c4eva Spoke! (2011-08-13 [team channel])

[2011-08-13 01:51PM UTC] <c4eva> ok,1.92 for all slims soon

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10 Responses to c4eva Spoke! (2011-08-13 [team channel])

  1. avatar robinjazz says:

    whats this 1,92 update for? can someone explain me?

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  2. avatar Keir Hardie says:

    This is great – what are the details on the update

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  3. avatar javier says:

    c4 para cuando esta previsto el ixtreme 1.92 slim, gracias.

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  4. avatar miguel says:

    C4 para cuando esta el 0500? Si lo vas a terminar?

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  5. avatar jop says:

    carrot and stick

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  6. avatar hustler says:

    is there any details about this 1.92?!

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  7. avatar gazzg says:

    Hi c4 will the lt+1.92 include the hitachi 0500 drive

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  8. avatar Fxw says:

    Below C4eva's coment there are tags for the post. Tags are "This entry was posted in c4eva Speaks!, Xbox 360 and tagged 0225, 0272, 0401, 1071, 9504".

    I don't think he was going to unlock Hitachi 0500 :(
    We are sick of waiting tough D:

    Please work on 0500 C4eva, there are more and more of these s**ts and as people plays EVERYTHING they want in their boxes, 0500 users can only play Games On Demand (Wich are less than 30 and most of them are crap). T_T

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  9. avatar ethanol says:

    now that's just teasing..

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  10. avatar SEVERO says:

    Olá, acho que o Hitachi 0500 é impossivel de desbloquear ?

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