c4eva Spoke! (2011-10-04 #fw)

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[2011-10-04 10:21AM UTC] #fw <Glottis> Yaka prefers unique and not repetetive at all annual CoD experience
[2011-10-04 10:22AM UTC] #fw <Yaka> nope
[2011-10-04 10:22AM UTC] #fw <Yaka> i prefer unique and non repetitive Fallout
[2011-10-04 10:22AM UTC] #fw <Yaka> Fallout universe*
[2011-10-04 10:22AM UTC] #fw <Yaka> xD
[2011-10-04 10:22AM UTC] #fw <Glottis> you probably didn't know of it before F3
[2011-10-04 10:22AM UTC] #fw <f-s> dark souls is pretty unique :s
[2011-10-04 10:22AM UTC] #fw <Yaka> nope, but, does it care?
[2011-10-04 10:23AM UTC] #fw <f-s> fallout 1/2 > f3
[2011-10-04 10:23AM UTC] #fw <Kombat_ac> how about hitachi lt 2.0
[2011-10-04 10:23AM UTC] #fw <Kombat_ac> ?
[2011-10-04 10:23AM UTC] #fw <Yaka> soon
[2011-10-04 10:24AM UTC] #fw <Kombat_ac> i change drive to samsumg & flash it to 2.0 = all works on xbox which have original hitachi
[2011-10-04 10:24AM UTC] #fw <Yaka> my last COD experience was with World at war
[2011-10-04 10:24AM UTC] #fw <Yaka> i like WW2 more than nowdays
[2011-10-04 10:24AM UTC] #fw <Pen15_> waw sucked
[2011-10-04 10:25AM UTC] #fw <Yaka> Medal of honor allied assault
[2011-10-04 10:25AM UTC] #fw <Yaka> my favorite shooter game
[2011-10-04 10:25AM UTC] #fw <caleb4god> combat for the 2600..best war game ever
[2011-10-04 10:25AM UTC] #fw <caleb4god> lol
[2011-10-04 10:26AM UTC] #fw <darkforc> funny though, that was the included game on the 2600, and it was like playing Pong against yourself
[2011-10-04 10:26AM UTC] #fw <darkforc> I tried playing Combat witht the Stella 2600 emu on the ps3 just yesterday, Controls just hot there
[2011-10-04 10:27AM UTC] #fw <darkforc> need the old fashoned atari shitstick
[2011-10-04 10:27AM UTC] #fw <Pen15_> taking these groups forever… how hard is it to get a 360 drive to rip
[2011-10-04 10:27AM UTC] #fw <darkforc> Pen15_, , you mean flashing the 800 firmware for your drive?
[2011-10-04 10:27AM UTC] #fw <darkforc> it's not hard, just a PITA
[2011-10-04 10:28AM UTC] #fw <darkforc> best if you have a spare 360 thats completely dead to salvage it's drive
[2011-10-04 10:28AM UTC] #fw <Pen15_> no, the groups cant use the kreon drives to rip anymore.. which is what they mainly used
[2011-10-04 10:28AM UTC] #fw <darkforc> so they have to used a flashed 360 drive
[2011-10-04 10:28AM UTC] #fw <darkforc> thats a 800 firmware
[2011-10-04 10:28AM UTC] #fw <Pen15_> si
[2011-10-04 10:29AM UTC] #fw <darkforc> the kreon drives I thought were PC drives…
[2011-10-04 10:29AM UTC] #fw <Pen15_> they are
[2011-10-04 10:29AM UTC] #fw <darkforc> you need one of those connectivity kits so you can just take an old 360 drive and shove it in your PC
[2011-10-04 10:29AM UTC] #fw <darkforc> I never got around to that
[2011-10-04 10:29AM UTC] #fw <darkforc> only ripped a few discs to see what was involved
[2011-10-04 10:30AM UTC] #fw <darkforc> sonce no blockbuster anymore, and gamefly takes too long to rent, etc, I dont bother
[2011-10-04 10:50AM UTC] #fw <rino2> hi
[2011-10-04 10:50AM UTC] #fw <Eb992> hi
[2011-10-04 10:50AM UTC] #fw <Xellcorp> Hi
[2011-10-04 10:58AM UTC] #fw <magZ1> is xmen supose to verify normaly on xbgx i get a layer break error
[2011-10-04 10:58AM UTC] #fw <[Ex0r]> i dont think abgx360 has been updated for xgd3 games yet
[2011-10-04 10:58AM UTC] #fw <magZ1> ohh okai tnx
[2011-10-04 10:58AM UTC] #fw <[Ex0r]> and since xgd3 games use a different LB, than it's possible it's throwing that error
[2011-10-04 10:59AM UTC] #fw <Eb992> nop
[2011-10-04 10:59AM UTC] #fw <Eb992> no update yet
[2011-10-04 10:59AM UTC] #fw <gLacK> portal 2 free dlc is up :)
[2011-10-04 10:59AM UTC] #fw <Hobo> so the new lt 2.0 can read the xbd3 disc but nobody can burn it?
[2011-10-04 11:00AM UTC] #fw <Eb992> @magZ1 , is normal to get error . But you have to download games with the "0800" in the name

[2011-10-04 11:00AM UTC] #fw <c4eva> :)
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[2011-10-04 11:00AM UTC] #fw <Sleepy_> ;)
[2011-10-04 11:00AM UTC] #fw <KaYo90> hey guys.. a spoofed drive run ap2.5 games?
[2011-10-04 11:00AM UTC] #fw <Hobo> wow c4 spoke first time i seen that
[2011-10-04 11:00AM UTC] #fw <Eb992> hi c4eva

[2011-10-04 11:00AM UTC] #fw <c4eva> hello
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[2011-10-04 11:00AM UTC] #fw <Sleepy_> Hello!
[2011-10-04 11:01AM UTC] #fw <KaYo90> hello!
[2011-10-04 11:01AM UTC] #fw <lucid> thanks c4eva for you hard work
[2011-10-04 11:01AM UTC] #fw <bag-gfiso> any new burning software c4eva ?
[2011-10-04 11:01AM UTC] #fw <Hobo> hello
[2011-10-04 11:01AM UTC] #fw <lucid> you use imgburn
[2011-10-04 11:01AM UTC] #fw <kRoNiX-> ya, burning software for what?
[2011-10-04 11:01AM UTC] #fw <Hobo> so cn u brun xbd3 drisc now?
[2011-10-04 11:01AM UTC] #fw <Hobo> can u burn*
[2011-10-04 11:01AM UTC] #fw <kRoNiX-> Yah
[2011-10-04 11:02AM UTC] #fw <bag-gfiso> image burns gow fine wont finalize disk on rise and space marine
[2011-10-04 11:02AM UTC] #fw <Hobo> img burn?
[2011-10-04 11:02AM UTC] #fw <magZ1> yeah i got that one the RROD release
[2011-10-04 11:02AM UTC] #fw <djnaff> can burn 97% :)
[2011-10-04 11:02AM UTC] #fw <Hobo> lol that dont help then :P
[2011-10-04 11:02AM UTC] #fw <Eb992> @magZ1 it will work fine
[2011-10-04 11:02AM UTC] #fw <djnaff> games play
[2011-10-04 11:02AM UTC] #fw <kRoNiX-> we need more megabytes!
[2011-10-04 11:02AM UTC] #fw <Eb992> also with error at 97 %
[2011-10-04 11:02AM UTC] #fw <lucid> noobs
[2011-10-04 11:02AM UTC] #fw <Hobo> so game still works even tho it doesnt finish
[2011-10-04 11:02AM UTC] #fw <djnaff> yes
[2011-10-04 11:02AM UTC] #fw <bag-gfiso> yeah get 97% but wont write lead out track for me dj just get the silly womens voice ..lol "oh No"
[2011-10-04 11:02AM UTC] #fw <Eb992> yep
[2011-10-04 11:03AM UTC] #fw <Eb992> XD
[2011-10-04 11:03AM UTC] #fw <magZ1> hahaha
[2011-10-04 11:03AM UTC] #fw <Hobo> but then u cant finsh the game ?
[2011-10-04 11:03AM UTC] #fw <Eb992> its complete the game
[2011-10-04 11:03AM UTC] #fw <djnaff> can even install the games 100%
[2011-10-04 11:03AM UTC] #fw <Eb992> just finish the track
[2011-10-04 11:03AM UTC] #fw <Hobo> so nothing is lost oft he game?
[2011-10-04 11:03AM UTC] #fw <lucid> finalize the disc
[2011-10-04 11:03AM UTC] #fw <djnaff> but would be nice to know whats in the missing area

[2011-10-04 11:03AM UTC] #fw <c4eva> bag:what burner?
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[2011-10-04 11:03AM UTC] #fw <bag-gfiso> W 11:53:59 Potential 'WaitImmediateIO' Deferred Error – (0%, 0/3) – Program Memory Area Update Failure
[2011-10-04 11:03AM UTC] #fw <bag-gfiso> any one any ideas ?
[2011-10-04 11:04AM UTC] #fw <Eb992> no , nothing
[2011-10-04 11:04AM UTC] #fw <bag-gfiso> W 11:53:59 Finalise Disc Failed! – Reason: Program Memory Area Update Failure
[2011-10-04 11:04AM UTC] #fw <bag-gfiso> on rise of nightmare
[2011-10-04 11:04AM UTC] #fw <magZ1> i burnt like that as stated in the nfo gonna test it once i get home , stuck at work now :X
[2011-10-04 11:04AM UTC] #fw <lucid> c4eva asked you what burner you are using
[2011-10-04 11:04AM UTC] #fw <Sleepy_> and fw
[2011-10-04 11:04AM UTC] #fw <Hobo> so all xbg3 disc can not be played on 2.0 just finalise the disc right
[2011-10-04 11:04AM UTC] #fw <Sleepy_> in burner
[2011-10-04 11:05AM UTC] #fw <bag-gfiso> lg
[2011-10-04 11:05AM UTC] #fw <bag-gfiso> new one
[2011-10-04 11:05AM UTC] #fw <Sleepy_> try update FW
[2011-10-04 11:05AM UTC] #fw <bag-gfiso> only4 days old
[2011-10-04 11:05AM UTC] #fw <Eb992> only 0800 fw ripped games
[2011-10-04 11:05AM UTC] #fw <kRoNiX-> it's XGD3 btw

[2011-10-04 11:05AM UTC] #fw <c4eva> lg have issues with layerbreak

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11 Responses to c4eva Spoke! (2011-10-04 #fw)

  1. avatar dodo says:

    Hi! When LT+ v2.0 on Lite-On 0401? THX for everything

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  2. avatar watk says:

    I had no problems burning with LG and I have 2 of them, thansk for the really hard work c4eva, waiting for the slims fw and the 0500 one, I've got about 3 of them here just waiting for a Solutions :)

    A big thanks from brazil :)

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  3. avatar Ziro says:

    LT+ 2.0 para slim essa semana ainda?

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  4. avatar iooi says:

    hello, thank's for good job.

    sorry for my english…

    we are some users with liteon DG-16D2S after flash 1.1 -> 2.0 or 1.9 -> 2.0 and MAJ Dashboard 12625 -> 13599
    burn GOW3 with imgburn and setting LayerBreak a 2133520, or with cloneCD and can not laucnh game.
    dashboard DVD : PLAY but not picture of GOW
    when launch black screen and return to dashboard.

    Any idae ?


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  5. avatar Matt says:

    Hey C4eva… release for slim soon

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  6. avatar Wolferine111 says:

    iooi I am having the same problem as you, posted my issue here:


    I have been reading through c4eva's posts here on c4evaspeaks, and believe that the problem is the burner I am using for the discs. He says that LG burners can have issues with the layer break.

    I am going to test a different burner and see if that changes anything. Will post back in the above linked thread if you want to follow it in case I discover something.

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  7. avatar Young Aristotle says:

    Im hoping the hitachis get done by the weekend, no rush tho….

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  8. avatar caliFRAGi says:

    iooi & Wolferine111: I have Same issue with Lite-On 74850C Drive (Phat). Wasted 3 DVD-DL :( (i'm using Pioneer burner)

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  9. avatar BLJoe says:

    I also have an LG burner that is not getting errors using ImageBurn – although it is a BDR burner. The newest ImageBurn download does not need the same tutorial for burning either , it will only ask you 1 question ( do you want to truncate ? ) , and it will give you no errors that you have to respond too. Should be real easy for everyone.

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  10. avatar BLJoe says:

    hello, thank’s for good job.

    sorry for my english…

    we are some users with liteon DG-16D2S after flash 1.1 -> 2.0 or 1.9 -> 2.0 and MAJ Dashboard 12625 -> 13599
    burn GOW3 with imgburn and setting LayerBreak a 2133520, or with cloneCD and can not laucnh game.
    dashboard DVD : PLAY but not picture of GOW
    when launch black screen and return to dashboard.

    Any idae ?


    Yes , dont set your layer break in ImageBurn – instead select CALCULATE OPTIMAL , and let the .dvd file tell ImageBurn where to break the layers at. That has been working 100% of the time here :)

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