c4eva Spoke! (2011-07-28 #fw)

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[2011-07-28 08:34PM UTC] #fw <JFapp98> no
[2011-07-28 08:34PM UTC] #fw <JFapp98> lt
[2011-07-28 08:34PM UTC] #fw <frayed> what drive do you have
[2011-07-28 08:34PM UTC] #fw <Rizzl4uk> well i remember the drive i did a few months back gave me the key so i didnt have to do any probe
[2011-07-28 08:34PM UTC] #fw <Rizzl4uk> that already had lt on it
[2011-07-28 08:35PM UTC] #fw <Rizzl4uk> liteon
[2011-07-28 08:35PM UTC] #fw <JFapp98> doesn't matter; new fw
[2011-07-28 08:35PM UTC] #fw <Smidget> nice to the topic :) except i'll have to pay to reflash, but oh well
[2011-07-28 08:35PM UTC] #fw <JFapp98> new stock
[2011-07-28 08:35PM UTC] #fw <frayed> you need a probe now to get the key if its 0251
[2011-07-28 08:35PM UTC] #fw <JFapp98> he
[2011-07-28 08:35PM UTC] #fw <sfb12> hehehehe
[2011-07-28 08:35PM UTC] #fw <frayed> unless you have the dummy.bin
[2011-07-28 08:35PM UTC] #fw <sukalis> or the key.bin
[2011-07-28 08:35PM UTC] #fw <Rizzl4uk> it has 1.9 on it
[2011-07-28 08:36PM UTC] #fw <frayed> key.bin is useless unless you know how to use a hex editor?
[2011-07-28 08:36PM UTC] #fw <frayed> cant load the key.bin as a source
[2011-07-28 08:36PM UTC] #fw <JFapp98> not true
[2011-07-28 08:36PM UTC] #fw <sukalis> or JF logs
[2011-07-28 08:36PM UTC] #fw <Rizzl4uk> i didnt flash the drive on this pc
[2011-07-28 08:36PM UTC] #fw <JFapp98> oh wait at the first statement sry
[2011-07-28 08:36PM UTC] #fw <cheese11> The Nintendo 3DS was chopped down from $249 to $169 today, and some analysts say that the upcoming PS Vita system from Sony may have pushed Nintendo to react.
[2011-07-28 08:37PM UTC] #fw <oSwaGGy> Rizz, you need the dummy.bin file to reterive your key from the drive. plain and simple.
[2011-07-28 08:37PM UTC] #fw <frayed> Rizzl4uk, unless you have a probe or a dummy.bin
[2011-07-28 08:37PM UTC] #fw <JFapp98> the key.bin is used under the manual spoof tab to get your key
[2011-07-28 08:37PM UTC] #fw <JFapp98> the dummy.bin is for source fw
[2011-07-28 08:38PM UTC] #fw <JFapp98> if the key on the drive is bad, I think you can only retrieve the bad one anyway
[2011-07-28 08:38PM UTC] #fw <frayed> correct
[2011-07-28 08:39PM UTC] #fw <frayed> once you erase it, what ever you load on it is what you will retrieve
[2011-07-28 08:39PM UTC] #fw <JFapp98> so you need your files from the original dump
[2011-07-28 08:39PM UTC] #fw <Bizzy> only way to get a key back if the key on the drive is bad, is find the key on your pc from your original dump, or jtag
[2011-07-28 08:39PM UTC] #fw <frayed> lol?
[2011-07-28 08:39PM UTC] #fw <JFapp98> do you have access to the computer you flashed on?
[2011-07-28 08:39PM UTC] #fw <sfb12> lol
[2011-07-28 08:40PM UTC] #fw <JFapp98> the key db would help
[2011-07-28 08:40PM UTC] #fw <frayed> DIY is not for everyone!
[2011-07-28 08:40PM UTC] #fw <sfb12> LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL
[2011-07-28 08:40PM UTC] #fw <sfb12> oops
[2011-07-28 08:40PM UTC] #fw <frayed> lol
[2011-07-28 08:40PM UTC] #fw <sfb12> that was acident
[2011-07-28 08:40PM UTC] #fw <dunework> something's really funny?
[2011-07-28 08:41PM UTC] #fw <sfb12> my mom?
[2011-07-28 08:41PM UTC] #fw <JFapp98> rizzl4uk u there?
[2011-07-28 08:42PM UTC] #fw <JFapp98> gtg peace
[2011-07-28 08:43PM UTC] #fw <dunework> your mom makes me cry, not laugh
[2011-07-28 08:44PM UTC] #fw <Sonic_> anyone here no if hitachi 1.91 will be made?
[2011-07-28 08:44PM UTC] #fw <dunework> *know
[2011-07-28 08:44PM UTC] #fw <Sonic_> yea my bad
[2011-07-28 08:44PM UTC] #fw <dunework> no

[2011-07-28 08:45PM UTC] #fw <c4eva> working on it now

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22 Responses to c4eva Spoke! (2011-07-28 #fw) (Including 4 Discussion Threads)

  1. avatar braven says:

    I really hope there will be LT+ 1.91 for phat Hitachi 78 because I have just tested the method described on team xecuter website (waiting for 1 minute on dash 2.0.13599.0 and an ap2.5 game with the second challenge set boots up for many people) did not work for me although I have waited for over 2 minutes :(

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  2. avatar patrick says:

    Can we get an estimation of when ap will be ready

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  3. avatar R!0T says:

    Ap2.5 patches are not needed anymore. C4 has developed a new firmware LT+1.91 so repatching wont be needed. You dont have to throw ap2.5 backups in the trash anymore :D

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  4. avatar I'm a pRo says:

    Will there be LT+ 1.91 for 0225 or 0401 and even if i upgrade to 1.91 , i dont have to reburn the ap2.5 games right .

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  5. avatar triib4l says:

    i'm totally over this ap 25 games bullcrap more hassle than anything so far, dammyou microsoft, i aint upgrading till a decent game comes out and has ap25 coz i'm tired of blackops anyways…p.s. keep up the good work c4eva and team

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  6. avatar lowa east sider says:

    I see that new Sputnik add on for mxic spi is there a solution for th e winbond in the near futuregot a few consoles I need to flash with winbond. Have not came across mxic spi's anyone happy with all that you guys do thanx.

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  7. avatar Johnny says:

    i have a few questions about the newest dashboard release (2.0.13599.0) (july 11')
    I have a sammy hs943a dvd drive flashed with LT v1.9 spoofed as the ofw that came with dash 2.0.13146.0 (may 11')

    I assume I need to flash the latest official firmware (unspoofed) before updating correct?

    more importantly, is there a newer custom firmware I should go with once I've updated?

    also, I've read somewhere that samsung drives do not support AP2.5, if this is true,
    then does that mean I don't have to re-patch my ap2.5 games?

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  8. avatar nissan370 says:

    thanks for all the hard work c4. please post a link so i can donate . so now 1.91

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  9. avatar fimalexx says:

    Hi! sorry but what about Hitachi 0500 ??? when wonderfull work is started???
    Very much it would would be desirable that have cracked this drive!

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  10. avatar gamer77 says:

    when will the 2.0 will be out for the 9504 ??? a month less or more ??

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    • avatar WilliamHole360 says:

      After C4eva failed hard with the 9504 firmware which ruins your dvd drive by locking it, so you can never flash it again without paying 100 dollars for a new PCB, I don't think there is any need for a new 9504 anymore, since all drives are ruined anyway by C4eva… :/

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    • avatar Point? says:

      whats the point at this time? The new version of disks haven't been in production yet so no point in 2.0

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    • avatar page360 says:

      LT 2.0 will be for XGD3 backups, so of course 9504/0272 will have it. No need to rush as you do not have any XGD3 on the market! Why people keep asking for 2.0 if they are not going to do anything with it???

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