c4eva Spoke! (2011-09-28 [priv msg])

[2011-09-28 01:25PM UTC] <c4eva> liteon phat 2.0 complete, booting gow3 backup fine

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  1. avatar testtest1 says:


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  2. avatar SaCoLiNa says:

    release date plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz c4eva u r killing us :P just kiddin keep goin forward

    p.s. can we know whats left plz ?? and thanks anyway for ur hardwork

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  3. avatar PiliP says:

    Yeah! Good work Mr C4.
    And now work on Samsung?

    Thank for your fantastic job.

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  4. avatar barrinha says:

    this means that it is finally ready?

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  5. avatar Макс says:

    C4eva you are cool man))
    когда она выйдет?))

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  6. avatar Rodrigo says:

    Hitachi 0500?

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  7. avatar Abolfaz3007 says:

    waiting for slim hack

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  8. avatar Cardozz says:


    Thanks for your hard work :D !!

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  9. avatar Josef says:

    @Rodrigo :

    please, do read the first page of this site :

    Hitachi 0500 DL10N NO INFO NO INFO There is no info of any work or progress made with this drive yet.

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  10. avatar barrinha says:

    this means that it is finally ready to be released?
    Congratulations you are the master.

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