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[2011-07-24 07:59AM UTC] #c4e <Tomas02> so if new faceplate doesnt fix it. a new ring of light would be the next best option
[2011-07-24 07:59AM UTC] #c4e <vgcrepair> dont need to repalce entire faceplate
[2011-07-24 07:59AM UTC] #c4e <vgcrepair> you can repalce that ribbon
[2011-07-24 07:59AM UTC] #c4e <Tomas02> yes
[2011-07-24 07:59AM UTC] #c4e <vgcrepair> it is on there with 3M tape peels right off
[2011-07-24 07:59AM UTC] #c4e <Tomas02> thats what i meant
[2011-07-24 07:59AM UTC] #c4e <vgcrepair> :)
[2011-07-24 08:00AM UTC] #c4e <Tomas02> how much you charge for a new slim rol vgc?
[2011-07-24 08:00AM UTC] #c4e <DrPED> ok brb, going to test a new faceplate/ribbon
[2011-07-24 08:01AM UTC] #c4e <vgcrepair> ROL – $20 – Flex $13
[2011-07-24 08:01AM UTC] #c4e <DrPED> lololol, ejecting my drive made my disc actually shoot out as a projectile
[2011-07-24 08:01AM UTC] #c4e <Tomas02> haha could be a good joke to play on someone
[2011-07-24 08:01AM UTC] #c4e <vgcrepair> sound slike old PS2 days when DVD drive IC controller gets shorted
[2011-07-24 08:01AM UTC] #c4e <Tomas02> "can you change the disc, ill just eject it for you" BAM hit in the face with a disc
[2011-07-24 08:02AM UTC] #c4e <Tomas02> vgc you ship international?
[2011-07-24 08:02AM UTC] #c4e <vgcrepair> worldwide
[2011-07-24 08:02AM UTC] #c4e <vgcrepair> but intl shipping is not cheap as I only use a trackable method
[2011-07-24 08:03AM UTC] #c4e <Tomas02> how much for 2 slim ROL's to New Zealand?
[2011-07-24 08:04AM UTC] #c4e <vgcrepair> like $30 shiping
[2011-07-24 08:04AM UTC] #c4e <loui_> i did my rol on my phat all multi coloured looks pukka
[2011-07-24 08:04AM UTC] #c4e <Tomas02> anycheaper option?
[2011-07-24 08:05AM UTC] #c4e <vgcrepair> not really, I have to have full tracking
[2011-07-24 08:05AM UTC] #c4e <DrPED> Is it at all possible to replace a slims ROL area with a phats ROL?
[2011-07-24 08:05AM UTC] #c4e <vgcrepair> no
[2011-07-24 08:05AM UTC] #c4e <Tomas02> no
[2011-07-24 08:06AM UTC] #c4e <Tomas02> why do you have to use full tracking?
[2011-07-24 08:06AM UTC] #c4e <DrPED> lamesauce. I like the button more than the touch sensitive personally. Then crap like this wouldn't happen.
[2011-07-24 08:06AM UTC] #c4e <vgcrepair> protection from fraud
[2011-07-24 08:06AM UTC] #c4e <DrPED> Prevent's scammers
[2011-07-24 08:06AM UTC] #c4e <vgcrepair> :)
[2011-07-24 08:06AM UTC] #c4e <Tomas02> of course
[2011-07-24 08:11AM UTC] #c4e <DrPED> Poop balls. New ribbon didn't work.
[2011-07-24 08:11AM UTC] #c4e <vgcrepair> you have a wired controller? if so you can remove ROL
[2011-07-24 08:12AM UTC] #c4e <DrPED> Well, I have a wireless controller, and I have a connector to charge it. I can use that if I need to sync/change batteries right? It doesn't need to be conencted all the time?
[2011-07-24 08:13AM UTC] #c4e <DrPED> Ill just order a ROL from you anyways, but for a temporary fix I mean.
[2011-07-24 08:13AM UTC] #c4e <vgcrepair> plug n charge cable wont work to controll dash
[2011-07-24 08:13AM UTC] #c4e <vgcrepair> the commands are still sent wirelessly
[2011-07-24 08:13AM UTC] #c4e <vgcrepair> and the ROL is needed
[2011-07-24 08:14AM UTC] #c4e <nice69> sync button
[2011-07-24 08:14AM UTC] #c4e <DrPED> lame. Good thing shipping from you vgc is hella quick
[2011-07-24 08:15AM UTC] #c4e <vgcrepair> :)
[2011-07-24 08:15AM UTC] #c4e <DrPED> I found out that if I push the disc tray in after it gets stuck fast enough it will read the game though. So as long as I don't eject often it'll be alright
[2011-07-24 08:16AM UTC] #c4e <vgcrepair> cool
[2011-07-24 08:16AM UTC] #c4e <vgcrepair> well 1:15 am need sleep, back tomorrow
[2011-07-24 08:17AM UTC] #c4e <DrPED> Thanks for your help VGC, take care.
[2011-07-24 08:17AM UTC] #c4e <DrPED> And thank you everyone else as well
[2011-07-24 08:17AM UTC] #c4e <vgcrepair> l8r
[2011-07-24 08:18AM UTC] #c4e <wwJFnet59> just curious…did M$ change the AP checks….i know the update chaged the checks but did it change how they get the ap2.5….or why is this time more different than the last?
[2011-07-24 08:19AM UTC] #c4e <DrPED> I didn't know this time was different. I just thought no one has uploaded the new checks yet.

[2011-07-24 08:19AM UTC] #c4e <c4eva> yes,working on it
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[2011-07-24 08:20AM UTC] #c4e <navydude> thanks c4
[2011-07-24 08:20AM UTC] #c4e <Tomas02> are you having to modify the 0800 fw to get the ap25 data?
[2011-07-24 08:20AM UTC] #c4e <navydude> i was wondering the same
[2011-07-24 08:21AM UTC] #c4e <navydude> c4 did the method change or still the same?
[2011-07-24 08:22AM UTC] #c4e <nice69> good afternoon c4eva
[2011-07-24 08:23AM UTC] #c4e <navydude> 3 am here lol
[2011-07-24 08:23AM UTC] #c4e <nice69> 15:23 here
[2011-07-24 08:23AM UTC] #c4e <navydude> u in the uk or where

[2011-07-24 08:24AM UTC] #c4e <c4eva> working on it

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18 Responses to c4eva Spoke! (2011-07-24 #c4e) (Including One Discussion Thread)

  1. avatar lowa east sider says:

    How is winbond coming along not over anxious just curious also 9504 pcb replacement online safe I've got a couple spare xbox's with hitachi's in them. I actually like playing on my slim console.

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  2. avatar Fxw says:

    Work on Hitachi 0500! PLEASE! WORK ON HITACHI! T_T

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  3. avatar sprayed93gt says:

    So is it safe to flash my slim 9504 drive? ive never have done the newest console update . it has been flashed already was playing backups online ect.will i be able to play backups? can i play the back ups online? do i ned to update first then re f;lah? or flash first then update? thanks for ytour help im a noob lol

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  4. avatar AlexisJordan says:

    When are going to be ready the news patchs for AP 2.5??? or it's better buy the game with that protection

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  5. avatar pino says:

    c4eva please ap25

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  6. avatar Rui Pedro says:

    when will it be released LT + 2.0?
    is that it was very urgent to know if it was within 2 weeks, very grateful

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  7. avatar Rui Pedro says:

    for Lite-On DG-16D2S

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  8. avatar Paul2 says:

    C4eva can you answer some question for the Spanish community? we need some answers

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  9. avatar yesterday says:

    Guys how can I speak with c4eva, such as appear comments in the principal page

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  10. avatar aguante_pro says:

    C4eva can u answer some question to the Spanish community?

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