c4eva Spoke! (2011-09-28 [priv msg])

[2011-09-28 01:25PM UTC] <c4eva> liteon phat 2.0 complete, booting gow3 backup fine

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  1. avatar testtest1 says:


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  2. avatar SaCoLiNa says:

    release date plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz c4eva u r killing us :P just kiddin keep goin forward

    p.s. can we know whats left plz ?? and thanks anyway for ur hardwork

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  3. avatar PiliP says:

    Yeah! Good work Mr C4.
    And now work on Samsung?

    Thank for your fantastic job.

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  4. avatar barrinha says:

    this means that it is finally ready?

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  5. avatar Макс says:

    C4eva you are cool man))
    когда она выйдет?))

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  6. avatar Rodrigo says:

    Hitachi 0500?

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  7. avatar Abolfaz3007 says:

    waiting for slim hack

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  8. avatar Cardozz says:


    Thanks for your hard work :D !!

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  9. avatar Josef says:

    @Rodrigo :

    please, do read the first page of this site :

    Hitachi 0500 DL10N NO INFO NO INFO There is no info of any work or progress made with this drive yet.

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  10. avatar barrinha says:

    this means that it is finally ready to be released?
    Congratulations you are the master.

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  11. avatar Rodriga says:

    Rodrigo, please look at the front page info about the Hitachi :

    Hitachi 0500 DL10N NO INFO NO INFO There is no info of any work or progress made with this drive yet.

    So, no need to ask…

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  12. avatar HansKelsen says:

    These are great news. Greetings from Brazil!!

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  13. avatar Yurii says:

    Wow! Its great!! Something about Hitachi 0500 plz.

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  14. avatar Shuray says:

    Haha Nice C4 !
    Microsoft defeated again xD

    any date for release?

    Thanks's ^^

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  15. avatar Russia/Tambov Flash17 says:

    Ура!!! Спасибо огромное! Весь мир тебе благодарен командорЧева)

    Hooray! Thank you very much! The whole world is grateful to you komandorCheva)

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  16. avatar MaChao says:

    Hello everybody!

    To begin thank you to C4EVA and his team which works on the LT+2.0.
    How to become tester during the step "in testing".


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  17. avatar xXKiller771Xx says:

    Fantastic News C4eva

    You did it again ,You are the man ;-)

    Greetz from germany

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  18. avatar LexUru says:

    'll Actually LT 2.0 for Samsung TS-H943? is that I have with this player xbox GRATEFUL your answer, I hope to do in flash for this reader samsung MS28

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  19. avatar ARru says:

    Thanks for your hard work, but what about the old Hitachi drives, do they get 2.0 too?

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  20. avatar ZhangQixing says:

    yoooooo!That's good.

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  21. avatar Batata says:

    Thats it! Thanks a lot!!!

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  22. avatar gloriag says:

    God Bless you c4eva kisssssssssssss

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  23. avatar Solid-Snake says:

    release it please please

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  24. avatar Triga says:

    "Hes killing me softly with his words….. killing me softly" i love you brutha man

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  25. avatar PALESTINO says:


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  26. avatar kissoti says:

    Hello. Thanks for that good work C4.
    Its going to release or just releasing with all other CFW in a pack?

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  27. avatar landon says:

    thanks c4eav, you're a hero, hope that we could see those CFW in october

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  28. avatar obid says:

    0225 plz, you f**king rocking genius
    thank you

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  29. avatar frogmann says:

    lets all just hope he managed to keep it safe for online use:)

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  30. avatar Bloodwing25 says:

    this would be SUCH great news if it wasnt for all the people saying "hitachi nowz plzz! or get me slim 2.0 now!" Its pretty common knowledge that the most popular/used drives in fw are the BenQ, and Lite-on phat, so if you dont have those, odds are that yours will take just a LITTLE longer. If thats not okay, buy a benq or lite-on phat! they arent hard to find. But its better than bugging c4eva to work on YOUR particular drive, i say let the man work and do what he does…. of course i could just be saying this cuz i have a lite-on phat :) . But my last drive was a benq, i wouldnt want any other, not a samsung or hitachi, but i personally like lite-on better than benq which is why i switched. But those r probably always going to be the first 2 that are tested and completed because they are the most used and most reliable at least in my opinion

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  31. avatar BoBdabuilder says:

    C4eva is amazing though would have took longer to crack but c4eva did it you da man hope for a release very soon i have phat LITE-on

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  32. avatar deebuzz says:

    Great news, good work c4eva :)

    any news about old hitachi <78/79? Do the support LT-Max?

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  33. avatar c4evaFTW says:


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  34. avatar leo says:

    Nice thanks you are big

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  35. avatar Gongui says:

    Genial c4eva sos un groso!
    Esperando que liberes el firm para las liteon para grabar el gow3 ^^

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  36. avatar Kickass says:

    is ready for xboxlive?

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  37. avatar Lucas says:

    Cool dude, keep up the good work and thanks for everything!

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  38. avatar Misiek1981666 says:

    Thank's a lot from Poland .You're GENIUS!!!

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  39. avatar lindo says:

    where i can download lt+ 2 ?

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  40. avatar Tyson says:

    No custom firmware is Xbox Live safe, unless he finds a way to program the firmware to tell Microsoft it is Original which is impossible, you need a chip to do that and program it to tell Microsoft it is Original Firmware. Just like my other Xbox I have a NME 360 V2 modchip, the modchip is programed to tell Microsoft that it is Original (not modified);)

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    • avatar Cardozz says:


      Still your xbox is modified because you OPENED it and you PUT SOMETHING in it.

      This way you broke the warranty and you modded your xbox, as you said you got a MOD chip, weird as you're saying that you did not mod it with that chip…?

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      • avatar Cardozz says:

        And to be honest i think it is "live safe", because the only big thing what's changed (in my point of view) is the disc format. they might got to Ssv3, so what? C4eva managed to get us on live with Ssv2 also! I don't think that will be a real big deal, unless you dont patch your game with Ssv3 aye.

        Or am i wrong?

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      • avatar Tyson says:

        I meant the programing on the mod chip tells Microsoft I am not modified

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  41. avatar babak says:

    I LOVE U c4eva , I LOVE U.

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  42. avatar Strike says:

    Gracias a todo el staff por su trabajo. Estamos ansiosos por la liberacion de LT2.0
    Seguiremos pendientes.


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  43. avatar Tyson says:

    Plus I am in no hurry I get the firmware, I have this on order: http://www.modchip.ca/store/product.php?productid=16772&cat=284&page=1 allows you to use custom Dashboards, play game iso's on external drive plugged into usb jack, Emulate other consoles like Nintendo 64, maybe Playstation, and play XGD3 discs no problem. I am not trying to brag about it just letting you guys know there is another route to play these games

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  44. avatar Medna says:

    what about slim ?

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  45. avatar XboxEqnx says:

    Narators voice:

    One Programmer….

    against a corporation…

    Known as.. Microsoft…

    To defeat the enemy known as XBG3!

    Coming soon to a downloadable link near you…

    This Autumn….

    LT+2.0 (Cinematic Trailer)
    Narators voice ends….

    So yea this guy is amazing… crazy one drive a day lol. Must be a copy paste job for c4eva! What a day its even sunny 24C in London late september Amazing!

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  46. avatar Amir says:


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  47. avatar Dell'uomini schifoso says:

    Yeahh!!!! U're the best!!!

    PS sono dell'uomini giovanni e sono gay…

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  48. avatar Mihanik says:

    Yay, c4eva! We waiting for 0225 :)
    Thanks you!

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  49. avatar ciro says:

    ragazzi ma la data di uscita si conosce…..sto già sbavando pensando a giochi come gow3, batman arhkam city, fifa 12….etc etc

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  50. avatar staticbri says:

    thanx commodore!

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  51. avatar Dell'uomini schifoso says:

    how long is left to the official release??
    Gow 3 70 €!! but we are fools?

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  52. avatar samady says:

    Thank you c4 :D

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  53. avatar V says:

    Guys are the best, really great!!!!!! But give us more news please xD

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  54. avatar blizlol says:

    yeah soon you are ther man c4eva !!!! i wonder do you think that thety will upload gears of war 3 to non jtag after this is released

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  55. avatar XNakon says:

    Cool Nice C4 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Good Work

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  56. avatar TREBOR says:

    Paraben, sou do brasil, todos no aguardo, abraco. lanca ainda hoje

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  57. avatar silent says:

    like i suspected phat systems first has usually since programming is easier an there much more user whit with.Now release the cfw for people to backup there games.My kiddo already ruin my original Gears3.release the phat and them get the slims out.

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  58. avatar Shenmuejon says:

    I'm now uber happy, It's people like you that make the world a better place.

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  59. avatar XX-360 says:

    thanks man we love you

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  60. avatar TR4NE says:

    I LOvE Y0U Man ! You Are AwesOme !

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  61. avatar Nicer says:

    А что будет с прошивкой после осеннего обновления дашборда в ноябре?

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  62. avatar Nicer says:

    And what will the firmware upgrade after the fall dashboard in November?

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  64. avatar Nosti78 says:

    Million Thanks for your work C4eva!!! and to all the people around this fantastic project! you are doing a real Worship!

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  65. avatar reza says:

    Tanks C4eva

    This game is safe to xboxlive?

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  66. avatar THe king of everything says:

    everybody knows next step is testing c4eva doesn't release anything without testing be patience or do it yourself

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  67. avatar Heber says:


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  68. avatar Heber says:


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  69. avatar popaye says:

    great job c4eva
    lucky that i have a phat elite
    muahahaha slim owners,in your face

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  70. avatar Anonymous says:

    I LOVE U!!!

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  71. avatar hustler says:

    it`s seems LT2.0 is release first for phats and then for slims
    but it`s always done at time whith c4eva`s hard work
    thanks for you`re all actions

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  72. avatar xxmadnightmanxx says:

    So those of us with old Hitachi's who don't need LT 2.0, what is the hold up on obtaining an ISO to burn?

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  73. avatar PetkaBY says:

    release plz

    Need Geow3 :)

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  74. avatar henrique ferreira says:

    hey c4eva do you have any prediction of when is it going to be released?

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  75. avatar Kairo Hayime says:

    C4eva you're so amazing, the firmware 0800 has been release for some home dumps?, greetings from Chile, and I stay alert for your updates, the firmware has been attached in the ixtreme forum right?

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  76. avatar sesergi says:

    fifa 12 è xdg2 non necessita di lt 2.0

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  77. avatar Richie says:

    by testing being completed is it still live safe??

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  78. avatar Frederick84 says:

    Thank you very much C4eva! Great WORK! You will bring us happiness again xD !!! =)

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  79. avatar Andres says:

    Hi C4eva! How are you? Look can you tell us at least some approximate date of release LT 2.0? Thanks and looking forward to your response.

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  80. avatar NetTime says:

    awwwwwwwwwww yaeeeeeeeeeeeee

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  81. avatar Munchyz says:

    How can i donate to c4eva for all his great work?

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  82. avatar Someone says:

    Excellent work. It moves along so quickly.

    Makes me wonder what M$ thinks about this.

    Is there any word on the Hitachi 79 or not yet?

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  83. avatar Strider says:

    Will this be compatible with the new dashboard when it comes out, or is this going to be released when the new dashboard gets released.

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  84. avatar HKw00t says:

    HAVE PATIENCE! C4 will release when he is ready! You know he would be upset if he released a firmware that magically got us all banned somehow so I'm sure he is doing all the checks he can to make sure it's as solid as possible!!!!

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  85. avatar c4eava is a God says:

    Top notch work as always bro!! Looking forward to the next epic battle with the new dash update.

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  86. avatar rayman says:

    My xbox is banned already so a would be happy to test hehe ;-)
    In serieousness: YOU ROCK!

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  87. avatar .-.devilbringer.-. says:

    You're a real idol, man… You rock!!! ;)
    C'mon.. Do it well!!!

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  88. avatar ufobel says:

    Thanx for your hard work !!!

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  89. avatar drgci says:

    c4eva i see nigthmare in my dream lol i need lt 2.0 released in this weekend

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  90. avatar phatmatt0220 says:

    Hell ya great news, keep up the good work!

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  91. avatar sasanسس says:

    Please tell a release date ؟؟
    Please Master

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  92. avatar Damon says:

    we are probably waiting on abgx360 compatible……… i also think that he is going to release the 0800 v3 for phat and benq the same time 2.0 comes out………. also he may release 2.0 for phat consoles first………. so if you have slim like me 2.0 may not come as quickly as the other phat consoles, but who knows, he may just wait till everything is done and release it all so that we will stop asking for an ETA on everything :) its just realy annoying when microsoft pulls a quick one on you like this….. they cant stop console flashing but they can sure as hell make it hard for us…….. like many of you have said patience is the key for now

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  93. avatar Heber says:


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  94. avatar Vivas says:

    c4eva hi, so a doubt, will leave Lt + 2.0 for Xbox 360 slim also? I want to buy an xbox 360 slim unlocked
    waiting to leave so that Lt +2.0 to buy it already unlocked.
    excuse my English, to using a translator, I am Brazilian …
    I hope the answer, Thank you and hug.

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  95. avatar korkevic says:

    yesssss!!! yessss!!!! YESSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!

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  96. avatar Fede says:

    please start withe the Hitachi 0500… we need it!!!!!!

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  97. avatar jizzothenizzo says:

    sounds great cant wait til the release!

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  98. avatar monkUsa says:

    First of all, where is your PayPal donation link banner? I know you do your work for FREE, but please put up a donation link so we can give you something for your effort.

    Second thing I want to say is, how in hell do you do this?! What kind of training, study etc. have you done to be able to figure out all this. Are you some kind of "Rain Man" for Xbox 360?

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  99. avatar Fermec says:

    C4eva u r the man I look forward to the release of LT2.0, thank you for all your hard work time and effort u have put into this and long may you rule.

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  100. avatar wassap says:


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  101. avatar Gabox says:

    I have a question or chip the software will be compatible with all old games as demil may cry 4 or gears of war 1 understand that will be ok with assassins creed compatrible nfs hot pursuit brotherhood but what about older games will run clear and the gears of war 3 that's obio

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  102. avatar Tyson says:

    Bummer you can't release the firmwares that are working, and release the others later. I guess we have to wait for all of them to work right?

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  103. avatar Souchiro Nagi says:

    a cuestion, How can burn gears of war 3?

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  104. avatar pcmdriver says:

    wait for u i can

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  105. avatar silent says:

    Let us the phat owners due the testing,release the 2.0 for phat systems we all know xbox live is not 100% safe if by any chance i get banned itwill be all my fault,i will be glad for testing.

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  106. avatar Tyson says:

    So you want to test it first to make sure it is Xbox Live safe then release it? fine with me

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  107. avatar Tyson says:

    Sorry didn't read that quit right, thought you where the guy making the firmware disregard my last post, yah let us do the testing

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  108. avatar release it nowzzz says:

    C;mon c4eva I've been craving for you FW since last year aaaaaaaawwwwwwww……nerdgasm sorry. Please release it asap

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