c4eva Spoke! (2011-05-22 #fw)

[2011-05-22 09:27AM UTC] #fw <Log> So… what’s news, c4eva have you been prompted for a system update yet ? :P
[2011-05-22 09:37AM UTC] #fw <xboxer360> C4EVA please, say something
[2011-05-22 09:39AM UTC] #fw <c4eva> logs done of dash upgrade using slim 9504,more soon!

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  1. avatar ds says:


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  2. avatar Soxx says:

    for those who bought the USBPRO can they have the mod provided by (Team Xecuter) for free. i'm sick of paying again…or atleast some promising info about the price not just "soon" :(

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    • avatar wiz_knutsen says:

      Me too. You spend money on one thing and have to spend even more money to get it work.
      Its all about f**king profit$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$. whipe your s**tti dollars in the ass. Money money money, its so funney. Abba

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      • avatar Anonymous says:

        Hey bro calm down!!!! Tx,c4,TJ is not the one making the a.p. and dvd drive's!
        However they are the one's hacking them,doing this to there best of there ability.
        So there is no room for s**tty comment's,and Yes i agree they are somewhat commerical you would be too if you were in there shoe's.
        so if you want to bicth to someone call the egineer's at MS and tell them your problem's and while you have them on the line why don't you ask them how to unlock the mt chip so that we all can benifit from it.
        Also programmers are very smart,there is a reason for every move that a programmer make's including when to speak,explain,realease.They are keeping quiet for a reason….and i'm just an average joe with a brain and i can tell you why they haven't realeased anything.For starters the dash has not proceeded full blown,For two test need to be made…if a programmer make's the slightest tweak he must retest…it's not easy to debug 3rd party FW.

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  3. avatar Mozenrat says:

    Сколько же людей молятся на c4ev'у?

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  4. avatar Romario says:

    Блин,ну что воду переливаете туда сюда, уже бы написали как и что и как скоро …

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  5. avatar El Majico says:

    Che la prossima sarà una bella settimana?

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  6. avatar Anonymous says:

    :p :p :p :p :p :p

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  7. avatar dr00zilla says:

    Impatient modders killed Randy Savage. Bastards. Let c4eva do his damned thing and BE PATIENT.

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  8. avatar Xbox Dude 360 says:

    Can someone help me out I jus flashed my samsung and hitachi drives back to stock n I was wondering since the new update doesn’t change their firmware can I update and then reflash n beable to play my games w/o bein banned…also if I am safe which games won’t play on my system thanks in advance if someone can better inform me

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    • avatar wowzz says:

      Hitachi doesnt get flashed by the new dash. Samsung does. flash to stock, update dash and flashed yo custom firmware.

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      • avatar Xbox Dude 360 says:

        Ok so it's safe to reflash to LT Plus 1.1 for the hitachi drive after all n will some games not boot up? Just to be sure the update on the hitachi drives jus provides the new disc format but doesn't change or flash the DVD drive right?

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        • avatar wowzz says:

          Hitachi drive does not get flashed at all by the new update. the new fw is to hide the key location on the fw. the drives were able to read the new disc formate to begin with. m$ was usinf that excuse as a roose to fool consumers. this is soley a anti piracy update plus paypal.

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  9. avatar Taco Pants says:

    Like many I also bought the x360usb pro and this pile of dung is just sitting here collecting dust. But can't blame team-executor since my drive sticker was 9504 when in fact it was 0225. Typical micro$oft with their dirty tricks.

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    • avatar Pavelok says:

      Stupid question but why do you put $ instead of s? :)

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      • avatar juanitopel says:

        yea that was st*pd but here comes , the $ instead of s references at the way microsoft handles itself , pushing products that were not ended the "Test" stage, to win the launch to competition its one of his metods, caring a sh*t about consumers, so "if something goes wrong " (always) "launch a pack/bunch of patches in months after". Include embeded programs you dont want to in some other you want (to force/habituate people to use it instead of other product), and so on….
        All of this to win market, to rasing over competitors that leads to win $$$$, that takes us to the $ you see in his brand. Thats the goal of M$, the $$ over nothing else

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  10. avatar juanitopel says:

    NO ONE say that you have to buy the usbpro for 0225 neither for 9504 only those st*pids saying that C4 was holding the fw for sales purpose, where are those suckers now?? maybe blaming C4 for some other st*pid reason like "hey why you getting so late to release the fw ?!?!" you make me sick, only had to do for not wasting money is wait YOU LIKE IT OR NOT

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