c4eva Spoke! (2011-09-28 [priv msg])

[2011-09-28 01:25PM UTC] <c4eva> liteon phat 2.0 complete, booting gow3 backup fine

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  1. avatar Rodriga says:

    Rodrigo, please look at the front page info about the Hitachi :

    Hitachi 0500 DL10N NO INFO NO INFO There is no info of any work or progress made with this drive yet.

    So, no need to ask…

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  2. avatar HansKelsen says:

    These are great news. Greetings from Brazil!!

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  3. avatar Yurii says:

    Wow! Its great!! Something about Hitachi 0500 plz.

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  4. avatar Shuray says:

    Haha Nice C4 !
    Microsoft defeated again xD

    any date for release?

    Thanks's ^^

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  5. avatar Russia/Tambov Flash17 says:

    Ура!!! Спасибо огромное! Весь мир тебе благодарен командорЧева)

    Hooray! Thank you very much! The whole world is grateful to you komandorCheva)

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  6. avatar MaChao says:

    Hello everybody!

    To begin thank you to C4EVA and his team which works on the LT+2.0.
    How to become tester during the step "in testing".


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  7. avatar xXKiller771Xx says:

    Fantastic News C4eva

    You did it again ,You are the man ;-)

    Greetz from germany

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  8. avatar LexUru says:

    'll Actually LT 2.0 for Samsung TS-H943? is that I have with this player xbox GRATEFUL your answer, I hope to do in flash for this reader samsung MS28

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  9. avatar ARru says:

    Thanks for your hard work, but what about the old Hitachi drives, do they get 2.0 too?

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