c4eva Spoke! (2011-06-24 #c4e)

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[2011-06-24 01:32AM UTC] #c4e <Cabal2000> what is meant by LiteOn_Post_13141
[2011-06-24 01:32AM UTC] #c4e <k3rn3l> if i see one more person ask that
[2011-06-24 01:32AM UTC] #c4e <k3rn3l> must be 100 every day
[2011-06-24 01:33AM UTC] #c4e <k3rn3l> cant blame them tho lol
[2011-06-24 01:33AM UTC] #c4e <k3rn3l> it means fw to be used AFTER dahboard versions 13141
[2011-06-24 01:33AM UTC] #c4e <Cabal2000> the nfo is limited
[2011-06-24 01:33AM UTC] #c4e <k3rn3l> no shit
[2011-06-24 01:33AM UTC] #c4e <Cabal2000> lol
[2011-06-24 01:33AM UTC] #c4e <k3rn3l> I guess the pack was written for ppl with half a clue could understand and left all the idiots scratching their heads
[2011-06-24 01:33AM UTC] #c4e <Morenomdz> yo k3rn3l, just got a 0225 box with drive swapped, all I can get from it is the key as the original pcb is lost. With the team x pcb (or 9504) plus lt for 0225, will I be able to restore this xbox with just the key?
[2011-06-24 01:34AM UTC] #c4e <stefanou> yea, pre and post are so difficult words.. it should named Liteon_After_The_Update_fw
[2011-06-24 01:34AM UTC] #c4e <k3rn3l> i doubt the fw will work with a drive swap
[2011-06-24 01:34AM UTC] #c4e <Cabal2000> when you are new, there is alot of info maybe to much
[2011-06-24 01:34AM UTC] #c4e <Morenomdz> would need whole serial and other data I supose
[2011-06-24 01:35AM UTC] #c4e <k3rn3l> no
[2011-06-24 01:35AM UTC] #c4e <k3rn3l> this is all explained in the tutorials
[2011-06-24 01:35AM UTC] #c4e <k3rn3l> very very easy
[2011-06-24 01:35AM UTC] #c4e <k3rn3l> Pick your drive and follow the easy step-by-step tutorial >>> http://bit.ly/h005kk
[2011-06-24 01:35AM UTC] #c4e <Cabal2000> so the LTPlus-025v1.9 can be used on a all versions of the lite on phat drive?
[2011-06-24 01:36AM UTC] #c4e <k3rn3l> after the update
[2011-06-24 01:36AM UTC] #c4e <k3rn3l> as all liteons become 02510C
[2011-06-24 01:36AM UTC] #c4e <stefanou> no, just the 02510 ones
[2011-06-24 01:36AM UTC] #c4e <Cabal2000> ok, i have a 7xxxx drive so i have to use 1.1
[2011-06-24 01:37AM UTC] #c4e <stefanou> is that jf says?
[2011-06-24 01:40AM UTC] #c4e <Cabal2000> got ya!!! if i have new 2.0.13146 !!! then its now a 02510c
[2011-06-24 01:40AM UTC] #c4e <stefanou> Unbelievable. You, [subject name here], must be the pride of [subject hometown here]!
[2011-06-24 01:40AM UTC] #c4e <Cabal2000> thank you thank you very much
[2011-06-24 01:40AM UTC] #c4e <riah1982> lol
[2011-06-24 01:43AM UTC] #c4e <Cabal2000> should i update!!?? thats the big question. I have a banned unit!!!
[2011-06-24 01:43AM UTC] #c4e <stefanou> wait till update is on games
[2011-06-24 01:43AM UTC] #c4e <stefanou> or do it now..whatever
[2011-06-24 01:44AM UTC] #c4e <Cabal2000> will it flash the already hacked dvd rom drive ?
[2011-06-24 01:44AM UTC] #c4e <stefanou> update? yes
[2011-06-24 01:45AM UTC] #c4e <Cabal2000> if i update i wouldn't be able to play back ups?
[2011-06-24 01:46AM UTC] #c4e <stefanou> you need to flash to 1.9
[2011-06-24 01:46AM UTC] #c4e <Cabal2000> got ya, flash the xbox with the new MS firmware and re flash the dvd rom with 1.9
[2011-06-24 01:50AM UTC] #c4e <reddeath> chaps
[2011-06-24 02:19AM UTC] #c4e <ging> all I can say is WOW
[2011-06-24 02:21AM UTC] #c4e <HereIAM> whats up everyone
[2011-06-24 02:21AM UTC] #c4e <HereIAM> i have a problem
[2011-06-24 02:21AM UTC] #c4e <stefanou> too bad.. this isnt a support channel
[2011-06-24 02:21AM UTC] #c4e <HereIAM> damn…. alright
[2011-06-24 02:21AM UTC] #c4e <HereIAM> never mind
[2011-06-24 02:51AM UTC] #c4e <Younge> stefanou
[2011-06-24 06:15AM UTC] #c4e <xobex> did c4eva spokle? :O
[2011-06-24 06:15AM UTC] #c4e <xobex> *spoke
[2011-06-24 06:16AM UTC] #c4e <SOL> other chan
[2011-06-24 06:16AM UTC] #c4e <xobex> hmm
[2011-06-24 06:17AM UTC] #c4e <xobex> cant connect to #fw on efnet..

[2011-06-24 06:41AM UTC] #c4e <c4eva> yep
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[2011-06-24 06:41AM UTC] #c4e <[Athos]> :)
[2011-06-24 06:42AM UTC] #c4e <redeathh> ohhh the man him self
[2011-06-24 06:42AM UTC] #c4e <ringo182> its been a while
[2011-06-24 06:42AM UTC] #c4e <redeathh> hi c4

[2011-06-24 06:43AM UTC] #c4e <c4eva> hello
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[2011-06-24 06:43AM UTC] #c4e <ringo182> how things going
[2011-06-24 06:43AM UTC] #c4e <nice69> hi c4eva
[2011-06-24 06:44AM UTC] #c4e <redeathh> hows that slim unlock comming

[2011-06-24 06:44AM UTC] #c4e <c4eva> very good
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[2011-06-24 06:44AM UTC] #c4e <redeathh> :)
[2011-06-24 06:45AM UTC] #c4e <nice69> replacement boards are safe for LIVE?
[2011-06-24 06:45AM UTC] #c4e <[Athos]> c4eva do you expect to release the slim firmware at the same time with the write kit?
[2011-06-24 06:45AM UTC] #c4e <redeathh> release at the end of the month ?
[2011-06-24 06:45AM UTC] #c4e <Fullmetal> c4eva u got a new ck3 kit coming out?

[2011-06-24 06:45AM UTC] #c4e <c4eva> nice69:yes
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[2011-06-24 06:46AM UTC] #c4e <jsinger47> poor readeath quit before his question got answered :(
[2011-06-24 06:46AM UTC] #c4e <redeathh> no im here
[2011-06-24 06:46AM UTC] #c4e <redeathh> ;)
[2011-06-24 06:46AM UTC] #c4e <[Athos]> :)
[2011-06-24 06:46AM UTC] #c4e <SOL> jsinger47: that's what he gets for using a iphone
[2011-06-24 06:46AM UTC] #c4e <jsinger47> lol
[2011-06-24 06:46AM UTC] #c4e <Fullmetal> lol
[2011-06-24 06:46AM UTC] #c4e <redeathh> hey its all good
[2011-06-24 06:47AM UTC] #c4e <redeathh> c4 do you love me
[2011-06-24 06:47AM UTC] #c4e <nice69> nope, not iPhone, iFone
[2011-06-24 06:47AM UTC] #c4e <nice69> OMG…
[2011-06-24 06:48AM UTC] #c4e <redeathh> im just not feeling the love
[2011-06-24 06:51AM UTC] #c4e <nice69> lol
[2011-06-24 06:52AM UTC] #c4e <Fullmetal> so most likely we'll be online by the end of the month
[2011-06-24 06:53AM UTC] #c4e <jsinger47> he didn't say that
[2011-06-24 06:54AM UTC] #c4e <SOL> Fullmetal: aren't you online now?
[2011-06-24 06:54AM UTC] #c4e <[Athos]> lol
[2011-06-24 06:54AM UTC] #c4e <Fullmetal> lol yeah

[2011-06-24 06:56AM UTC] #c4e <c4eva> most likely
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[2011-06-24 06:57AM UTC] #c4e <Fullmetal> cool
[2011-06-24 06:57AM UTC] #c4e <[Athos]> wow, that's great
[2011-06-24 06:57AM UTC] #c4e <jsinger47> well don't i look stupid now ;)
[2011-06-24 06:57AM UTC] #c4e <Fullmetal> lol
[2011-06-24 06:58AM UTC] #c4e <[Athos]> that's about when the replacement boards are expected to ship too
[2011-06-24 06:58AM UTC] #c4e <Fullmetal> yeah
[2011-06-24 06:58AM UTC] #c4e <[Athos]> nice timing there
[2011-06-24 06:58AM UTC] #c4e <Fullmetal> i'm guessing thats what he's waiting for its cool

[2011-06-24 07:04AM UTC] #c4e <c4eva> 0225 now running rock solid on board, no issues!
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[2011-06-24 07:04AM UTC] #c4e <CypherWrk> nice
[2011-06-24 07:04AM UTC] #c4e <jsinger47> congrats :)
[2011-06-24 07:04AM UTC] #c4e <[Athos]> and thanks too :)
[2011-06-24 07:06AM UTC] #c4e <bongtoker> c4, did you find anything new in the 1071 fw?
[2011-06-24 07:06AM UTC] #c4e <bongtoker> i mean anything you havent seen before
[2011-06-24 07:07AM UTC] #c4e <jsinger47> i'm curious to know if the xecuter unlock kits will be good with 1071, any problems forseen there?
[2011-06-24 07:07AM UTC] #c4e <Ldngeez> there was a message in it, "tell bongtoker to mind his own beeswax", we were all trying to figure out what it ment till now
[2011-06-24 07:07AM UTC] #c4e <Ldngeez> :P
[2011-06-24 07:07AM UTC] #c4e <Swaaggaa> lol
[2011-06-24 07:07AM UTC] #c4e <jsinger47> hehe
[2011-06-24 07:07AM UTC] #c4e <[Athos]> :)
[2011-06-24 07:08AM UTC] #c4e <[Athos]> c4eva is 0225 testing finished or still going on?
[2011-06-24 07:08AM UTC] #c4e <Swaaggaa> i am more curious as to whether the 0225 and 0401 are coming out together
[2011-06-24 07:08AM UTC] #c4e <Ldngeez> if testing was finished the fw would have been releaesed
[2011-06-24 07:09AM UTC] #c4e <[Athos]> that's true, I thought there might be some delay from testing with different hardware
[2011-06-24 07:09AM UTC] #c4e <Swaaggaa> is the pcb for the 1071 the same as the one for the 0225 & 0401?

[2011-06-24 07:11AM UTC] #c4e <c4eva> i dont see any issues for those drives

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  1. avatar Gamer69 says:

    Do non-Jtag things still work?

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  2. avatar JoNKoW says:

    9504 …????

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  3. avatar krazysim says:

    Regular c4eva cheap talk. Nothing essential. Classical bulls**t.

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  4. avatar krazysim says:

    Nothing essential. Regular cheap talk.

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  5. avatar avishayyyru says:

    hi c4eva! when will LT2.0 be released?

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  6. avatar shitIhavea0225 says:

    Good! any problems then release it!

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  7. avatar Anonymous says:

    Is it out this weekend

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  8. avatar yarin hadad says:

    Hello C4eva
    When You want to release the lt+ (0225)?
    on 30/6/11?

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  9. avatar Unknown says:

    So C4Eva do you want to say that 0225 runs without problems?

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  10. avatar gl says:

    Хватить жмотить прошивку, Relase it immediately :!:

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