c4eva Spoke! (2011-09-28 [priv msg])

[2011-09-28 01:25PM UTC] <c4eva> liteon phat 2.0 complete, booting gow3 backup fine

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  1. avatar Bloodwing25 says:

    this would be SUCH great news if it wasnt for all the people saying "hitachi nowz plzz! or get me slim 2.0 now!" Its pretty common knowledge that the most popular/used drives in fw are the BenQ, and Lite-on phat, so if you dont have those, odds are that yours will take just a LITTLE longer. If thats not okay, buy a benq or lite-on phat! they arent hard to find. But its better than bugging c4eva to work on YOUR particular drive, i say let the man work and do what he does…. of course i could just be saying this cuz i have a lite-on phat :) . But my last drive was a benq, i wouldnt want any other, not a samsung or hitachi, but i personally like lite-on better than benq which is why i switched. But those r probably always going to be the first 2 that are tested and completed because they are the most used and most reliable at least in my opinion

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  2. avatar BoBdabuilder says:

    C4eva is amazing though would have took longer to crack but c4eva did it you da man hope for a release very soon i have phat LITE-on

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  3. avatar deebuzz says:

    Great news, good work c4eva :)

    any news about old hitachi <78/79? Do the support LT-Max?

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  4. avatar c4evaFTW says:


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  5. avatar leo says:

    Nice thanks you are big

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  6. avatar Gongui says:

    Genial c4eva sos un groso!
    Esperando que liberes el firm para las liteon para grabar el gow3 ^^

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  7. avatar Kickass says:

    is ready for xboxlive?

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  8. avatar Lucas says:

    Cool dude, keep up the good work and thanks for everything!

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  9. avatar Misiek1981666 says:

    Thank's a lot from Poland .You're GENIUS!!!

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  10. avatar lindo says:

    where i can download lt+ 2 ?

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