c4eva Spoke! (2011-09-29 #fw)

[2011-09-29 08:43PM UTC] #fw <c4eva> hello
[2011-09-29 10:12PM UTC] #fw <c4eva> hello
[2011-09-29 10:12PM UTC] #fw <|X|nWo|X|> hello c4
[2011-09-29 10:12PM UTC] #fw <|X|nWo|X|> how goes
[2011-09-29 10:12PM UTC] #fw <|X|nWo|X|> good news?
[2011-09-29 10:12PM UTC] #fw <DMJ> ghi c4eva many thanks for all your hard work you do
[2011-09-29 10:13PM UTC] #fw <c4eva> all good so far
[2011-09-29 10:13PM UTC] #fw <_ohcHIT> 2.0 soon?
[2011-09-29 10:14PM UTC] #fw <c4eva> yes
[2011-09-29 10:14PM UTC] #fw <Al_lee> c4eva is it looking like something within a month or two?
[2011-09-29 10:15PM UTC] #fw <c4eva> very soon
[2011-09-29 10:16PM UTC] #fw <mr_1000> so c4eva are the fws going to be alltogether or relased as they are completed?
[2011-09-29 10:18PM UTC] #fw <c4eva> non slim,then slim
[2011-09-29 10:18PM UTC] #fw <SOL> 0800 ?
[2011-09-29 10:19PM UTC] #fw <c4eva> as well
[2011-09-29 10:21PM UTC] #fw <|X|nWo|X|> c4eva
[2011-09-29 10:21PM UTC] #fw <|X|nWo|X|> 0800 before fw
[2011-09-29 10:21PM UTC] #fw <|X|nWo|X|> or at same time?
[2011-09-29 10:22PM UTC] #fw <c4eva> same time
[2011-09-29 10:26PM UTC] #fw <paxman> put it this way c4e is xgd3 as safe as xgd2 on live?
[2011-09-29 10:28PM UTC] #fw <c4eva> xgd3 backup is as safe as any backup can be,passing all their checks

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56 Responses to c4eva Spoke! (2011-09-29 #fw) (Including 4 Discussion Threads)

  1. avatar drgci says:

    episode 3

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  2. avatar Malloh says:

    c4eva,you the best!From russia with love!

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  3. avatar Anonymous says:

    Extreme Hello v 1.00.945

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  4. avatar PALESTINO says:

    Extreme Hello v 1.00.945

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  5. avatar tangamandapio says:

    que paso con el samsung cuando vaz a empesar a trabajar

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  6. avatar Potto says:

    Is there a data release..I don't say the correct day, but some rumors around the possible exit…

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  7. avatar yurigami says:

    Hats off to C4eva. I totally admire your work. I wish i was as talented as you are when it comes to the modding community for the 360. Please continue with your work as always. We have good faith in all of your releases!
    All i can say is that it will be worth the wait when the new LT 2.0 is released!

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  8. avatar BillGates4Eva says:

    Hi C4EVA. When can we expect LT 2.0 to be released? We need to know so we can update our dashboard.



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  9. avatar Adam says:

    Thank you c4eva, we love u , You are a legend!
    i am waiting fot Lite On LT + 2.0 Tomorrow or this week End!
    thank you soo mush :D

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  10. avatar The fog says:

    i hop it relasead tomorw :D
    c4eva is the test finish ?

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  11. avatar Vital987 says:

    Since the LT+ 2.0 for BenQ drives are working, when is it going to be released for download??

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  12. avatar Poland says:

    C4eva when can i get LT + 2.0 ? :< My Familly waiting for this !

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  13. avatar Sebastian says:

    first of all ….thanks……thanks so f**king much!!!! (i dont know how give the thanks)
    having clear that there is little……..for the fw lt 2.0 .
    c4eva….how see you, in the future, that microsoft defeat to the lt 2.0 or future firmwares?

    pd: sorry for my poor english

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  14. avatar Pandorum says:

    When will realise the 2.0 LT?

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  15. avatar juampi says:

    can give a release date?

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  16. avatar Marcus says:

    I just don't understand why this dude doesn't release the firmwares that are already done. Nonsense

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  17. avatar Cranio84 says:

    Hi Commodore4eva,i have a little question for you,i have an old hitachi gdr 3210,my question is:it's'possible play on this drive whit the new xgd3?the fw on my old hitachi is ore ixtreme 1.51 or lt 1.1 now i dont remeber.
    I have another xbox whit liteon 7450c whit lt 1.9 and i whait for new 2.0.
    please answer the question of hitachi because hitachi is of the my girlfriend and is very important for me
    thanks in advance guy and i'm sorry for my bad english (i'm italian)

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  18. avatar brayan says:

    when you will have everything ready to be distributed

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  19. avatar Aeternal says:

    Seems like a lot of work is involved in this. The firmware obviously needs to be completed and tested and then it sounds like we need a new ABGX update, perhaps even a new Jungle Flasher. I'm not sure but maybe new tutorials need to be written too. It sounds like the layer break is going to be different which means we gotta be extra careful not to have the incorrect setting in img burn when switching between XGD3 and XGD2 games

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  20. avatar Pzyco says:

    Its done when its done …. Let him do his work ^^
    many many Greetings from Germany … take your time and make it perfect …. you do it anyway ;)
    Sorry for bad English i hope you understand what i mean ^^ LOL

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  21. avatar BoBdabuilder says:

    im confused iv wasted 8 dvds trying to burn with differnet softwares and they all get to 97%-95% and fail because cant overburn how can you burn a XGD3 game would we get a new burning software

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    • avatar STeve says:

      How did you dump the XGD3 game as 0800 is not released yet. Waste another 8 you might learn. FYI no different burning software.

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    • avatar Belaymebrah says:

      You aren't wasting them the error message is suppose to come up. Then when the warning comes up you click cancel and then when prompted with you want imageburn to try and close track or something and then you click yes and then you have successfully completed the burn.

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  22. avatar NekoBones says:

    Because you simply can't curn them yet, why are you even trying considering only GOD files for jtag are released? you cant really think jtag games will work if burnt?

    My advice just wait till 0800 is released so we can *rip" the games and then we can burn them, aswell ofc the actual LT2.0 Max firmware.

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  23. avatar SGT.BlackBurn says:

    sry but i can't undrestand this!
    what does it mean?!it means lite-on or benq will release sooner?

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  24. avatar ali says:

    if they release it before rage that will be a bomb!!!!!!!

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  25. avatar usmanasghar says:

    I Haven't updated to 1.9 because i had been waiting for 2.0 since it was announced. If i update to 13599, then flash the drive to 2.0(when it releases) and then update to 13146, will it reflash my phat liteon back to stock? I mean will every update from now on flash the drives to stock?

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  27. avatar Jhonny says:

    Man we love you great work!!!!!

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  28. avatar Daniel says:

    hello c4eva LT 2.0 releases so this for us. Could not wait to play GoW3

    Brazil and the staff of the orkut community sends a hug

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  29. Hey C4, K3rnel and the gang, you guys have inspired me to goto university after all your work.I start next year 2012 :) 5 years. Visual Basic 6 for starters then c/c++ and more at uni. I am just going to be interested in the next dashboard update, will there be AP 2.7 aswell as 2.5/2.6 looking forward to the response from c4 and gang.keep up the good work guys ………..MUCH LOVE ;)

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  30. avatar Papke says:


    Only for JTAG :(

    Soon :)

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  31. avatar Rodrigo says:

    finger up those who want to play whit HITACHI 0500!!!
    fingers down those who are already playing and want hitachi 0500 out to continue with their consoles!!!

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  32. avatar vander says:

    legal isso, só esperando o GOW3 vender 8 milhões para lançar o LT 2.0. você pensa que não existem pessoas que sabem o que se passa?!

    cool it, just waiting for GOW3 to sell 8 million to launch the 2.0 LT. you think that there are people who know what is going on?!

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  33. avatar vander says:

    cool it, just waiting for the GOW3 sell 8 million to launch the 2.0 LT. you do not think there are people who know what's going on?!

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  34. avatar CHARLES says:

    Amo a estos muchacho de c4eva, estoy ancioso para probar el GoW3, admiro mucho su trabajo, hard work, I love C4EVA.

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  35. avatar Naruto12900 says:

    Can i help test? :]

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  36. avatar Westy75 says:

    C4E gr8 stuff u do matey. cheers. p.s. 4 years no ban . gotta love my sammy.

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  37. avatar giuliano34 says:

    i think that they are going to relese the FW with the new xbox 360 dashbord that will be the 15 of november.

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  38. avatar Anonymous says:

    We recommended that you use the latest version of ImgBurn (v2.5.5.0
    at the time of writing, downloadable at
    http://www.imgburn.com/index.php?act=download). Older versions may
    handle this process differently and/or give a different set of
    Although it is set by default in ImgBurn, please ensure that under
    Tools > Settings > Write, you have "Layer Break (For DL Media)" set
    to "Calculate Optimal".
    Please ensure that the layerbreak is set as 2133520 in the .dvd file.
    If you already have the XGD2 (or other) layerbreak value set in
    ImgBurn, the .dvd of the XGD3 ISO will override that setting and use
    the proper layerbreak.
    As mentioned above, ImgBurn will automatically reposition/limit the
    layerbreak to 2086912 when burning to regular DVD+R DL discs.
    Please see the included imgburn-xgd3-errors.png image for screenshots
    of the errors you'll encounter in ImgBurn and what to click on in
    each dialog that pops up.
    Step by Step:
    1. Choose "Write image file to disc", and after loading the .dvd
    file, click "Write".
    2. ImgBurn will pop up a notice saying that there is not enough
    space on the disc to burn the image, and asks if you would like to
    continue anyway. Click "Yes".
    3. Another message might pop up saying that optimal layerbreak
    position exceeds L0 capacity. Click "Yes".
    4. An error will then pop up noting that "Set L0 Data Zone
    Capacity Failed". Click "Continue".
    5. The image will begin writing to the disc.
    6. Nearing the end of the write process, ImgBurn will pop up an
    error at around 97% or 98% (this is what we want — it's
    intentional!). Click "Cancel".
    7. A notice will then pop up asking if you would like ImgBurn to
    try and perform the "'Close Track/Session/Disc' functions". Click
    8. Let the disc finalize, and you're done!

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  39. avatar LeAwesome says:

    "For XGD3 backup support, c4eva has introduced in LT v2.0 the LT-MAX
    feature, which allows for XGD3 backups to use the maximum possible
    layerbreak for regular DVDR DL media, and therefore all of the
    available space (8,547,991,552 bytes) of a regular DVDR DL disc

    Since there is still not enough space on a regular DVDR DL disc to
    hold the entire XGD3 game partition, not to mention the Layer 1
    Video partition, this is not at all recommended as being "safe" for
    Xbox LIVE"

    This was pulled form the rise of nightmares iso ripped by rrod. Admin can you confirm these releases to be legit and also confirm that the team is working on live compatibility? I ask simply as there was also vido proof of the odes running on live with their craptastic rips and this will effect the community as a whole. Personally I love XBL and would hate to lose that function with the firmware.

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  40. avatar dru39 says:

    Hey, i think the 0800 firmware was released because there is an official release :)
    Heres the NFO ( quiet long ;) )
    I hope the firmware will be released tomorrow.

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  41. avatar sasan says:

    Thank you for did not release IT
    I buy the driver and gears of war 3
    And I enjoy Xbox Live. No banded

    sorry for my poor english

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  42. avatar Barros says:

    c4eva the network around an iso ripped with a 3.0 liter 0800 benq GOW3 and the iso and the ripper and RROD …… why?

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  43. avatar Mike says:

    Guys, for real… When should we expect lt 2.0? I do have all the respect for c4eva, but i do wanna know when will it be realised… Coz i've been checking this site for the update for 8 days i a row… Just tell us will it take another day or two… Or should we be waiting for another week?

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  44. avatar jaimekain says:

    Hello, first sorry for my English. I need to know if "Vad6038 Benq 0800" is going to publish for everyone or not. I am Spanish and I think any team member is Spanish. Everyone in Spain we are waiting to be published. Thank you very much for me and many people, you are great

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  45. avatar kein00077 says:

    gracias por tu trabajo

    thanks for your work

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