c4eva Spoke! (2011-08-13 #fw)

[2011-08-13 03:06PM UTC] #fw <pet1> will I still be able to play backups when i get banned
[2011-08-13 03:06PM UTC] #fw <pet1> at this point I just pulled the plug on live
[2011-08-13 03:07PM UTC] #fw <c4eva> pet1:orig boxes have failed ap25 , so wait and see
[2011-08-13 03:09PM UTC] #fw <pet1> thanx c4eva.. would it be a good idea if I inserted a newly patched black ops or should I not bother
[2011-08-13 03:09PM UTC] #fw <sfb69> if its flagged now youll be banned soon
[2011-08-13 03:09PM UTC] #fw <apathy`> You're flagged, that means there's nothing you can do
[2011-08-13 03:09PM UTC] #fw <apathy`> You wait it out
[2011-08-13 03:10PM UTC] #fw <c4eva> flagged for ap25 doesnt mean ban
[2011-08-13 03:10PM UTC] #fw <pet1> c4eva gives hope.. lol
[2011-08-13 03:11PM UTC] #fw <pet1> i know the difference between flagged and banned
[2011-08-13 03:11PM UTC] #fw <c4eva> like i said unmodded boxes get it

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12 Responses to c4eva Spoke! (2011-08-13 #fw) (Including One Discussion Thread)

  1. avatar gazzg says:

    Does this 1.92 include the hitachi slim 0500 I was unlucky in get a slim with this in but my old phat xbox is hitachi 47 and never had any problems please c4 do the slim hitachi

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  2. avatar nickk126 says:

    c4, is there any news about xgd3? are you able to rip/burn the beta copy of halo reach?

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  3. avatar hustler says:

    good news

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  4. avatar Yuri says:

    Please make something with hitachi slim 0500 – now is many of them!

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  5. avatar fimalexx says:

    C4 !! It completely agree with the previous message!!!(about 0500) The big request to pay to this attention, thanx )

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  6. avatar quickmythril says:

    read what it says next to the 0500: There is no info of any work or progress made with this drive yet. only the Liteon slims says 1.92 next to them… that would be a good indication of what drives are going to get the new firmware…

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  7. avatar Kidoneonone says:

    c4 , what is that new FW 1.92 for? LT 1.91 pretty much covers everything. I also see that it only for the lite on drive.

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  8. avatar bostonblah says:

    hey c4 ,i was wondering if i would get banned if i were to grab the dummy.bin from my slim 0225 winbond, but mess up drilling it before getting a funnl stock fw dump, and then take the dummy.bin and use it to flash lt 1.91 to a 0225 drive board but with a mxic chip in it ,instead of a winbond
    and also what i would do when i need to update my dash with that board in there, and no full fw dump from my original drive board, could i use the dummy.bin to flash stock fw to the new board and then still be safe updating to the new dash when it comes out,?

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  9. avatar SEVERO says:

    Hello, I'm a member of Guarujá and would like to know if a fw being made ​​for 0500?

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  10. avatar Sparkster1 says:

    Is it true there's a new update for the end off the month

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