c4eva Spoke! (2011-08-17 #fw)

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[2011-08-17 08:34AM UTC] #fw <Tarawa> and caus ppl will buy them
[2011-08-17 08:39AM UTC] #fw <B6S> zefyx, its 6666 megs in wbfs container, more proof nintendo is dealing with satan himself
[2011-08-17 08:53AM UTC] #fw <JaLu> ramo34 thanks, is 1.91 available for my drive? Hitachi 47DJ?
[2011-08-17 09:08AM UTC] #fw <zefyx> B6S lol
[2011-08-17 09:35AM UTC] #fw <JaLu> Can somebody tell me if 1.91 is available for my drive? Hitachi 47DJ?
[2011-08-17 09:35AM UTC] #fw <JaLu> i know i'm being lazy but at work and cannot browse :/
[2011-08-17 09:37AM UTC] #fw <roggle> Yo guys
[2011-08-17 09:37AM UTC] #fw <Rolar> any one know best Bnc solution?
[2011-08-17 09:37AM UTC] #fw <roggle> What's a good free Usenet server
[2011-08-17 09:37AM UTC] #fw <roggle> other than my own ISPs
[2011-08-17 09:38AM UTC] #fw <roggle> that has binaries
[2011-08-17 09:38AM UTC] #fw <Rolar> roggle most Usenet servers are paid
[2011-08-17 09:39AM UTC] #fw <roggle> ok
[2011-08-17 09:39AM UTC] #fw <Proppa> any that are half decent, cheap enough
[2011-08-17 09:39AM UTC] #fw <Rolar> too rare to find free servers like torrent
[2011-08-17 09:39AM UTC] #fw <roggle> torrents suck now
[2011-08-17 09:40AM UTC] #fw <Rolar> oh usenet sucks more
[2011-08-17 09:41AM UTC] #fw <Rolar> Hey guys any one know best Bnc solution?
[2011-08-17 09:42AM UTC] #fw <Rolar> most common especially for windows ?
[2011-08-17 09:42AM UTC] #fw <roggle> ok then what's a good torrent server
[2011-08-17 09:42AM UTC] #fw <roggle> So
[2011-08-17 09:43AM UTC] #fw <Rolar> use Bitche
[2011-08-17 09:43AM UTC] #fw <Rolar> it is the best torrent searcher
[2011-08-17 09:43AM UTC] #fw <roggle> what's bitche?
[2011-08-17 09:43AM UTC] #fw <roggle> can it find torrents with seeds?
[2011-08-17 09:43AM UTC] #fw <Rolar> use bitche
[2011-08-17 09:44AM UTC] #fw <Rolar> do want link
[2011-08-17 09:44AM UTC] #fw <Rolar> ?
[2011-08-17 09:44AM UTC] #fw <Rolar> you*
[2011-08-17 09:47AM UTC] #fw <JaLu> use torrent to download bitche
[2011-08-17 09:47AM UTC] #fw <Rolar> Jalu what torrent ??
[2011-08-17 09:47AM UTC] #fw <Rolar> Bitche has it is own website
[2011-08-17 09:49AM UTC] #fw <JaLu> i was joking
[2011-08-17 09:49AM UTC] #fw <JaLu> :)
[2011-08-17 09:50AM UTC] #fw <roggle> Is anyone on
[2011-08-17 09:50AM UTC] #fw <roggle> Is anyone on?
[2011-08-17 09:50AM UTC] #fw <roggle> Could someone help me find incomplete fi les
[2011-08-17 09:50AM UTC] #fw <Rolar> roggle dam it
[2011-08-17 09:50AM UTC] #fw <roggle> torrents don't work, this torrent is a few days old
[2011-08-17 09:51AM UTC] #fw <Rolar> give me the name of this torrent
[2011-08-17 09:51AM UTC] #fw <Rolar> I will try to look for it
[2011-08-17 09:52AM UTC] #fw <roggle> k
[2011-08-17 09:53AM UTC] #fw <roggle> did you ged it
[2011-08-17 09:54AM UTC] #fw <Rolar> check pm
[2011-08-17 09:58AM UTC] #fw <Rhydem> Guys, ermmm I need abit of help with Jtag shit
[2011-08-17 09:58AM UTC] #fw <Rhydem> If anyones free
[2011-08-17 10:01AM UTC] #fw <Rhydem> Is this system hackable. Dashboard: 2.0.12611.0 it has the Xenon motherboard
[2011-08-17 10:04AM UTC] #fw <Rhydem> lol
[2011-08-17 10:05AM UTC] #fw <MomDad> it's not

[2011-08-17 10:05AM UTC] #fw <c4eva> hello momdad
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[2011-08-17 10:06AM UTC] #fw <MomDad> heya c4eva ;)
[2011-08-17 10:07AM UTC] #fw <Rhydem> Are you sure momdad?
[2011-08-17 10:07AM UTC] #fw <MomDad> 110%
[2011-08-17 10:07AM UTC] #fw <Rhydem> saves me time lol thanks
[2011-08-17 10:07AM UTC] #fw <B6S> we heart momdad!
[2011-08-17 10:07AM UTC] #fw <MomDad> ;p
[2011-08-17 10:07AM UTC] #fw <B6S> momdad: new dash video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ShAr56Q1BYQ
[2011-08-17 10:07AM UTC] #fw <Rhydem> where can I get the latest ixtreme firmware
[2011-08-17 10:07AM UTC] #fw <Oxyg3n> topic?
[2011-08-17 10:08AM UTC] #fw <bmw_nor> in topic rhydem

[2011-08-17 10:08AM UTC] #fw <c4eva> new dash, great :)
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[2011-08-17 10:08AM UTC] #fw <Rhydem> cheers man
[2011-08-17 10:08AM UTC] #fw <Rhydem> topic?
[2011-08-17 10:08AM UTC] #fw <Rhydem> Lol
[2011-08-17 10:08AM UTC] #fw <Rhydem> I've forgotten how to do this shit
[2011-08-17 10:08AM UTC] #fw <MomDad> #fw topic currently set as: | ? list | LT v1.91 Full Pack Released http://bit.ly/mOKiuh | JF v0.1.86B http://bit.ly/n2IrJ6 | X360USB PRO Contest Underway @ http://c4evaspeaks.com |
[2011-08-17 10:08AM UTC] #fw <B6S> new dash supposedly flashes dvd drive over again
[2011-08-17 10:08AM UTC] #fw <Rhydem> looool cheers man
[2011-08-17 10:09AM UTC] #fw <mr-crix> new update today?
[2011-08-17 10:09AM UTC] #fw <B6S> looks like the fw flashing is going to be commonplace
[2011-08-17 10:09AM UTC] #fw <MomDad> dash flashing drives to stock is probably going to be the norm from now on :S
[2011-08-17 10:09AM UTC] #fw <MomDad> ^5 hehe
[2011-08-17 10:09AM UTC] #fw <B6S> JTAG 4 Lyfe
[2011-08-17 10:09AM UTC] #fw <B6S> thats my opinion on the matter

[2011-08-17 10:10AM UTC] #fw <c4eva> cant flash the slims if locked :)
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[2011-08-17 10:10AM UTC] #fw <Oxyg3n> thats win win for us then, since they will have to software unlock it
[2011-08-17 10:10AM UTC] #fw <Oxyg3n> then we know how to do it :D
[2011-08-17 10:10AM UTC] #fw <mr-crix> good morning/eving c4eva
[2011-08-17 10:10AM UTC] #fw <mr-crix> evening rather
[2011-08-17 10:10AM UTC] #fw <bmw_nor> can a sputnik probe also be used like the probe V3 ? to read key from drive?
[2011-08-17 10:11AM UTC] #fw <akep> halo

[2011-08-17 10:11AM UTC] #fw <c4eva> oxyg3n:highy doubt it
[2011-08-17 10:11AM UTC] #fw <c4eva> highly
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[2011-08-17 10:12AM UTC] #fw <Al_lee> c4eva do you think reflashing to stock is necessary before all these dash updates?
[2011-08-17 10:13AM UTC] #fw <akep> yes

[2011-08-17 10:13AM UTC] #fw <c4eva> al_lee:not on locked drives
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[2011-08-17 10:14AM UTC] #fw <akep> can i help u
[2011-08-17 10:14AM UTC] #fw <mr-crix> am i missing something here lol is there a new update?
[2011-08-17 10:14AM UTC] #fw <Al_lee> what is a locked drive exactly? :p
[2011-08-17 10:15AM UTC] #fw <B6S> c4eva, are you going to work on ps3 at any point or is it too late in the life cycle now to bother?

[2011-08-17 10:15AM UTC] #fw <c4eva> no,not yet
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[2011-08-17 10:15AM UTC] #fw <Oxyg3n> Al_lee, write protected
[2011-08-17 10:15AM UTC] #fw <Al_lee> as in never been flashed?

[2011-08-17 10:15AM UTC] #fw <c4eva> b6s:yes

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12 Responses to c4eva Spoke! (2011-08-17 #fw) (Including One Discussion Thread)

  1. avatar Catani says:

    It's getting harder and harder to keep up with the flashing and all. Harder methods to flash…less time until the next dash update…All in all I guess M$ is slowly winning…I for one I'm having doubts whether to keep flashing my Slim over and over with updates and whatnots.

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  2. avatar Rodrigo says:


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  3. avatar Yurii says:

    Hitachi 0500 Please!!! Or M$ winns?

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  4. avatar Lukyan says:

    Are you kidding, the new method with PMT and MPX01 for phat liteons is nice… no more cutting traces. any phat drive is just plug and flash as long as you have the key already so future updates takes only a few minutes. as far as slims go, i think they are cracking them pretty quickly. how fast can you dump, decode, and rewrite new drive firmware for a brand new machine that just hit the market…? don't want to keep flashing, then just don't go online and update. microsoft isn't winning, they can barely keep up. all this "flashing over and over whatnot" just means we are always another step ahead.

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  5. avatar ethanol says:

    imma keep rolling with my offline 9504 LT+1.0, worst thing that happens to me is no online multiplayer, but i can play all the games i want for now, and have a large 'to play yet' list of 20+ games.

    1.0 release had great timing, thank you c4. next thing i'll do to my box is updating to 2.0. Battlefield, Skyrim, MW3 and XIII-2 are coming in xgd3, no doubt about it.

    and btw, did you knew that this:
    will eventually f*uck everything up again? this war has no end.

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  6. avatar Rodrigo says:


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  7. avatar luis felipe says:

    plz work in hitachi 0500 i want play T_T

    My email , lipe-flores1@hotmail.com

    Where you guys you work in hitachi ? :'(

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  8. avatar Zaitsev says:

    Question, will be LT+2.0 for hitachi 78/79 drives??. LT+2.0 is not on those drives' lists.

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  9. avatar crashoverdring says:

    someone can give me a copy of an OFW from liteon 1071 that create a cfw but I hurt my xbox drive gives a red light and I drew this bad OFWs sent him and I will establish c4eva was wrong removed to restore my grasias unit await your prompt response guys

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  10. avatar YourSoulEater says:

    if there will be a new dash update next week and we dont even know what fw LT + 1.92 is. Is it possible that c4eva was predicting this dash update and is waiting for it to come out and then release this new fw?
    cause otherwise i dont see any good for this new LT+ fw being released when there will be a new dash soon.

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