c4eva Spoke! (2011-07-30 #fw)

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[2011-07-30 09:45AM UTC] #fw <FiB3R> maybe for my own, bakley78
[2011-07-30 09:45AM UTC] #fw <FiB3R> but passing that ᆪ8 on to others…
[2011-07-30 09:46AM UTC] #fw <bakley78> i have the unlocked pcb and ill be getting a few of the sputniks
[2011-07-30 09:46AM UTC] #fw <FiB3R> waiting on a pcb
[2011-07-30 09:46AM UTC] #fw <modzman36> yeah
[2011-07-30 09:46AM UTC] #fw <bakley78> my pcb isnt even opened yet lol
[2011-07-30 09:47AM UTC] #fw <FiB3R> whaaaaat? get it done lol
[2011-07-30 09:47AM UTC] #fw <bakley78> don't need it right this moment my slim is doing just fine for now haha
[2011-07-30 09:47AM UTC] #fw <modzman36> dose lizard come with tuts
[2011-07-30 09:48AM UTC] #fw <bakley78> the x360usb is so much easier to use imo
[2011-07-30 09:49AM UTC] #fw <modzman36> i have x360usb but you need to solder !! im shit at that lol
[2011-07-30 09:49AM UTC] #fw <bakley78> im not that good at it either but i could do the sputnik pretty easy
[2011-07-30 09:49AM UTC] #fw <mouseym> looks a lot easier than the liteon mra hack
[2011-07-30 09:49AM UTC] #fw <mouseym> thats for sure
[2011-07-30 09:50AM UTC] #fw <bakley78> yeaha and i did that once what a nightmare
[2011-07-30 09:50AM UTC] #fw <bakley78> this was before they had prob 3 and all that stuff
[2011-07-30 09:56AM UTC] #fw <[MK]> hi
[2011-07-30 09:56AM UTC] #fw <[MK]> any1 can help me guys?
[2011-07-30 09:57AM UTC] #fw <neotank> post your query and hope someone has the answer
[2011-07-30 09:58AM UTC] #fw <[MK]> i have a X360 Slim 0225, what i need for flashing Driver?
[2011-07-30 09:59AM UTC] #fw <neotank> have your read the jungle flasher tutorial?
[2011-07-30 09:59AM UTC] #fw <[MK]> no, can u give me link?
[2011-07-30 09:59AM UTC] #fw <FiB3R> first you need to know ehat chip it has, mxic or winbond
[2011-07-30 10:00AM UTC] #fw <FiB3R> jungleflasher will let you know
[2011-07-30 10:04AM UTC] #fw <Sonic_> where is Catherine (PAL region) ?
[2011-07-30 10:04AM UTC] #fw <mouseym> in europe
[2011-07-30 10:05AM UTC] #fw <FiB3R> not being released in europe
[2011-07-30 10:05AM UTC] #fw <Sonic_> well that sux
[2011-07-30 10:05AM UTC] #fw <hordak> it is, but not yet
[2011-07-30 10:05AM UTC] #fw <FiB3R> j/k stupid question, stupid answer
[2011-07-30 10:06AM UTC] #fw <hordak> http://www.eurogamer.net/articles/2011-07-22-catherine-coming-to-europe-this-year
[2011-07-30 10:07AM UTC] #fw <Sonic_> ok thx for info
[2011-07-30 10:43AM UTC] #fw <SlaGTaTs> whats the best option with my 9504 slim guys, if i don't want to lock the drive & i don't want to buy something i need to solder , atm i got 1.1 firmware on it, with 12625 dash
[2011-07-30 10:46AM UTC] #fw <mouseym> keep it on that dash
[2011-07-30 10:48AM UTC] #fw <SlaGTaTs> ok, was wondering if that was the case
[2011-07-30 10:48AM UTC] #fw <SlaGTaTs> so if i do that, i got no LIVE, which means also no point in upgrading fw atm – CORRECT ?
[2011-07-30 10:49AM UTC] #fw <mouseym> no, not really
[2011-07-30 10:50AM UTC] #fw <mouseym> uh, i mean, you are correct
[2011-07-30 10:50AM UTC] #fw <SlaGTaTs> ok, thanks for confirming my understanding
[2011-07-30 10:51AM UTC] #fw <bong0> any one no how to get my nat to open
[2011-07-30 10:57AM UTC] #fw <FishyFist> does anyone else find it odd that the maximus games online store stocks the 0225 ulock pcb and unlocked controller chips?
[2011-07-30 10:57AM UTC] #fw <FishyFist> as well as claiming the lizard will soon be supported by JF?
[2011-07-30 11:06AM UTC] #fw <IoftY> :)
[2011-07-30 11:08AM UTC] #fw <RegniX> http://www.thesun.co.uk/sol/homepage/news/3723107/Lad-of-20-is-killed-by-blood-clot-caused-by-playing-his-Xbox-for-up-to-12-hours-at-a-time.html?OTC-RSS&ATTR=News :D
[2011-07-30 11:10AM UTC] #fw <Glottis> i bet if you get blood clot by sitting your ass at work all the time that wouldn't makea news
[2011-07-30 11:11AM UTC] #fw <Glottis> but since it was xbox and video games it's omg huge news
[2011-07-30 11:11AM UTC] #fw <rino2> if fw ok jf ok when will be released
[2011-07-30 11:11AM UTC] #fw <Sectomy> mmh..anyone knows sth bout dreamcast ? japanese model ? is it true that it cant be bootet with the utopia boot cd (if it was produced after year 2000 ?)
[2011-07-30 11:12AM UTC] #fw <IoftY> glottis he was obese too

[2011-07-30 11:14AM UTC] #fw <c4eva> glottis:when its ready, soon :)
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[2011-07-30 11:15AM UTC] #fw <IoftY> hello c4
[2011-07-30 11:15AM UTC] #fw <rino2> helo c4
[2011-07-30 11:15AM UTC] #fw <rino2> new jf and 1.91 when will be released
[2011-07-30 11:21AM UTC] #fw <RegniX> hello c4e, the 1.91 fw will be avalible for all released 1.9 dvd roms? :)

[2011-07-30 11:22AM UTC] #fw <c4eva> yes
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[2011-07-30 11:22AM UTC] #fw <RegniX> cool :) you rocks!

[2011-07-30 11:23AM UTC] #fw <c4eva> finished hitachi as well
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[2011-07-30 11:23AM UTC] #fw <Barmaley> hi c4m what about 1071?
[2011-07-30 11:24AM UTC] #fw <bag-gfiso> hardware or software ?
[2011-07-30 11:26AM UTC] #fw <RegniX> c4e you are playin with new winbond unlock solution purchased by TX? lookin good?

[2011-07-30 11:38AM UTC] #fw <c4eva> regnix:nope

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20 Responses to c4eva Spoke! (2011-07-30 #fw)

  1. avatar :( says:

    THNX C4E for the hard Work !!


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  2. avatar pappu says:

    I've got a modified X360S Limited Edition Halo Reach with LiteOn 9504
    what are the chances that it has MXIC or Winbond SPI

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  3. avatar lowa east sider says:

    Thank You C4E You Grand Master!!!!!!!

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  4. avatar a c0mplete n00b says:

    Great work c4, can anyone confirm, will LT+1.91 stop drive lock? i'm still on 1.1 but will prob just wait til 1.91 if thats the case

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  5. avatar Amamda says:

    HITACHI PLS!!!!!

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  6. avatar I'm a pRo says:

    So , no1 answered to me , will there be and is there any need from 1.91 LT + for 0225/0401 ?

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  7. avatar modder3 says:

    who gives a f**k YOU PIRATES people like you lot harm the gaming scene with all this s**t grow a pair and play originals

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  8. avatar lowa east sider says:

    yeah dude of course mostly for AP2.5 games and to be safer with current dash not that 1.9 isn't

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  9. avatar fchaparro says:

    You are hard!!!!! c4 eva!!!!! :lol:

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  10. avatar carlo says:

    alguien sabe si c4eva estan trabajando para flashear el chip winbound.. estoy desesperado por flashear mi xbx 360

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