c4eva Spoke! (2011-06-19 #fw)

[2011-06-19 08:47PM UTC] #fw <coughee> c4e hasnt spoke in a while huh
[2011-06-19 08:47PM UTC] #fw <c4eva> hello

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11 Responses to c4eva Spoke! (2011-06-19 #fw) (Including One Discussion Thread)

  1. avatar kbash says:

    When will descend Drive lt 0225?

    We are in uae can not switch or buy a pcb is forbidden because we have a spare Hack from outside the states please hurry in making cfw Drive 0225

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  2. avatar Moataz says:

    i've some questions .. 1-a date for 0225 FW
    2-will the flash process require solder
    3- i know ur focused on being live save but what about the new board of the lite-on will it be safe when playing online ?? thx 4 ur efforts

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  3. avatar Moataz says:

    Hi C4eva many great thx 4 ur efforts … but plz can u tell us when will u release the 0225 fw (i'm sorry but we wanna a date not the soon word:D ) and how the test going and will the new pcb be safe online (i knew ur focusing on playing online but i'm sorry We are very concerned )

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  4. avatar newbie says:

    wanted to know, how is the cfw passed to dvd drive?
    is it through jungle flasher? r something else

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  5. avatar younisfinal says:

    You said one more week for 0225 can you keep your deal and release of 0225 fw we are waiting for it for so long Please c4eva.

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  6. avatar smudger says:

    well were is the 9504 fw :(

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  7. avatar Aabron Paradroid says:

    Aack, slow it down people. Soon is soon. Nothing more, nothing less. He always pulls through.

    Motaz: you need to read the literature that's already out there instead of asking people to hold your hand with answers.

    Newbie: I'm pretty sure c4 has already stated Jungleflasher will be the method used (especially because it can already flash and recover keys and such from 0225 and 9504)

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  8. avatar SlimSoon! yeah! says:

    You can Do it c4eva! go for 0225! ;)

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  9. avatar Marc Clement says:

    Big up C4eva, you are doing great work. Will wait patiently :)

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  10. avatar abdullah says:

    tik tak tik tak
    waiting and will wait and will never stop waiting
    C4EVA u rock
    M$ u suck
    I mean a new drive "WHAT THE FU*K"

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