c4eva Spoke! (2011-06-01 #c4e)

[2011-06-01 09:21PM UTC] #c4e <fafa> c4eva, i have a question.
[2011-06-01 09:23PM UTC] #c4e <fafa> i really need to know whats happening whit 0225 fw
[2011-06-01 09:25PM UTC] #c4e <c4eva> 0225 tests going well with unlock kit on 0225 drive!
[2011-06-01 09:25PM UTC] #c4e <fafa> c4eva, is 0225 flash all right?
[2011-06-01 09:28PM UTC] #c4e <c4eva> fafa:yes,with unlock kit

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  1. avatar Anonymous says:


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    • avatar fahad says:

      Hi C4eva, we are not technical geek here but we would really like to know when you say "Testing" then what kind of testing went on ? And does this testing need 7 days or more! which tests you do on a new FW? Thanks

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    • avatar jeky says:

      I think this is a speculation … a kit you can choose any unsolicited deal cost (kit + shipping + installation = $$$$) today there are alternatives might be expected for the end of June or X360Key Xode but much more work and clean as all xbox owners are eligible and install very easily …
      c4eva perhaps forgot .. still waiting for more news

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  2. avatar ds says:

    hello , hi …….no soon what happand ?

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  3. avatar Borland says:

    Давай c4eva порадуй нас ;)

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  4. avatar smudger says:

    were isthe 1.9 fw for 9504

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  5. avatar vanetion says:

    Только не нужно ныть что снова нет релиза!!! С4 старается для вас Балбесы!!! А сколько они зарабатывают вас не интересует, будте благодарны С4 за то что он вообще что-то говорит! Понятно вам плачущие УТЫРКИ!!!??? Если что-то не устраивает можете собраться всем своим садиком и сделать свой release LT+ 2.0 ULTIMATE!!! С4 Thanks you big! It would be quite good if you also here wrote!

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  6. avatar vanetion says:

    Only it is not necessary to ache that again there is no release!!! С4 Balbesy tries for you!!! And how many they earn you doesn't interest, be grateful С4 for that that he in general tells something! To clearly you crying УТЫРКИ!!!??? If something doesn't arrange can gather all garden and make the release LT + 2.0 ULTIMATE!!! С4 Thanks you big! It would be quite good if you also here wrote! Forgive for my English, I from Russia.:)

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  7. avatar gl says:

    НУ ЖЕ
    hello – ehlo ))

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  8. avatar Borland says:

    Кстате, респектов мне ;) Let's go Heat!

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  9. avatar Umair says:

    Hi c4eva .. any update about the release of LT 2.0 other than soon :D … plz if u can tell the month or week … plzzz ..

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    • avatar I'm a pRo says:

      2 weeks and a half or a half month ( thats my opinion and it includes the addon )

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      • avatar mespo365 says:

        You opinion is worthless. No dates have been set by team x. The final version is not even done yet. Once thats done you will see a picture on team x site. After that it will be a couple weeks. As for costs its on the front page now. $75 for noobs lolz.

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  10. avatar ir1k says:

    Hello c4eva! :) I'll wait for the firmware and play NBA 2k11 heat team: D

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