c4eva Spoke! (2011-06-12 #fw)

[2011-06-12 01:20PM UTC] #fw <KASS> oh look its not 'soon' yet :(
[2011-06-12 01:21PM UTC] #fw <c4eva> kiss my ass first!
[2011-06-12 01:22PM UTC] #fw <PhoenixV> I don’t see the advantage in fw mods on 0225, considering how hard it is. Vs the x360key.
[2011-06-12 01:22PM UTC] #fw <PhoenixV> There is the big unknown of the XGD3 discs…
[2011-06-12 01:23PM UTC] #fw <Jockaveli> im sure they will work it out!
[2011-06-12 01:23PM UTC] #fw <Jockaveli> never let us down before!
[2011-06-12 01:23PM UTC] #fw <PhoenixV> but if you had the option, of waiting for them to figure it out. Then buying a 9504 drive, or buying the PCB etc
[2011-06-12 01:23PM UTC] #fw <PhoenixV> OR…
[2011-06-12 01:24PM UTC] #fw <PhoenixV> buying x360key. open 360, exract key, plug in, and play. All discs, xgd3, or not…
[2011-06-12 01:24PM UTC] #fw <PhoenixV> doesn that make sense?
[2011-06-12 01:24PM UTC] #fw <Jockaveli> personaly i’ve been happy with what c4 has offered so doubt i’ll change
[2011-06-12 01:24PM UTC] #fw <Jockaveli> cant go on live with x360key tho can you???
[2011-06-12 01:24PM UTC] #fw <c4eva> x360key will get box banned, thats why
[2011-06-12 01:25PM UTC] #fw <Jockaveli> thanks for clarifying that c4
[2011-06-12 01:25PM UTC] #fw * mr-crix bends over and kisses c4eva on the ass.. if it gets me the 1.9 why not :)
[2011-06-12 01:25PM UTC] #fw <PhoenixV> Clarifying? hehe, if c4eva could predict the future, I don’t think he would be making fw mods, we would be playing the lotto
[2011-06-12 01:25PM UTC] #fw <iLLNESS> if your going to buy an x360key, why not just get a jtag
[2011-06-12 01:25PM UTC] #fw <iLLNESS> heh
[2011-06-12 01:26PM UTC] #fw <KASS> c4eva told me to kiss his ass for fw? i dunno, did he shower yet today?
[2011-06-12 01:26PM UTC] #fw <PhoenixV> because the word on the street is that it will be live safe
[2011-06-12 01:28PM UTC] #fw <c4eva> there are lots of ways to detect a drive emulator, very easy for them to check for it
[2011-06-12 01:39PM UTC] #fw <PhoenixV> what keeps fw mods live safe (serious question, not trolling)
[2011-06-12 01:40PM UTC] #fw <Bizzeh> PhoenixV: the fact that MS dont to a CRC check on the firmware… which they could at any point implement and make any mod non-live-safe
[2011-06-12 01:41PM UTC] #fw <Typhoon> refurbished 9504 drives are cheapr then the addon for 0225
[2011-06-12 01:42PM UTC] #fw <c4eva> nearly all 9504 drives for sale from china are fakes, beware!
[2011-06-12 01:43PM UTC] #fw <c4eva> bizzeh:crc check? wrong!
[2011-06-12 01:44PM UTC] #fw <ALiEN`> i dont understand why c4eva dont release fws completed
[2011-06-12 01:46PM UTC] #fw <c4eva> fw’s are on the way, the team is working on it
[2011-06-12 02:32PM UTC] #fw <badunch> so is the slim lite ons the same hardware as the phats?
[2011-06-12 02:32PM UTC] #fw <badunch> so by using a pcb from an older drive and flashin 0225 fw
[2011-06-12 02:36PM UTC] #fw <badunch> ???????
[2011-06-12 02:36PM UTC] #fw <c4eva> no
[2011-06-12 02:36PM UTC] #fw <President> howdy c4eva hows it going
[2011-06-12 02:38PM UTC] #fw <c4eva> hello president

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14 Responses to c4eva Spoke! (2011-06-12 #fw) (Including 3 Discussion Threads)

  1. avatar umair_H says:

    please give a date when lt+ 1.9 for phat liteons is going to be released pleeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaseee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  2. avatar drumm3r says:

    Can't wait for the firmware…………….. Am tired of buying kits for my 0225 :(

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  3. avatar neko says:

    what is address od c4eva iRC? ;)

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  4. avatar JPOrtiz831 says:

    Everyone just relax. they are clearly showing that the team is making progress. you should be happen that they update the site at all. its all just a free courtesy for the cry babys. And no one is gonna be happy with the source code or something half done. Also as soon as he releases it all the fags are gonna think they are the ones who created the firmware and theyre gonna bash and hate on c4eva acting like they dont need him anymore. Than when MS updates the dash again theyre gonna come crying back for c4evas help since hes the only one with any skills and a team with skills too.
    I wouldnt blame him if he doesnt release it for at least a year. Why buy the cow when you get the milk for free.

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  5. avatar Arturo M says:

    Let's be clear about one thing, c4eva works with a team that produces hardware for mods, etc. While on its face LT+ 1.9 is 'free', their work continues partly for the goodness of their hearts and partly because they sell mods and hardware (probes, the new slim mod, etc) so those who say back off that c4e is doing this for free is only partly true. Just as anyone who likes to make money, and theres nothing wrong with that, you can bet the FW for the drives that require a $75 dollar solution will be out either when that hits the market or right before, why because of the monetary motivation. So don't trash those that ask for the LT+ 1.9 date, I have to buy a $75 mod if I want to continue to use the FW, and you can bet I nor most people won't buy until we know the FW for those drives are out. So that will really throw a wrench in your 'c4eva' is a charity case, back off; when they sell me $75 dollars worth of product with an understanding they will support it, and implied in that support is new FW.

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  6. avatar Aabron Paradroid says:

    LOL @ Kiss my ass first!!!

    non-assembly programmer < assembly programmer (aka pwned!!!)

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  7. avatar Myk says:

    In my opinion Modded/Hacked firmware destroys x360key any day. "Its too hard"? all you do is hook your drive up to you computer and click a few buttons. C4eva basically does all the work for you. Plus flashed firmware has been around much longer and is a million times more stealthy than an emulator

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  8. avatar karoo says:

    if the phat liteons are done why dont you relise it already people are waiting

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  9. avatar karoo says:

    dont mean to be cheeky lol just ichin for it miss me xbox :p

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  10. avatar MadMarkAgain says:

    C'mon people, get over it! If you are that bad off without the firmware, tweet with TeamJungle on your cell and you will know the minute it comes out. It has always been a waiting game, so get used to it! It is better to wait for quality then to rush something that will be imperfect or cause problems (ban)! As for the whole "so those who say back off that c4e is doing this for free is only partly true." , look to the past and realise that c4e has been doing this for around 5 years +, on his own way before the team up and creation of teamjungle. You can have his firmware for free, but if you want to install it on the new slims, you will need the work around thanks to MS! It has always been free with no parts needed, but with MS trying to put a stop to this for years now, they have managed to get one up at the moment. But thanks to xecuter, they have made replacement parts to get around that! That takes time, money and manpower to create the chips, then more money, manpower and shipping to get it to you. You think it should be free??? Since you have a lawnmower, why dont you come cut my lawn for me every week! Same concept! (kinda) Everybody thats wining, stop! Either quit stealing and go buy your s**t, or leech away and shut up! Really gets annoying seeing that c4e has to see your ungrateful posts, but glad he knows there are still people that respect and appreciate! I wonder regularly what would happen if c4e disappeared!! Where would we be? All this lost? would or COULD someone else step up? Think about it, cuz if you say yeah for sure someone would, where are they then????

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