c4eva Spoke! (2011-10-08 #c4e)

[2011-10-08 11:22AM UTC] #c4e <c4eva> fw is fine, working on forza 4 [Editor's note: c4eva has advised that Forza 4 should not be booted due to new checks and that a fix in LT+ is forthcoming]

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  1. avatar brotty says:

    although me still wanting me hitachi done wink wink lol but hay will wait in line and donate later when me got it as everything you do is worth waiting for mate!!

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  2. avatar jack says:

    when the hell is the fw getting relased

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  3. avatar Dave says:

    So what's the thing with Forza 4? Which version is good? XPG or ZRY? Or are both bad?

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  4. avatar french-maxell says:

    CIV is a fake or not ???? I think the DVD size is too small ! Please, answer me !!

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  5. avatar brotty says:

    its like a load of kids waiting for santa to get out of bed!!!!

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  6. avatar sandel says:

    I hope it will be out tonight,its in testing for almost 4 days,the phat drives was in testing just 2-3 days.Let us play gears and rage.Thanx

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  7. avatar obid says:

    [Editor's note: c4eva has advised that Forza 4 should not be booted due to new checks and that a fix in LT+ is forthcoming]
    what the hell?i hope this "fix" will be added in LT+2.0 for slims which is not released yet and don't need to wait for another one,

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  8. avatar Rodrigo says:

    how to clean my HITACHI 0500 dust?

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  9. avatar vanderson says:

    kkkkkkk. falei pra esperar o abgx360 porque eles trabalham melhor que o c4eva. agora as pessoas que gravaram jogos 0800, vão ficar flagados. FORZA CIV!

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  10. avatar yoshi2009 says:

    we hope u inform us about realse data of lt 2 for slim

    best regardes

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