c4eva Spoke! (2011-05-25 #fw)

[2011-05-25 09:20AM UTC] #fw <cdavid139> c4eva idle for 58 seconds? he here?
[2011-05-25 09:21AM UTC] #fw <Sult> of course he’s here. what do you think?
[2011-05-25 09:21AM UTC] #fw <c4eva> yes :)
[2011-05-25 09:23AM UTC] #fw <AlonsoPow> Hi c4eva, will you wait until the last wave of updates to release the fw?
[2011-05-25 09:24AM UTC] #fw <darc11> AlonsoPow: WTF kind of question.. you know M$ logs this channel right
[2011-05-25 09:25AM UTC] #fw <Sult> darc11 how do you know that for sure?
[2011-05-25 09:26AM UTC] #fw <c4eva> they are here, watching :)
[2011-05-25 09:26AM UTC] #fw <shaggs200> C4 any news on release of LT2.0 for phats as yet
[2011-05-25 09:29AM UTC] #fw <c4eva> shaggs:working on it, so many things to do  dumping your own ap25 data works great :)
[2011-05-25 09:31AM UTC] #fw <ShagNastY> looking forward to using my Android HTC incrdible S with JF also
[2011-05-25 09:32AM UTC] #fw <vpcoded> im def looking forward to a andriod JF app
[2011-05-25 09:33AM UTC] #fw <c4eva> android jf will be great!
[2011-05-25 09:37AM UTC] #fw <darc11> i wonder how the JF android app will work, lol.
[2011-05-25 09:37AM UTC] #fw <loftY> you’ll need an android for it
[2011-05-25 09:37AM UTC] #fw <loftY> :)
[2011-05-25 09:38AM UTC] #fw <c4eva> u will need x360usb for jf android :)
[2011-05-25 09:49AM UTC] #fw <Binary> How busy are you c4eva
[2011-05-25 09:50AM UTC] #fw <c4eva> too busy :)

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  1. avatar Secret says:


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  2. avatar El Majico says:

    e quindi?

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  3. avatar HoBu4oK says:

    что это значит?

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  4. avatar Adolf says:


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  5. avatar Borland says:

    Нихуя конкретного, ждемс. Thx c4eva.

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  6. avatar Чико says:


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  7. avatar shitIhavea0225 says:

    Why are you talking this s**t.. I want to hear something about 0225 firmware…

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  8. avatar Damager says:

    Juz wait, don't u cry))

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  9. avatar drumm3r says:

    So i need an android phone to flash my 0225 ?!!?!?!?!?!!?!!!!! :S

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  10. avatar Al says:

    Keep your firmware, too late now

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