c4eva Spoke! (2011-10-07 #fw)

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[2011-10-07 10:49AM UTC] #fw <Ace1> disc 1,2 are single play
[2011-10-07 10:49AM UTC] #fw <Ace1> 3 multiplay
[2011-10-07 10:49AM UTC] #fw <wwJFnet87> thanks mate
[2011-10-07 10:49AM UTC] #fw <Ace1> np
[2011-10-07 10:49AM UTC] #fw <PagaN> fuck rage on pc its bugfest
[2011-10-07 10:49AM UTC] #fw <PagaN> unplayble
[2011-10-07 10:50AM UTC] #fw <Glottis> PagaN your pc sucks perfect 60fps here
[2011-10-07 10:50AM UTC] #fw <Glottis> stop trolling
[2011-10-07 10:50AM UTC] #fw <Glottis> and my pc is 4 years old
[2011-10-07 10:50AM UTC] #fw <PagaN> pf
[2011-10-07 10:50AM UTC] #fw <Glottis> so nothing fancy
[2011-10-07 10:50AM UTC] #fw <wwJFnet87> my pc is from 2006
[2011-10-07 10:50AM UTC] #fw <PagaN> legit gare and gtx560ti
[2011-10-07 10:50AM UTC] #fw <PagaN> rage full of bugs
[2011-10-07 10:50AM UTC] #fw <wwJFnet87> dell gx270
[2011-10-07 10:50AM UTC] #fw <Ace1> my pc has onboard graphics
[2011-10-07 10:50AM UTC] #fw <Ace1> lol
[2011-10-07 10:51AM UTC] #fw <Dssman> I won't knock it…I just don't think I'd like it.
[2011-10-07 10:51AM UTC] #fw <PagaN> troll yout ass
[2011-10-07 10:52AM UTC] #fw <Glottis> PagaN well there are cfg tweaks, try them
[2011-10-07 10:52AM UTC] #fw <PagaN> now need wait rage patch and new video drivers
[2011-10-07 10:52AM UTC] #fw <Glottis> i had texture bugs but with tweaks it's now perfect
[2011-10-07 10:52AM UTC] #fw <PagaN> yeh texture fucked
[2011-10-07 10:52AM UTC] #fw <kRypt0n> cfg tweaks like enablebugs=true, change that to false
[2011-10-07 10:52AM UTC] #fw <PagaN> make me mad
[2011-10-07 10:52AM UTC] #fw <kRypt0n> fuckuptextures should also be false ;)
[2011-10-07 10:57AM UTC] #fw <PagaN> Glottis you installed nvidia beta driver 285.38 ?
[2011-10-07 11:00AM UTC] #fw <Glottis> yes
[2011-10-07 11:03AM UTC] #fw <Dssman> Now I did it. I was watching a rage trailer and now my son wants it. 20 gb transfer started at 7:02AM EST
[2011-10-07 11:03AM UTC] #fw <Dssman> 2 hour and 53 nminutes remaining
[2011-10-07 11:04AM UTC] #fw <Younge> ouch
[2011-10-07 11:05AM UTC] #fw <Dssman> I had 50mbit but my crappy harddrives in my server couldn't keep up..
[2011-10-07 11:05AM UTC] #fw <mROOT> Dssman – just riped me own copy of it 45mins from orig to hard drive
[2011-10-07 11:05AM UTC] #fw <Dssman> nice nice
[2011-10-07 11:06AM UTC] #fw <Eppie> Have just flashed my Xbox 360 LiteOn 74850 with LT 2.0. Many thanks!
[2011-10-07 11:07AM UTC] #fw <Dssman> Redbox has rage but only for ps3
[2011-10-07 11:09AM UTC] #fw <Sleepy> (stock CFW, stock drvive, banned Xbox) problem is: update from 13146DB -> 13599DB = e81 … fix ? thx
[2011-10-07 11:09AM UTC] #fw <Sleepy> *drive
[2011-10-07 11:12AM UTC] #fw <Eppie> Just download the update to a USB-stick?
[2011-10-07 11:12AM UTC] #fw <Dssman> sleepy you get e81 at console start or just updating
[2011-10-07 11:12AM UTC] #fw <MikeSter> any news on the new abgx?
[2011-10-07 11:12AM UTC] #fw <MikeSter> do they have a channel?
[2011-10-07 11:13AM UTC] #fw <Sargey> Is the new Dead Rising xgd2?
[2011-10-07 11:13AM UTC] #fw <MikeSter> looked like it
[2011-10-07 11:13AM UTC] #fw <Sargey> Cool. Thanks
[2011-10-07 11:13AM UTC] #fw <Eppie> Or clear your system cache?
[2011-10-07 11:14AM UTC] #fw <Dssman> I'd first try doing the hold in sync while power on…and then I'd try flashing the drive to stock ofw
[2011-10-07 11:14AM UTC] #fw <loftY> beaches
[2011-10-07 11:20AM UTC] #fw <President> hello

[2011-10-07 11:20AM UTC] #fw <c4eva> hello

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51 Responses to c4eva Spoke! (2011-10-07 #fw) (Including 5 Discussion Threads)

  1. avatar Jedi says:

    c4eva :D TODAY 0025 ?:)

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  2. avatar Anonymous says:


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  3. avatar C4evaaa says:


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  4. avatar deathFlesh says:

    Hi there C4 i'm looking the donation button…

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  5. avatar MaksFaTaLiTyPro says:

    Hi c4eva!
    Wanted to clarify, when will the firmware for slims drive? =)

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  6. avatar wender says:

    the bottom of my heart, thank you for your dedication to provide this freedom from self pelomenos cost in the original games in my country (Brazil). I think that everyone who uses your release should deposit a dollar to help pay the costs and time spent for you and your staff in this wonderful work you do.

    thank the whole team

    PS: I used google tranlator descupem why some grammatical error.

    do fundo do meu coração, muito obrigado pela sua dedicação em proporcionar essa liberdade em relação ao auto custo nos jogos originais pelomenos no meu país (brasil). acho eu que todos que usam o seu desbloqueio deveriam depositar um dolar para ajuda nas despesas e no tempo gasto de vocês e sua equipe nesse trabalho maravilhoso que vocês fazem.

    muito obrigado a toda equipe

    PS: usei o google tranlator por isso descupem algum erro gramatical.

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    • avatar KingOfTheSkill says:

      I'm sorry, I ment to like your comment but I hit the wrong button and it won't let me change it. By the way thanks for translating your comment before posting it.

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  7. avatar Belias says:

    Hello! Do you say when will abgx do the update supporting XGD3 iso? And xgd3 isos ripped witho fw 0800 are stealth for xbox live? Thank you! ^^

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  8. avatar bouki says:

    what about hitachi fat? please we are dying here

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  9. avatar nobody says:

    hello.when LT+2.0 liteon 0225 ?

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  10. avatar Vinnie says:

    Hello c4eva!!! Thanks for your time & job

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  11. avatar Sulli says:

    Hello c4eva thank you very much for all that you made.
    When what is that for the slim release

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  12. avatar azilgur says:

    c4eva hello and thank you for your great work. Is there something new for the hitachi 59 drive for support lt2.0? big thank you!

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  13. avatar looooooooooool says:

    Oh HI c4~!!

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  14. avatar José Renato says:

    Sorry for the inconvenience but I'm using a translator.
    C4 I wonder if you will release something scene for playstation 3?
    For the new console without games is about 3 months.
    The lt2.0 the slim will be released next week??

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  15. avatar Ali Najafi says:

    Thanks C4eva for all of your works !!! Waiting for your Next Miracle on Xbox slim (LT+2.0) !!!

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  16. avatar Master Blaster says:

    C4eva, please tell us when the Flash for Hitachi will arrive

    THX and greetz

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  17. avatar reniusito says:

    hello, c4, thank you for your hard work, some safety metod to update liteons 272 with 13146 dash without block with the new l+2.0? thanks

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  18. avatar Leopoldo says:

    When the HITACHI 0500, good job and thank you!

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  19. avatar thiago ferreira says:

    ola c4eva vcs sao os caras mais incriveis do mundo inteiro vcs merecem a nossa ajuda aqui do Brasil… eu quero doar uma contribucao em falem como eu faço e muito obrigado por este trabalho maravilhoso q vcs fazem…grato…

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  20. avatar Tyson says:


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  21. avatar thi1939 says:

    valeu c4eva vcs sao os melhores do mundo e a galera aqui do Barsil tem orgulho de vcs continuem assim …eu queria fazer uma doaçao me digam como eu posso doar…muitooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!obrigadoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!grato….

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  22. avatar thi1939 says:

    ola c4eva vs sao os melhoers quando sai a lt 2.0 para o 0225? to to loco pra jogar o forza 4….valeu…ai love you a equipe C4EVA……

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  23. avatar Tyson says:

    I need some help I downloaded Driver San Fransisco, that had XB3 in the name I don't know what that means, but I burnt it on dvd and tried to play it on my Benq drive but it won't load, it says play game but it won't play. Can somebody please help me with this

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  24. avatar Сергей says:

    @c4eva : Why so long in the testing of 0225??

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  25. avatar Tyson says:

    It's ok now I figured out it was for the 360 key and for Jtag consoles. So I deleted it I am just gonna buy the game and make a backup

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  26. avatar Tim says:

    Sai Kishor Samba on Ixtreme.net stated he found a new xbox 360 drive these are the stats:

    Philips Liteon
    Model : dg-16d5s -11b
    Man : july 2011
    Fw ver : 1175

    I hope C4eva gets this message and I hope it is passed along

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  27. avatar xboxgamer says:

    HI GUYS is Ace Combat: Assault Horizon will be a XGD3 OR XGD2 ???

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  28. avatar El Majico says:

    aspettiamo con ansia

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  29. avatar bergmeyer says:

    ja estou a espera do desbloqueio lt 2.0 pra os slim. obrigado mais uma c4eva………………..

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  30. avatar catvaan says:

    oh there how about the LT2.0 4 0225 thanks a lot

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  31. avatar watk says:

    Just tested Slim 05/2010 running LT 2.0/Gears 3 with spoofed drive dg16d2s on dash 13599 lol

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  32. avatar gazoncheg says:

    C4eva, thx for all. Kazakhstan is waiting for the release lt 2.0 for slim

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  33. avatar jose carlos rizo says:

    c4eva eres un crack me podrias decir cuando sale lt 2.0 slim.dia exacto gracias de antemano eres el rey de la scen

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  34. avatar Sarbast says:

    c4eva does there any problem with slim?

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  35. avatar Alejandro says:

    Hola buenos días necesito el firm del 0225!!j jejeje
    ¿como esta el firm?
    lo tendremos pronto?
    eres un dios!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  36. avatar Faraz says:

    Plz plz plz lt2+ for hitachi gl320 , we are waiting, thanks a lot for everything yo done for us

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  37. avatar Faraz says:

    Hi c4eva thanks a lot for every thing, plz lt2 for hitachi fat, thanks

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  38. avatar catvaan says:

    its weekeds? any news?

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  39. avatar Near says:

    Hi c4eva , thanks so much for the work you've done, I want to know if games xgd3 together with the fw Lt+ 2.0 are stealth on Xbox Live

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  40. avatar Tactic says:

    C4EVA, we love you all. You know that.
    You will never die !!!

    C4EVA 4EVA !!!

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  41. avatar Ziro says:

    Hi c4eva thanks a lot for every thing, Brazil is waiting for the release lt 2.0 for slim. Come visit Brazil

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  42. avatar nikt says:


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  43. avatar Anonymous says:

    any news on hitachi phat, dying to play gears 3 lol

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  44. avatar Anonymous says:

    Hello! Do you say when will abgx do the update supporting XGD3 iso? And xgd3 isos ripped witho fw 0800 are stealth for xbox live? Thank you! ^^

    I agree with you i have gdr3120l 78f hitachi (fat) we've been waiting i know C4EVA is working on it now or we should assume as the chart here at C4EVA speaks states work in progress it took a week after some models were released for others to come out.So i should'nt worry just yet.But i'm sure he'll tell people when it's being tested which i should assume is very soon as the other models are all released and finished now

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