c4eva Spoke! (2011-09-29 #fw)

[2011-09-29 08:43PM UTC] #fw <c4eva> hello
[2011-09-29 10:12PM UTC] #fw <c4eva> hello
[2011-09-29 10:12PM UTC] #fw <|X|nWo|X|> hello c4
[2011-09-29 10:12PM UTC] #fw <|X|nWo|X|> how goes
[2011-09-29 10:12PM UTC] #fw <|X|nWo|X|> good news?
[2011-09-29 10:12PM UTC] #fw <DMJ> ghi c4eva many thanks for all your hard work you do
[2011-09-29 10:13PM UTC] #fw <c4eva> all good so far
[2011-09-29 10:13PM UTC] #fw <_ohcHIT> 2.0 soon?
[2011-09-29 10:14PM UTC] #fw <c4eva> yes
[2011-09-29 10:14PM UTC] #fw <Al_lee> c4eva is it looking like something within a month or two?
[2011-09-29 10:15PM UTC] #fw <c4eva> very soon
[2011-09-29 10:16PM UTC] #fw <mr_1000> so c4eva are the fws going to be alltogether or relased as they are completed?
[2011-09-29 10:18PM UTC] #fw <c4eva> non slim,then slim
[2011-09-29 10:18PM UTC] #fw <SOL> 0800 ?
[2011-09-29 10:19PM UTC] #fw <c4eva> as well
[2011-09-29 10:21PM UTC] #fw <|X|nWo|X|> c4eva
[2011-09-29 10:21PM UTC] #fw <|X|nWo|X|> 0800 before fw
[2011-09-29 10:21PM UTC] #fw <|X|nWo|X|> or at same time?
[2011-09-29 10:22PM UTC] #fw <c4eva> same time
[2011-09-29 10:26PM UTC] #fw <paxman> put it this way c4e is xgd3 as safe as xgd2 on live?
[2011-09-29 10:28PM UTC] #fw <c4eva> xgd3 backup is as safe as any backup can be,passing all their checks

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56 Responses to c4eva Spoke! (2011-09-29 #fw) (Including 4 Discussion Threads)

  1. avatar BoBdabuilder says:

    im confused iv wasted 8 dvds trying to burn with differnet softwares and they all get to 97%-95% and fail because cant overburn how can you burn a XGD3 game would we get a new burning software

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    • avatar STeve says:

      How did you dump the XGD3 game as 0800 is not released yet. Waste another 8 you might learn. FYI no different burning software.

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    • avatar Belaymebrah says:

      You aren't wasting them the error message is suppose to come up. Then when the warning comes up you click cancel and then when prompted with you want imageburn to try and close track or something and then you click yes and then you have successfully completed the burn.

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  2. avatar NekoBones says:

    Because you simply can't curn them yet, why are you even trying considering only GOD files for jtag are released? you cant really think jtag games will work if burnt?

    My advice just wait till 0800 is released so we can *rip" the games and then we can burn them, aswell ofc the actual LT2.0 Max firmware.

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  3. avatar SGT.BlackBurn says:

    sry but i can't undrestand this!
    what does it mean?!it means lite-on or benq will release sooner?

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  4. avatar ali says:

    if they release it before rage that will be a bomb!!!!!!!

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  5. avatar usmanasghar says:

    I Haven't updated to 1.9 because i had been waiting for 2.0 since it was announced. If i update to 13599, then flash the drive to 2.0(when it releases) and then update to 13146, will it reflash my phat liteon back to stock? I mean will every update from now on flash the drives to stock?

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  7. avatar Jhonny says:

    Man we love you great work!!!!!

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  8. avatar Daniel says:

    hello c4eva LT 2.0 releases so this for us. Could not wait to play GoW3

    Brazil and the staff of the orkut community sends a hug

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  9. Hey C4, K3rnel and the gang, you guys have inspired me to goto university after all your work.I start next year 2012 :) 5 years. Visual Basic 6 for starters then c/c++ and more at uni. I am just going to be interested in the next dashboard update, will there be AP 2.7 aswell as 2.5/2.6 looking forward to the response from c4 and gang.keep up the good work guys ………..MUCH LOVE ;)

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  10. avatar Papke says:


    Only for JTAG :(

    Soon :)

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