c4eva Spoke! (2011-08-05 #fw)

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[2011-08-05 12:43PM UTC] #fw <FiB3R> *yeah
[2011-08-05 12:43PM UTC] #fw <NiGHtW0lf> hello please help me about update….currently i have 2.0.12625.0….so which update i have to download and apply? i m running LT on it.
[2011-08-05 12:43PM UTC] #fw <knortn> if i do that my windows crashes :D
[2011-08-05 12:43PM UTC] #fw <ponydawg> is there something wrong with the lt1.9 0272 firmware?
[2011-08-05 12:44PM UTC] #fw <knortn> since the harddrive is connected to the same sata controller
[2011-08-05 12:44PM UTC] #fw <knortn> r
[2011-08-05 12:44PM UTC] #fw <RIPVokoun> http://www.emeter.com/smart-grid-watch/2010/smart-appliances-wifi-vs-zigbee-communications-the-great-debate/
[2011-08-05 12:44PM UTC] #fw <FiB3R> NiGHtW0lf: return the drive to stock fw, update to latest dash, wait for new fw (24hrs)
[2011-08-05 12:45PM UTC] #fw <FiB3R> knortn: hold on
[2011-08-05 12:45PM UTC] #fw <NiGHtW0lf> FiB3r how?
[2011-08-05 12:45PM UTC] #fw <FiB3R> how waht?
[2011-08-05 12:45PM UTC] #fw <FiB3R> knortn: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/922976
[2011-08-05 12:45PM UTC] #fw <NiGHtW0lf> how to return drive to stoke fw?
[2011-08-05 12:46PM UTC] #fw <FiB3R> www.jungleflasher.net
[2011-08-05 12:46PM UTC] #fw <knortn> FiB3R: great I'm gonna try that. thanks
[2011-08-05 12:48PM UTC] #fw <RIPVokoun> Also, I can see the power wifi access points with my wifi clients
[2011-08-05 12:48PM UTC] #fw <knortn> where do you guys get your games?
[2011-08-05 12:49PM UTC] #fw <RIPVokoun> knortn: gamestop and bestbuy
[2011-08-05 12:49PM UTC] #fw <euz100> retail stores, of course
[2011-08-05 12:49PM UTC] #fw <knortn> RIPVokoun: ;) haha
[2011-08-05 12:49PM UTC] #fw <RIPVokoun> LOL
[2011-08-05 12:49PM UTC] #fw <GlassVial> craigslist
[2011-08-05 12:49PM UTC] #fw <GlassVial> flea markets
[2011-08-05 12:49PM UTC] #fw <euz100> drug dealers
[2011-08-05 12:49PM UTC] #fw <GlassVial> crackheads
[2011-08-05 12:50PM UTC] #fw <knortn> thats why you all need a drive mod, right? :D
[2011-08-05 12:50PM UTC] #fw <euz100> hookers
[2011-08-05 12:50PM UTC] #fw <euz100> we're all collectors
[2011-08-05 12:51PM UTC] #fw <euz100> we keep the originals in the original wrap
[2011-08-05 12:51PM UTC] #fw <p0rt> ha yep
[2011-08-05 12:51PM UTC] #fw <GlassVial> yep
[2011-08-05 12:52PM UTC] #fw <Rantutu> 1 min left
[2011-08-05 12:52PM UTC] #fw <GlassVial> fapping?
[2011-08-05 12:52PM UTC] #fw <xanon> its supposed to be free weekend for brink, on steam, and it doesnt have an option to dl, wtf
[2011-08-05 12:52PM UTC] #fw <NiGHtW0lf> hey whats new in dash 13599 ?
[2011-08-05 12:53PM UTC] #fw <euz100> NiGHtW0lf, much and more
[2011-08-05 12:53PM UTC] #fw <euz100> security checks :)
[2011-08-05 12:53PM UTC] #fw <euz100> microsoft adding features, what a joke
[2011-08-05 12:53PM UTC] #fw <GlassVial> kinect stuff supposedly
[2011-08-05 12:53PM UTC] #fw <GlassVial> gotta get ready for all the gayness from E3
[2011-08-05 12:53PM UTC] #fw <euz100> you ever see the feature chart for the different versions of windows 7?
[2011-08-05 12:54PM UTC] #fw <GlassVial> kinect-kinect-kinect-kinect-kinect etc.
[2011-08-05 12:54PM UTC] #fw <knortn> can i somehow force the dashboard to use a certain language? hate the german localization
[2011-08-05 12:54PM UTC] #fw <NiGHtW0lf> we already had kinect stuffz in dash 12625
[2011-08-05 12:54PM UTC] #fw <knortn> tried to set it to english but it doesnt
[2011-08-05 12:54PM UTC] #fw <euz100> any of you ever see that chart?
[2011-08-05 12:55PM UTC] #fw <LANG_> minecraft for 70$
[2011-08-05 12:56PM UTC] #fw <NiGHtW0lf> when 911 is coming?
[2011-08-05 12:56PM UTC] #fw <NiGHtW0lf> i mean 191

[2011-08-05 12:57PM UTC] #fw <c4eva> soon :)
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[2011-08-05 12:57PM UTC] #fw <knortn> less than 24 hours ;)
[2011-08-05 12:57PM UTC] #fw <GlassVial> haha the man speaks
[2011-08-05 12:57PM UTC] #fw <booyah> 09:06 < c4eva> soon :)
[2011-08-05 12:57PM UTC] #fw <booyah> ^5 indeed, sir
[2011-08-05 12:57PM UTC] #fw <ttgtodd> famous words!
[2011-08-05 12:57PM UTC] #fw <NiGHtW0lf> aweeeeeee
[2011-08-05 12:57PM UTC] #fw <predicame> hi c4 :P
[2011-08-05 12:58PM UTC] #fw <Sleepy_> hello c4e
[2011-08-05 12:58PM UTC] #fw <predicame> you're a God
[2011-08-05 12:58PM UTC] #fw <predicame> just saying

[2011-08-05 12:58PM UTC] #fw <c4eva> just making the nfo :)
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[2011-08-05 12:58PM UTC] #fw <NiGHtW0lf> Damn i see C4 alive 1st time in 2 years :p
[2011-08-05 12:58PM UTC] #fw <ttgtodd> great news! good job
[2011-08-05 12:58PM UTC] #fw <predicame> oh nice
[2011-08-05 12:58PM UTC] #fw <euz100> nfos are good
[2011-08-05 12:58PM UTC] #fw <GlassVial> ha
[2011-08-05 12:58PM UTC] #fw <predicame> :D
[2011-08-05 12:58PM UTC] #fw <NiGHtW0lf> welcome back c4 lvu man …u r doing gr8 :)
[2011-08-05 12:59PM UTC] #fw <ponydawg> nice
[2011-08-05 12:59PM UTC] #fw <flash67> he has awaken from za dead
[2011-08-05 12:59PM UTC] #fw <flash67> with some ps3 news right? :)
[2011-08-05 12:59PM UTC] #fw <booyah> wasn't dead, working hard, head down. good man, that c4eva
[2011-08-05 01:00PM UTC] #fw <Rantutu> I have a Lite-On 0225 and it is not flashed yet, but updated to the newest dashboard … do I have a chang to flash it or no more?
[2011-08-05 01:00PM UTC] #fw <NoFelonie> wonder if new updates are gonna require new fw every time now for ap2.5/6
[2011-08-05 01:00PM UTC] #fw <NoFelonie> 0225 is locked
[2011-08-05 01:00PM UTC] #fw <knortn> rantutu: i think it's fine, just flash it when lt 1.91 is out :)
[2011-08-05 01:01PM UTC] #fw <Rantutu> knortn which new board ?
[2011-08-05 01:01PM UTC] #fw <ttgtodd> rantutu: you will be able to flash your drive
[2011-08-05 01:01PM UTC] #fw <knortn> Rantutu: what board?
[2011-08-05 01:02PM UTC] #fw <knortn> Rantutu: sorry i don't understand :D
[2011-08-05 01:02PM UTC] #fw <GlassVial> c4eva after this update are you going to start working on some PS3 3.60 cfw cracking? ;)
[2011-08-05 01:02PM UTC] #fw <Rantutu> I hear that the 0225 is locked, and in order to be flashed, need a new board
[2011-08-05 01:02PM UTC] #fw <knortn> Rantutu: don't know
[2011-08-05 01:03PM UTC] #fw <knortn> Rantutu: could be
[2011-08-05 01:03PM UTC] #fw <LANG_> Rantutu or some tricks
[2011-08-05 01:03PM UTC] #fw <peddler> glassvial stop asking lame question
[2011-08-05 01:03PM UTC] #fw <peddler> s
[2011-08-05 01:04PM UTC] #fw <GlassVial> take a joke
[2011-08-05 01:04PM UTC] #fw <NiGHtW0lf> C4eva my box is banned to xlive…and i cant play mkv or mpg files bcoz its asking for codec…is there any way to download codec manually and install to box ?
[2011-08-05 01:04PM UTC] #fw <GlassVial> sheesh.
[2011-08-05 01:04PM UTC] #fw <GlassVial> no
[2011-08-05 01:04PM UTC] #fw <GlassVial> there is no way to do that as far as I know
[2011-08-05 01:04PM UTC] #fw <MomDad> you would have had to do it before you got banned
[2011-08-05 01:04PM UTC] #fw <GlassVial> yep
[2011-08-05 01:04PM UTC] #fw <Rantutu> does x360 play mkv ? hmmn

[2011-08-05 01:05PM UTC] #fw <c4eva> 0500 still to do, ps3 here as well

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28 Responses to c4eva Spoke! (2011-08-05 #fw) (Including 2 Discussion Threads)

  1. avatar Pear says:

    Is there any other info on the ps3 firmware

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  2. avatar Sparkster1 says:

    C4 you go girlfriend :)

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  3. avatar lowa east sider says:

    C4 u amazingly brilliant person God Bless Ur many talents hope that ps3 eventually kicks in. Wanting to play on my slim console need that 1.91. Hey also how do u really feel bout kamikaze winbond pretty weird but gets the Job done.Hopefully TX can bring about about a slightly more efficient method not that Gerimias isnt. Not for the faint of heart lol. Whats the chances of pcb's coming back out if u know.

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  4. avatar ismail says:

    thank you c4 plz serch method for unlock slim (0255 winbond.mxic) with soft or JF plz

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  5. avatar panpodziemia100 says:

    where to buy cheaply The Pro Modders kit for professional installers? delivery to poland…

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  6. avatar JAMJAM says:


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  7. avatar rszkwcz says:

    thanks for all your hard work i just finished updating my slim 0272 new board and i have the newest update. As far as i can tell everything is golden.

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  8. avatar Desolator says:

    Thanks a lot c4eva, they put these ploticions and governmnt officials for doing a good job WITH THE CATCH OF EITHR TAX OR FURTHER CONSPORACIES. Id say you are the real hero, dedicating ur life and time to these somewhat ungrateful s**ts, i salute you and if we ever meet, i shall again :-)

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  9. avatar KingOfTheSkill says:

    Thanks for everything c4eva! I really appreciate you pushing out lt 1.91 instead of waiting on lt 2.0!

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  10. avatar dude999 says:

    hello guyz & thnx c4 for hard work
    iv just flashed a slim drive with lt1.91 and after i put in the kinect sport it asked for a mandetory update so i went for it and console restarted so am i flagged for a ban soon
    & why did it ask now it didnt 1 day before with the adventure game
    ps: i was on the lastest dashboard when i updated
    on xval 2.0 it shows clean but i dont know if it still works anymore

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