c4eva Spoke! (2011-08-24 #c4e)

[2011-08-24 08:59PM UTC] #c4e <c4eva> 1.92 for all liteon slims complete, testing all good, no probs so far, soon

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  1. avatar ethanol says:

    good news! =)

    mind telling us what is this new 1.92 for?, you know, the 'details forthcoming' part..?

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  2. avatar Borland says:

    Big thx c4eva!

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  3. avatar QszR says:

    BigUP c4eva!

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  4. avatar wildwwest says:

    When it is published 1.92 for lite-on 1071?

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  5. avatar War.Shrike says:

    Waited sooo long for this now I can finally flash my 1071; thanks C4eva bro, seriously I love you. bro. Keep rockin' bro :D :D:D:D:

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  6. avatar Rockster says:

    A big thank you to c4eva and all your hard work. I do have one query though how can you have completed 1.92 if the new dash hasn't been officially announced yet, that is if it is for the new dash.

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  7. avatar YourSoulEater says:

    so what does this 1.92 fw do? 1.91 wasnt safe for slims?
    i really dont understand, there's a new dash coming next week
    but from what i know that new dash wont bring big problems this time around
    microsoft surelly will just flash the drives in the winter update, this update just bring some add-ons and since microsoft has the new AP 2.6 i dont think they will mess around with the old AP 2.5 anymore.
    i really wanna know what c4eva thinks about the update coming next week and what this 1.92 fw does different from the 1.91

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    • avatar admin says:

      LT+ v1.91 is safe for slims. The upcoming v1.92 has a very minor tweak to one of the LT+ patches which was done in order to accommodate (make space for) some small differences with the 0225u ofws. It is not a security update. This may be explained in further detail in the release notes when the time comes.

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    • avatar deadliner says:

      Not sure how they can flash the drives in the winter update if they are locked.

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      • avatar YourSoulEater says:

        i bet microsoft can unlock the drive while updating and then when the flash is ending lock it
        but she has to flash it or maybe she thinks AP 2.6 its impossible to hack that would be a reason why she locked the drives when the AP 2.6 appeared but the information about this is really short so i dont know for sure what's happening =/

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  8. avatar Marcelo says:

    O que tem de novo na versão lt 1.92?

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  9. avatar DeadlyD says:

    c4eva did it again… 1071 FW is coming :) finally that'll kick some ass.!

    Respect and appreciated, will donate on release.

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  10. avatar show down says:

    Thanks for the hard work c4eva

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