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[2011-10-05 12:20AM UTC] #c4e <glennd> be sure to grab the newest imgburn version
[2011-10-05 12:25AM UTC] #c4e <AmaroK> so nobody can tell me if "W 02:15:35 Set L0 Data Zone Capacity Failed! – Reason: Invalid Field in CDB" means "the layerbreak problem"?
[2011-10-05 12:26AM UTC] #c4e <ALiENr0x> guys new xgd3 games are not checkable on abgx?
[2011-10-05 12:26AM UTC] #c4e <AmaroK> no, need new, release soon
[2011-10-05 12:26AM UTC] #c4e <ALiENr0x> o ok thx
[2011-10-05 12:26AM UTC] #c4e <ALiENr0x> will be added gow3 on db too?
[2011-10-05 12:34AM UTC] #c4e <Primo219> All fixed djnaff
[2011-10-05 12:34AM UTC] #c4e <Primo219> thank you for assistance
[2011-10-05 12:34AM UTC] #c4e <lingling> ok CloneCD didnt work either… i dont know i think i wait before i fuck up more dvdr
[2011-10-05 12:35AM UTC] #c4e <Primo219> should i use new imagebrn or older one. would it make a difference?
[2011-10-05 01:10AM UTC] #c4e <stefanwal> Hi! Can anybody tell me if it is save to Install LT 1.91 on a Hitachi v79 with the current dashboard? Do I have to wait for 2.0?
[2011-10-05 01:22AM UTC] #c4e <RRoW> Hey everyone. I installed Space Marine to my HD and I started it up
[2011-10-05 01:23AM UTC] #c4e <RRoW> while it was already in a level, it was still doing disc checks
[2011-10-05 01:23AM UTC] #c4e <RRoW> it's never done this with any other game. Is that normal?
[2011-10-05 01:24AM UTC] #c4e <a3s0p> xgd3 titles will spin for a few minutes then stop.
[2011-10-05 01:24AM UTC] #c4e <RRoW> Ah, okay.
[2011-10-05 01:24AM UTC] #c4e <RRoW> Thanks!
[2011-10-05 01:24AM UTC] #c4e <a3s0p> even when installed to HD
[2011-10-05 01:24AM UTC] #c4e <a3s0p> np
[2011-10-05 01:29AM UTC] #c4e <Cody__> What?
[2011-10-05 01:30AM UTC] #c4e <m0f0> Chicken Butt?
[2011-10-05 01:46AM UTC] #c4e <Flashing> Hello (:
[2011-10-05 01:48AM UTC] #c4e <Flashing> Does anybody needs help burning XGD3?
[2011-10-05 01:50AM UTC] #c4e <SiLeNTjrm> I do
[2011-10-05 01:50AM UTC] #c4e <SiLeNTjrm> I burned
[2011-10-05 01:50AM UTC] #c4e <SiLeNTjrm> but some consoles say this disc is not supported
[2011-10-05 01:50AM UTC] #c4e <SiLeNTjrm> Its on different types
[2011-10-05 01:51AM UTC] #c4e <SiLeNTjrm> some new some old
[2011-10-05 01:51AM UTC] #c4e <SiLeNTjrm> some work some donw
[2011-10-05 01:51AM UTC] #c4e <Flashing> It depends of your burner
[2011-10-05 01:51AM UTC] #c4e <SiLeNTjrm> dont*
[2011-10-05 01:51AM UTC] #c4e <Flashing> If you burn it with an LG, you must burn it with CloneCd, because Imgburn have some issues in the layerbreak
[2011-10-05 01:53AM UTC] #c4e <SiLeNTjrm> But its the same copy of the game
[2011-10-05 01:53AM UTC] #c4e <SiLeNTjrm> That works on one system, but possibly not another
[2011-10-05 01:53AM UTC] #c4e <SiLeNTjrm> I burned with a liteon
[2011-10-05 01:54AM UTC] #c4e <Flashing> I tested and im sure that it will fix it, i tested first with IMGburn and crashed… With CloneCd and Worked
[2011-10-05 02:01AM UTC] #c4e <Flashing> Goodbye Guys !
[2011-10-05 02:07AM UTC] #c4e <El_Mago> I havge LG, imgburn works fine… is your media that is crap
[2011-10-05 02:10AM UTC] #c4e <SiLeNTjrm> Is there a tut or something on burning with clonecd
[2011-10-05 02:12AM UTC] #c4e <X-ray> Has anyone ecountered the error: failed to authorize disc with any XGD3 backups?
[2011-10-05 02:15AM UTC] #c4e <a3s0p> Silent: http://team-xecuter.com/forums/showthread.php?t=71801
[2011-10-05 02:15AM UTC] #c4e <El_Mago> <SiLeNTjrm> no need for tut… just select the .dvd and select the option to burn until end the dvd
[2011-10-05 02:15AM UTC] #c4e <a3s0p> true lol
[2011-10-05 02:18AM UTC] #c4e <ArabMoneY> imgburn that works without error at the end
[2011-10-05 02:21AM UTC] #c4e <c300> Has anyone reported any BAN's from XDG3 games online?
[2011-10-05 02:21AM UTC] #c4e <dballs> none i have seen
[2011-10-05 02:21AM UTC] #c4e <c300> thank you
[2011-10-05 02:21AM UTC] #c4e <dballs> np
[2011-10-05 02:29AM UTC] #c4e <SiLeNTjrm> Thanks guys

[2011-10-05 02:31AM UTC] #c4e <c4eva> LT 2.0 for all Liteon slims to be released this weekend

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88 Responses to c4eva Spoke! (2011-10-05 #c4e) (Including 13 Discussion Threads)

  1. avatar Juan says:

    I have a question!

    Another method for liberate slims 0225


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  2. avatar vaguear says:

    a forma de desbloqueio do 9504 será da forma antiga (1º dsbloqueio)?

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  3. avatar Young Aristotle says:

    Guess Hitachis are next weekend then?

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  4. avatar ecoluis says:


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  5. avatar KaveMan says:

    phat hitachi please!

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  6. avatar LexUru says:

    hello how are you .. c4eva what is happening with the LT + 2.0 MS28 samsung? is that when you upload a backup interface throws GOW3 saying "clean record" I hope some solution my problem thanks ah! greetings to the distance!

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  7. avatar SmurfySMURF says:

    I. f**kING. LOVE. YOU.

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  8. avatar LexUru says:

    c4eva hello how are you? 2.0 is that with MS28 samsung readers? is that when you upload a backup interface throws GOW3 saying "wrong disk" I hope some solution my problem thanks ah! greetings to the distance!

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  9. avatar M4D says:

    the case with Samsung, loading Gears 3 gives black screen and no disk error problems with LT sammy?

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  10. avatar Washington Lopes says:

    All slims means… includes the 0500 ?

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  11. avatar sam says:

    c4eva I LOVE YOU
    :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :)

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  12. avatar bluemages says:

    Hitachi v79

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  13. avatar bluemages says:

    Hitachi v79 PLZ sorry for 2x post super !!c4eva!! el mejor

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  14. avatar saneka says:

    C4E, BIG THANKS!!!!!!!!

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  15. avatar Иван says:

    this is good news))))

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  17. avatar XX-360 says:

    ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh my God Thanks C4EVA Thanks For aLL

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  18. avatar bartazb says:

    yo all! c4eva great work, thanks alot. waat to donate but where? and also when can we expect hitachi, pls let me know.

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  19. avatar Anonymous says:

    phat hitachi please!


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  20. avatar hustler says:

    hope to see slim`s LT2.0 on Saturday or Sunday
    thank you c4eva for all free hard working.

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  21. avatar Mihanik says:

    Great news, c4! :) We are waiting and hoping. Thanks you for your greatest work. ;)

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  22. avatar Anonymous says:

    i flashed my xbox with LT 2.0 i put F1 2011 in my xbox and asking me for update when i say yes the error code appear what shall i do?

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  23. avatar aws says:

    i have problem with update
    i flashed my xbox with LT 2.0, put F1 2011 in the console, the game asking for update when i say yes error code will appear what should i do?

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  25. avatar Gigagià says:

    Dear c4eva when will be released lt+ 2.0 for hitachi's drives?
    please say to me!!!

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  26. avatar Mihanik says:

    Dear hitachi users, I think that firmware on your drives will be soon, but can you be more patient? c4 have a lot of work at this time. Just wait a little.

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  27. avatar El Majico says:


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  29. avatar Gigagià says:

    Thank you for your reply i'll be more patient, it was just what i want to know

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  30. avatar Danlod says:

    C4Eva Thank you for your work!
    But with the launch of a new dash in November, you will need a new LT?
    Please answer to those who have no way to make your own patch, but some technical pay the cost of $ 100 each launch of an LT.

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  34. avatar vanderson says:

    this is a big crap LT MAX without ripping the games working 100% what good use.

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  35. avatar neonard0 says:

    You are the man

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  36. avatar C4EVA says:

    I thought phats were first?? guess not.. or wait Hitachi's are slims…. oh no they're a class of their own… why hitachi's last because you dont make money off Hitachi's

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  37. avatar Lorix says:

    Hi c4eva!! I have a 0225 and i would ask to you…to flash my drive with lt+ 2.0 i'll need ONLY :

    X360USB PRO
    Molex PSU
    CK3 PRO
    Xecuter DG-16D4S Unlocked PCB

    And nothing else right? i mean…the ck3 probe III what is used for? i don't need it right?

    Sorry for my ignorance and thank you for all you do! BYE!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  38. avatar MIKE says:

    is lt plus 1.1 for light ons the same as lt+2.0

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  39. avatar obid says:

    comparing with lt+1.9 is lt+2.0 safer for xlive?

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  40. avatar DJmorbid says:

    It's getting annoying know ! I've been as patient as most people but now as a hitachi owner I need some sort of response as to the progress of 2.0 for the older hitachi models !!!

    Just to know how far into progress c4e actually is

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  41. avatar Powerslave says:

    Any solutions for running XGD3 backups on Hitachi 59 and below? I know it's probably no, but worth a shot.

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  42. avatar Max says:

    and hitachi?

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  43. avatar Tyson says:

    Man seems like a lot of people are having problems with new firmware, I thought he tested it?

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  44. avatar Ocirne says:

    What do you think is going to happen when the dashboard fall update is released?

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  45. avatar Operat says:

    For (c4evea) when playing live (Gears of War 3) I have information (you can not check the disk) off my xobx360.
    Modification of LT-2.0 console phat dvd (PLDS DG-16D2S 9345).

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  46. avatar s3f4n0 says:

    Hi C4eva, i have a question. When can we see a firmware for Hitachi 0078? thanks


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  47. avatar Ziro says:

    Releases on Friday, Saturday to upgrade. Brazil thanks

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  48. avatar vanderson says:

    if this crap continues to burn DL with an error, I prefer JTAG. at least I will not need to write.

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  49. avatar Tyson says:

    True that, I just installed the NandX and the Xecuter CoolRunner – Ultimate Reset Glitch Mod is on it's way, you can run game iso's on a hard drive XGD3 no problem also emulate other consoles, and use custom dashboards. It totally expands what your Xbox can do definitely worth the money:)

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  50. avatar GIOVANNI says:

    HI Commodore….i have a question for you,like me another 10 millions of player waiting you for a answer……when is ready the hitachi lt + 2.0:……..GREAT FOR YOur job….

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  51. avatar bluemages says:

    When can we see a firmware for Hitachi 0079? thanks C4eva

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  52. avatar kamyar says:

    i realy need lt 2.0 for slim please be hurry c4eva

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  53. avatar ecoluis says:

    I have faith c4eva can launch all slims and all hitachis this weekend!!!! AND EVERYBODY HAPPY!!!!! YESSSSSSSSSSSS….c4eva YOU ARE GREAT MAN!!!!!!!THANKYOU…. i have a hitachi 59 and the wait is tooo long!!!!

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  54. avatar natex says:

    Well, good news! My 0225 will have the LT 2.0 next week! Now i'm on the CFW side! I Give up of the xk3y too much wait and nothing concret, i'm putting my bets on you c4eva!

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  55. avatar Leander says:

    Hello c4eva, thank you very much for your work. I hope for Liteon Slim console will be released by Friday. Please, otherwise I will have to wait for delivery next week.

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  56. avatar vanderson says:


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  57. avatar shiftshone says:

    Friday is part of the weekend c4eva!! Thanks Again

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  58. avatar junior says:

    gracias c4eva estamos esperando el de hitachis con anciass no te olvides de nosotros porfavor gracias nuevamente

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  59. avatar Barros says:

    serious problem with online gow 3 after a while ‘multi plaer says impossible to authorize disk and restart the console
    example, if I leave it turned on the game console after a while 'you hear the disc stop turning and you see this warning

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  60. avatar Easyrider says:

    c4eva i went to go play my GOW 3 backup, and when i went to look at my gamerscore it was at zero all my achievements were gone. Now i shut my xbox off and turned it on and they were back. what caused this? How do i fix it.

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  61. avatar bergmeyer says:

    que dizer que vai sair o desblqueio de xbox 360 slim estamos a espera deste desbloqueio.obrigado c4eva

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  62. avatar capitanox says:

    c4eva i'm a new guy on this forum. excuse my imperfect english due to i'm italian :]
    i'd like to know how long do you take to defeat xdg3 on slim consolle

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  63. avatar capitanox says:

    please i hope you can reply to me as soon as possible

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  64. avatar Barros says:

    will I get a dialog that says not to allow the game … I'll explain if I start gow and leave it in research or after playing a little 'of inactivity you hear the disc stops spinning and tells me not to allow the game and restart from the console …. what can' depend only on gow 3 does' give me a hand please

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    • avatar james says:

      Hey dude, I think you need to put what exactly, word for word… what the x-box is saying, cause' it wil not just say 'not allow the game' :)

      Then it will be easier to find a solution for you.

      Though it could be a bad burn? bad ISO? did you rip it yourself? or did you get the one 'floating around' on the internet? That seems to be having random problems and quite a few consoles.

      Remeber due to everything regarding XGD3 being new, I think everyones learning and when the rest of the drives reach 2.0 (especially the slims) im sure there will be some patterns emerging as there will be a lot bigger user-base to get info from.

      Just hang tite and play some halo or something =D

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  65. avatar bergmeyer says:

    c4eva estou a espera do lt 2.0 para o slim ,aode eu vou meu amigos fica falando estou jogando driver san francisco .

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  66. avatar jigglywiggly says:

    Dun forget about hitachi 47 users please :)

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