c4eva Spoke! (2011-06-11 #c4e)

[2011-06-11 11:02AM UTC] #c4e <Soluble> He's asking if it will be cheaper to pay someone to solder the pro mod kit vs the PCB replacement
[2011-06-11 11:07AM UTC] #c4e <JFapp67> i think it would be cheaper if the pro mod was fitted
[2011-06-11 11:12AM UTC] #c4e <c4eva> jfapp67:no it wont be

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  1. avatar astarorthbcn says:

    c4eva when you can release the firm for phat liton??? any date estimated?? maybe today??? i hope your answer please. thanks a lot

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  2. avatar Xlx 50Cent xlX says:

    c4 you please release the Liteon DVD Phat plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz : D

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  3. avatar Gambler says:

    again blaaaa blaaaa blaaaaaa

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  4. avatar smudger says:

    plz liteon phat and slim 9504 fw :p

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  5. avatar tgxbob says:

    thanks for all the hard work.. cant wait till ..

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  6. avatar c4eva тупой гандон says:

    опять двадцать пять одну хуйню несут блять

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  7. avatar K9Rage says:

    UR AWSOME!!!! :D

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  8. avatar Myk says:

    I bet it'll be released when xbins is back up. That or he'll prolly wait until next week and release w/ the 0225

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  9. avatar Lex says:

    So what about slim 0225?

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  10. avatar strandcor says:

    when will the slim 9504 fw is coming??
    i cant wait!!

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