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[2011-07-23 12:43AM UTC] #fw <shatheone> i think thats the only thing u need to play new games on older firmware
[2011-07-23 12:43AM UTC] #fw <shatheone> oo ok, just trying to help
[2011-07-23 12:43AM UTC] #fw <FishyFist> wont work
[2011-07-23 12:43AM UTC] #fw <shatheone> did u try it
[2011-07-23 12:43AM UTC] #fw <mp3dude> i can send tomorrow and u get it asap this week coming
[2011-07-23 12:44AM UTC] #fw <FishyFist> need to update both your dash and drive fw.. sorry no real way around it
[2011-07-23 12:44AM UTC] #fw <peter43> i'll try it
[2011-07-23 12:44AM UTC] #fw <FishyFist> yes in have and it wont work…
[2011-07-23 12:44AM UTC] #fw <peter43> damn
[2011-07-23 12:44AM UTC] #fw <peter43> i have lite on firmware
[2011-07-23 12:45AM UTC] #fw <FishyFist> whats your drive firmware version?
[2011-07-23 12:45AM UTC] #fw <peter43> how can i tell what dash i have?
[2011-07-23 12:45AM UTC] #fw <gassed> peter43 no disrespect for Fishy but I would always try for myself first —
[2011-07-23 12:45AM UTC] #fw <FishyFist> under system in the xbox settings
[2011-07-23 12:45AM UTC] #fw <FishyFist> your welcome too.. just want to save you the time.. by all means prove me wrong.. i have been wrong b4
[2011-07-23 12:46AM UTC] #fw <peter43> my dash is 2.0.8955
[2011-07-23 12:47AM UTC] #fw <FishyFist> j-tag?
[2011-07-23 12:47AM UTC] #fw <peter43> no
[2011-07-23 12:47AM UTC] #fw <peter43> lite on something
[2011-07-23 12:47AM UTC] #fw <FishyFist> oh well i forget what dash u need for j-tag
[2011-07-23 12:48AM UTC] #fw <Ronj75> too bad i cant hook up my damn kinect to the jtag :(
[2011-07-23 12:48AM UTC] #fw <FishyFist> yeh update your console to 13599 and reflash your drive or get someone to do it for you
[2011-07-23 12:48AM UTC] #fw <GlassVial> 7371 or older
[2011-07-23 12:48AM UTC] #fw <FishyFist> ty glass
[2011-07-23 12:49AM UTC] #fw <gassed> Ronj: why not?
[2011-07-23 12:49AM UTC] #fw <GlassVial> and not all 7371's are taggable
[2011-07-23 12:49AM UTC] #fw <ChopperEX> To apply avatar update to jtag just download the ofw dash that your jtag has and apply it?
[2011-07-23 12:49AM UTC] #fw <BRUNO> yo want to know something interesting my spi 0n a 0272 now says xFF whats that mean can i now erase and write to it
[2011-07-23 12:49AM UTC] #fw <FishyFist> no bruno your after 0×0
[2011-07-23 12:50AM UTC] #fw <BRUNO> well what do i do casue that unlock shit doesnt do anything but bring up russain and a ok button
[2011-07-23 12:50AM UTC] #fw <Ronj75> my jtags a xenon i got the kinect with a slim system. the power plug is different. but im debating on ordering the power adapter
[2011-07-23 12:50AM UTC] #fw <FishyFist> back latter hockey!
[2011-07-23 12:51AM UTC] #fw <BRUNO> do you have to put in your sats hex address in that box
[2011-07-23 12:51AM UTC] #fw <gassed> @ronj75 — ahhh gotcha. bought mine seperate so have adapter
[2011-07-23 12:52AM UTC] #fw <Darc> hi guys anyone had a problem with new JF, cant write liteon 74 nforce and via stops at first dot when wrighting
[2011-07-23 12:52AM UTC] #fw <FishyFist> yes bruno…
[2011-07-23 12:52AM UTC] #fw <FishyFist> mcix chipset only atm
[2011-07-23 12:52AM UTC] #fw <vcdplaya> why does the freeagent goflex not always turn on properly on jtag
[2011-07-23 12:52AM UTC] #fw <vcdplaya> when i turn on the console
[2011-07-23 12:52AM UTC] #fw <vcdplaya> the usb drive isn't always recognized
[2011-07-23 12:52AM UTC] #fw <vcdplaya> is it because its usb 3.0?
[2011-07-23 12:54AM UTC] #fw <BRUNO> it is mxic
[2011-07-23 12:54AM UTC] #fw <BRUNO> and my spi is now xff so what do i do now
[2011-07-23 12:55AM UTC] #fw <LANG_> thatsgreat
[2011-07-23 12:55AM UTC] #fw <BRUNO> do i need more resistance
[2011-07-23 12:57AM UTC] #fw <BRUNO> the unlock too says its 8c still but jf says xff
[2011-07-23 12:59AM UTC] #fw <BRUNO> really stuck at the mo
[2011-07-23 12:59AM UTC] #fw <BRUNO> could use your help
[2011-07-23 01:02AM UTC] #fw <BRUNO> fishy what did you do i have the trace cut and soldered everything right

[2011-07-23 01:03AM UTC] #fw <c4eva> http://www.team-xecuter.com/forums/showthread.php?t=67981 – soon
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[2011-07-23 01:23AM UTC] #fw <secty> do slims have an arcade model>?
[2011-07-23 01:24AM UTC] #fw <Chris_C21> There are two models
[2011-07-23 01:24AM UTC] #fw <NickBag> Not that I know of.
[2011-07-23 01:24AM UTC] #fw <secty> the $199 slim has 4GB and no HDD
[2011-07-23 01:24AM UTC] #fw <Chris_C21> the 4 gig model which is the arcade one with 4 gig internal memory
[2011-07-23 01:25AM UTC] #fw <secty> Chris: just take it back
[2011-07-23 01:25AM UTC] #fw <NickBag> ^
[2011-07-23 01:25AM UTC] #fw <Chris_C21> and the 250 gig model that has that piano black shiny finish to it and 250 HDD
[2011-07-23 01:25AM UTC] #fw <secty> if your telling the truth, take it back
[2011-07-23 01:25AM UTC] #fw <Chris_C21> i am
[2011-07-23 01:25AM UTC] #fw <secty> so return it then
[2011-07-23 01:25AM UTC] #fw <NickBag> Ask for an exchange.
[2011-07-23 01:25AM UTC] #fw <NickBag> ;)
[2011-07-23 01:25AM UTC] #fw <secty> jack the drive first if its a 9504 lol
[2011-07-23 01:25AM UTC] #fw <NickBag> Lol.
[2011-07-23 01:26AM UTC] #fw <Chris_C21> then I wouldnt have anything to replace it with
[2011-07-23 01:26AM UTC] #fw <SOL> exhange it
[2011-07-23 01:26AM UTC] #fw <secty> you would if you got a new xbox, you would have a spare drive
[2011-07-23 01:26AM UTC] #fw <SOL> or take the money and go somewhere else and buy one
[2011-07-23 01:26AM UTC] #fw <secty> change it at the store
[2011-07-23 01:27AM UTC] #fw <secty> ^^^^ theres no sense in fighting with it if you had it only 2 weeks, and didnt open it up.
[2011-07-23 01:27AM UTC] #fw <SOL> I think it's 14 day return or someting similar unless its' defective
[2011-07-23 01:27AM UTC] #fw <SOL> just tell them you open right before you came in
[2011-07-23 01:28AM UTC] #fw <secty> doesnt matter, it is defective anyway. E66
[2011-07-23 01:28AM UTC] #fw <secty> make them take that shit back or slap a bitch
[2011-07-23 01:29AM UTC] #fw <secty> slap a bitch anyway and tell em make sure u dont have to come back a second time lol
[2011-07-23 01:29AM UTC] #fw <VS_Viper> has anyone had any luck with the 9504 (really 0225 *factory Upgrade*) finding out how to fix the "play dvd" errors, i flashed about 4 times now and still the same result, and yes, i used the one with the (u) at the end
[2011-07-23 01:31AM UTC] #fw <VS_Viper> ?
[2011-07-23 01:32AM UTC] #fw <IronMask> Viper…
[2011-07-23 01:32AM UTC] #fw <VS_Viper> Yeah?
[2011-07-23 01:32AM UTC] #fw <VS_Viper> Did i lag in and out?
[2011-07-23 01:32AM UTC] #fw <memoe> http://www.team-xecuter.com/forums/forumdisplay.php?s=09fd6afe81599fba1ffdf9f555d742d2&f=124 – try there viper
[2011-07-23 01:32AM UTC] #fw <NickBag> Derp.
[2011-07-23 01:32AM UTC] #fw <IronMask> Yeah, I been sitting back with 2 9504 drives wandering what to do
[2011-07-23 01:32AM UTC] #fw <BRUNO> slow write is not comfortting
[2011-07-23 01:33AM UTC] #fw <jaycboy> woah u lazy mofo's cracked winbond while av been out clubbin u must spoon feed me :) hahaha
[2011-07-23 01:33AM UTC] #fw <BRUNO> am i missing somthing??
[2011-07-23 01:33AM UTC] #fw <IronMask> One the guy i updated it on LT firmware to this dash
[2011-07-23 01:33AM UTC] #fw <jeffro> guys i have a question…..
[2011-07-23 01:33AM UTC] #fw <jeffro> i was just wondeirng if i went to best buy to get a slim 4gig version is it a 100 % chance i would get a drive in it that i can play backups offline?
[2011-07-23 01:33AM UTC] #fw <IronMask> the guy updated it i meant
[2011-07-23 01:33AM UTC] #fw <frayed> nothing is 100% chance
[2011-07-23 01:33AM UTC] #fw <IronMask> and the other is sitting still on the one before may dashboard
[2011-07-23 01:34AM UTC] #fw <VS_Viper> (memoe) ive checked multiple posts and tried different things, But i have not yet "successfully" fixed the situaiton, and was asking if someone has
[2011-07-23 01:34AM UTC] #fw <IronMask> no jeffro
[2011-07-23 01:34AM UTC] #fw <jeffro> okay do i have a good chance?
[2011-07-23 01:34AM UTC] #fw <memoe> ive not even heard of it viper sorry
[2011-07-23 01:34AM UTC] #fw <frayed> jeffro, NO you do not
[2011-07-23 01:35AM UTC] #fw <IronMask> maybe you could buy one used and go fishing or take it apart real easy and let walmart have it back haha

[2011-07-23 01:35AM UTC] #fw <c4eva> vs_viper:it has been fixed

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  1. avatar DARKFiB3R says:

    lulz @ SPUTNIK360

    Congrats to the ruskies, you must be very proud :)

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  2. avatar james says:

    Congrats comrades!

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  3. avatar starscream23 says:


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  5. avatar LexXxE says:

    c4eva hello, if you want I offer myself as a beta tester for +2.0 LT and / or Liitr on 0800, since I have a DG-16D2S reader and what is the procedure to upgrade the firmware and so I would help my @ gmail.com email is jorge.nunez.garcia, Greetings

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  6. When will the new firmware be released without the "play dvd" bug????

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  7. avatar reza says:

    Patch call of duty black ops 2.0.13599.0?

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  8. avatar anonymous says:

    Oh no, C4eva used the word 'soon' again :P How many months? ;-)

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  9. avatar The_One says:

    another Team-Xecuter product….

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  10. avatar aMiR says:

    Sorry. But what is this means??

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