c4eva Spoke! (2011-05-15 #fw)

[2011-05-15 10:07AM UTC] #fw <SlaGTaTs_> guys, whats the offifial stance then, i am seeing some people & forums state the new dash update that flashes firmware., makes all old non ap25 games not boot., & only the 5 or 5 current ap25 games bootable
[2011-05-15 10:07AM UTC] #fw <SlaGTaTs_> & some other say that its the other way around
[2011-05-15 10:08AM UTC] #fw <MatHazard> not all drives are flashed, and thats based on beta information
[2011-05-15 10:08AM UTC] #fw <SlaGTaTs_> so, after the update, which discs won’t work, the first ap25 games, or all the old non ap25 games
[2011-05-15 10:08AM UTC] #fw <Al_lee> it makes nothing bootable since your fw gets removed
[2011-05-15 10:08AM UTC] #fw <Dudey> all copies
[2011-05-15 10:08AM UTC] #fw <Dudey> as it flashes your drive back to stock
[2011-05-15 10:08AM UTC] #fw <Dudey> if you re-flash its fine
[2011-05-15 10:08AM UTC] #fw <SlaGTaTs_> then i heard it makes some games non working, & some say its the non ap25 & others the opposit
[2011-05-15 10:09AM UTC] #fw <Dudey> but you should wait for newer LT for re-flashing
[2011-05-15 10:09AM UTC] #fw <Al_lee> its too early to tell
[2011-05-15 10:12AM UTC] #fw <c4eva_> i will be analysing the update process in full!
[2011-05-15 10:12AM UTC] #fw <zellcorp> C4eva will 0225 for 9504 be released before a 0225 flash method is?
[2011-05-15 10:12AM UTC] #fw <ShagNastY>  Hi C4 any update on write solutions for 0225 ???
[2011-05-15 10:15AM UTC] #fw <dbl> c4eva_: should i get a 9504-drive already now? got the 0225 right now. do you think the solution will be to change drive to a 9504? thx.
[2011-05-15 10:30AM UTC] #fw <c4eva_> details of 0225 write solution soon!
[2011-05-15 10:31AM UTC] #fw <LANG> c4eva_ will it requier soldering, or technical enegering? :)
[2011-05-15 10:31AM UTC] #fw <[Xell]> c4eva_ important to know : Soldering or NOT soldering?
[2011-05-15 10:32AM UTC] #fw <c4eva_> a 9504 drive will also suffice!
[2011-05-15 10:34AM UTC] #fw <ShagNastY> C4 is there a definite write solution going to be announced or is cross flashing the only way
[2011-05-15 10:37AM UTC] #fw <c4eva_> 0225 solution is not cross flashing,uses same drive,no pcb swap!
[2011-05-15 10:37AM UTC] #fw <Foxtrot1> c4eva_, can you disclose any information about the upcoming writing solution you said the team is working on? anything "other" than replacing the 0225 with a 9504 drive?
[2011-05-15 10:38AM UTC] #fw <mr-crix> $70 for a 9504
[2011-05-15 10:39AM UTC] #fw <mr-crix> shipping breaks ye back
[2011-05-15 10:39AM UTC] #fw <Foxtrot1> hoefuly DX will get some 2nd hand drives soon.
[2011-05-15 10:39AM UTC] #fw <pipoca> i buyed one for $25 still waiting :(
[2011-05-15 10:40AM UTC] #fw <Jimisball> does the 9504 with 0225 fw flashed have the write protection problem?
[2011-05-15 10:40AM UTC] #fw <cloppo> pipoca where did you get in that price
[2011-05-15 10:40AM UTC] #fw <Jimisball> or we can write 0225 fw without any problem?
[2011-05-15 10:40AM UTC] #fw <pipoca> they up the price this week
[2011-05-15 10:41AM UTC] #fw <mr-crix> http://*******.en.alibaba.com/index.html
[2011-05-15 10:41AM UTC] #fw <pipoca> its from uk
[2011-05-15 10:42AM UTC] #fw <c4eva_> jimisball:no problem with write!
[2011-05-15 10:43AM UTC] #fw <c4eva_> alibaba=bad!
[2011-05-15 11:02AM UTC] #fw <pipoca> so now lizard can flash without connect a computer?
[2011-05-15 11:04AM UTC] #fw <c4eva_> forget lizard – how does jf for x360usb on android sound – stay tuned!

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265 Responses to c4eva Spoke! (2011-05-15 #fw) (Including 48 Discussion Threads)

  1. avatar EVERYONE says:

    Does this mean it's ready and that now you only need testing? :|

    omg omg C4EVA if you finish this stuff before june each one of us who install the new firmware will have to do you a blowjob or something.

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  2. avatar jaycboy says:

    yes yes many thanx c4 eva and mespo uve been spreading flase info m8 now its proved u r not team x ur are forum troll like everyone else !!!!

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    • avatar mespo365 says:

      Actually not….the solution is not writing to the 0225 chip like I said…..it looks to be another team-xecuter product that basically adds an external chip…possible with a switch. He stated that 9504 swap is a viable option, just not necessary. So looks like you all have to shell out another chunk of money for team x……

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      • avatar jaycboy says:

        mespo shutup your info has less credibility than fred and rose west on a yorkshire moors family camping trip you defended team x when i said they would produce an extra product to crack 0225 you then told everyone write impossible no matter what now what you saying ??? did you sell ya stuff on team x forums cause thats the only connection you have with them i asked about you in the irc they have never heard of you said your probly a lamer wanting attention… i guess they are correct stop trawling and providing false info dude end off your helping no one what c4 says is the bottom line not yours and the kernels copy and paste irc chats…..

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      • avatar saas474 says:

        i said it before:
        "people read carefully :
        “Progress is being made by the team, however, on a special conversion process which will allow fw to be written to 0225 drives.”
        written to 0225 drives = written to the 0225 nothing more nothing less
        so there is a way , maybe its hard , but still…. there is a way
        no mention or need for 9504 on this (special conversion process)
        thats what I understand from outline in main page"

        & Mespo365 this is a lesson i told u before:
        "Nothing impossible, days will let u know that.
        i know its very very hard but sooner or later some one will do it
        why is c4 is not sayin it! !? Only ubber & u keep replayin this
        A company is offering 300pcs (Drives) to me but i am afraid that a write solution is on the horizon or ur info is BS & i am very sorry to say that nothing personal"

        thx to u i bought 150pcs , u r a good man trying to help but remember (If speech from silver then silence is gold) at least most of the times .

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        • avatar mespo365 says:

          9504 drive swap is still a viable solution. The solution that ubergeek and the team are working on is secret currently. Its most likely an external chip thoe. This is because the 0225 chip is still not posssible to write to. c4 stated that android is involved and the usb360pro. So it sounds like you will flash the chip externally, its looking like a Team-Xecuter solution.

          More knowledge will come in the coming days, but this new solution could take some time and depending on the cost/user friendly nice a 9504 swap may still be a very popular alternative

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          • avatar duh! says:

            he mentioned the android regarding the comparing 360usb against lizard, being the "no pc required" the main issue, so now you will be able to use your android version of JF with the lizard and thats it.

          • avatar Ptype says:

            "secret currently"
            ^Exactly.. which further proves you're not part of their circle and not as much in-the-know as you think! :)

  3. avatar Stunna says:

    :wink: MESPO365 YOU ARE SUCKER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :!:

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  4. avatar shazlong says:

    c4evaa plz replyyyyy meeeeee will 0225 fw will be ready for use for 0225 drives before the end of this month yes or no ???!!!! plz answer and plz try to hurry it up i want it b4 the ending of this month

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  5. avatar Soxx says:

    i'm not sure but we might have to buy a 9504 drive, i hope i'm wrong though.

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  6. avatar shitIhavea0225 says:

    "Soon " I hate this word.. We have heard this word so many times…

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    • avatar awad says:

      you have to thank god that c4eva found a solution … he works everyday for free and you said you hate the word "soon" … what if c4eva couldn't find a solution you will hate the word " xbox "

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  7. avatar pseudomonas says:

    I knew that c4 could rip this f**king s**ty lock.c4 ur my boy. =D

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  8. avatar shazlong says:

    c4 evaa i beg u plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz release the 0225 ready b4 the end of this month plzzzzzzzzz :'(

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  9. avatar Jimisballjohn says:

    mespoooooooooooooooooooooo, thebestesttttttttttttttttt bb, I think we've heard you enough(more like read you).

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