c4eva Spoke! (2011-05-19 #fw)

[2011-05-19 08:15AM UTC] #fw <Anim0r> c4eva never really chats here does he, it’s always fw discussion with him, almost business like
[2011-05-19 08:16AM UTC] #fw <Crush_> Anim0r, probably because if he did chat in here, the channel would go into meltdown
[2011-05-19 08:17AM UTC] #fw <Crush_> you’ve seen how it is when he just says "hi" the screen scrolls faster than arnie running from his wifes lawyers
[2011-05-19 08:18AM UTC] #fw <c4eva> hello :)
[2011-05-19 08:23AM UTC] #fw <Niko76> I’ve asked if LT 2.0 has been planned also for PHAT liteons
[2011-05-19 08:23AM UTC] #fw <c4eva> niko:Yes
[2011-05-19 08:24AM UTC] #fw <Rayrayrr> has the update come out yet?? im in aus and its 6:21 pm here on the 19th
[2011-05-19 08:31AM UTC] #fw <BillyRR> anyone get the update
[2011-05-19 08:31AM UTC] #fw <c4eva> all quiet on the western front :)
[2011-05-19 08:33AM UTC] #fw <Celerion> @c4: can you really handle XGD3 on CFW, guys like tiros on xbh say that XGD3 on CFW will not be possible…
[2011-05-19 08:34AM UTC] #fw <pigbait> @ c4: I just want to be on c4evaspeaks.com
[2011-05-19 08:35AM UTC] #fw <mr-crix> get ye 2 seconds of fame eh
[2011-05-19 08:36AM UTC] #fw <c4eva> my name is tiros:the sky is falling, the sky is falling!
[2011-05-19 08:44AM UTC] #fw <c4eva> my name is tiros:you wont have backups on slim,ap25 will be the end of backups, realtime fw checks will be the end of backups on slim, xgd3 blah blah!
[2011-05-19 08:45AM UTC] #fw <Celerion> lol i take that as a yes to my question
[2011-05-19 08:45AM UTC] #fw <c4eva> :)
[2011-05-19 08:45AM UTC] #fw <Anim0r> well they doubted u many times even back in 2006-2007 i remember your first post on XBOX HAcker,e ven they didnt beleive you but you pwned everyone C4eva!
[2011-05-19 08:47AM UTC] #fw <Anim0r> c4eva do you remember your post in regards to Thespecialist’s work from the first XBOX on that forum and they didn’t believe you were capable back then either?
[2011-05-19 08:48AM UTC] #fw <c4eva> anim:yeah
[2011-05-19 09:05AM UTC] #fw <Anim0r> c4eva do you get time to game or is it more fw than anything?
[2011-05-19 09:06AM UTC] #fw <c4eva> some gaming,yes

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78 Responses to c4eva Spoke! (2011-05-19 #fw) (Including 18 Discussion Threads)

  1. avatar teclado says:

    If I have 9504, 0225 I can update new dashboard, and then flash FW LT +2.0?

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  2. avatar Gingerman says:

    all quiet in scotland 8pm and still no dash update :) ! :wink:

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  3. avatar tohigh says:

    Keep on keepin' on C4! No ban for 2.5years now thanks to you.
    Good to know things are still rollin' see ya when things are done.

    Thanks from all the non haters.

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  4. avatar R.ASSASSIN says:

    c4eva is a true G simple!!! :D

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  5. avatar Anonymous says:

    hmm got on live with my benq update. to bad its modded right now and um not going to un mod it so i got to my other xbox. sign in lite-700 series sing into live no update wtf so why did my benq need to update can some one help me on this

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    • avatar awake says:

      i recommend getting some answers from xecuter forum;)
      some guy in the US, posted yesterday the 19th that he has 4 xbox's at home and only the benq ones were asked for update, so i guess yesterday the update was not based running region by region , but more per SKU's . Again , i say ask ur questions there im sure ull get more help :)

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  6. avatar darkmen says:

    c4eva give us a ETA, pleaseeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!

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  7. avatar awad says:

    microsoft xbox 360 update for spring 2011 has started and it will be rolling till the end of this month ….. this update will have the xgd3 protection …… i think c4eva will be testing the firmware with this new update which means we have to wait a little bit more

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  8. avatar i dont have one says:

    what if MS will flash the XBOX in every update?
    my english is not the best

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  9. avatar hackerr says:

    Everyone needs to Shut up and let C4eva do the magic it will be soon hes not beat yet

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  10. avatar abdullah says:

    release it already i still don`t know what driver i have just release it all so i would open it. don`t want to open it twice :P

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