinking ? No 1 is going to buy it . More simply – fail . I love u c4eva ! U do all of this for free ! But better hurry up with the 0225 ! :)

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