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[2011-10-11 09:29AM UTC] #c4e <nicko7> so far everything looks dandy
[2011-10-11 09:29AM UTC] #c4e <blotsm> I don't think we know anything, kdisc…
[2011-10-11 09:29AM UTC] #c4e <TuFF> So far no problems, but very few reports on what's happened after the update.
[2011-10-11 09:29AM UTC] #c4e <nicko7> i dont know what the security update shit is about but i doubt its for the reset glitch
[2011-10-11 09:29AM UTC] #c4e <crwl> the only xgd3 games i want working are bf3 and mwf3
[2011-10-11 09:29AM UTC] #c4e <WUTANG198> has anyone updated?
[2011-10-11 09:30AM UTC] #c4e <reuter> yes
[2011-10-11 09:30AM UTC] #c4e <bowlinhac> if you don't want arkham city your crazy!
[2011-10-11 09:30AM UTC] #c4e <WUTANG198> flashes back to stock?
[2011-10-11 09:30AM UTC] #c4e <reuter> yep
[2011-10-11 09:30AM UTC] #c4e <HerpDerp> nope
[2011-10-11 09:30AM UTC] #c4e <nicko7> no
[2011-10-11 09:30AM UTC] #c4e <WUTANG198> lol yes or no
[2011-10-11 09:30AM UTC] #c4e <nicko7> no
[2011-10-11 09:30AM UTC] #c4e <reuter> i did
[2011-10-11 09:30AM UTC] #c4e <reuter> better safe than sorry
[2011-10-11 09:30AM UTC] #c4e <AmaroK> why would they bring an update against the reset glitch when the reset glitch is unpatchable?
[2011-10-11 09:30AM UTC] #c4e <nicko7> thats what im saying
[2011-10-11 09:30AM UTC] #c4e <WUTANG198> no no im saying did anyone update it with cfw and did it flash back to stock
[2011-10-11 09:30AM UTC] #c4e <nicko7> it cant be for the reset glitch
[2011-10-11 09:30AM UTC] #c4e <WUTANG198> not if u flashed it urself back to stock
[2011-10-11 09:31AM UTC] #c4e <alldrives> my gow3 backup playing fine!!!! on new dash
[2011-10-11 09:31AM UTC] #c4e <ADDZ> Updated on LiteOn LT= 2.0 fine, back-ups booting also (No idea how safe it is but GOW3 is playing)
[2011-10-11 09:31AM UTC] #c4e <ADDZ> http://gyazo.com/35c23165c8e714adf7e508ba526a746d.png
[2011-10-11 09:31AM UTC] #c4e <ADDZ> http://gyazo.com/dcbbeeb19b82e4788949654127b9fa7b.png
[2011-10-11 09:31AM UTC] #c4e <nicko7> no it did not flash back to stock
[2011-10-11 09:31AM UTC] #c4e <nicko7> he said he flashed his back to stock before he updated
[2011-10-11 09:31AM UTC] #c4e <TuFF> Thanks for the update ADDZ ;)
[2011-10-11 09:32AM UTC] #c4e <Opt1cal> guys allways flash back to stock before update common sense
[2011-10-11 09:32AM UTC] #c4e <blotsm> You guys didn't wait to see what the update did?… just flashed to stock and updated?
[2011-10-11 09:32AM UTC] #c4e <ADDZ> I just updated from LT 2.0 (But I'm not too bothered about a ban so wait for the team to have a look at it!)
[2011-10-11 09:32AM UTC] #c4e <nicko7> honestly i dont think theres any risk in not flashing back to stock
[2011-10-11 09:32AM UTC] #c4e <havok7> i never flash back to stock coz i dont even have xbl account so dot care at all
[2011-10-11 09:33AM UTC] #c4e <nicko7> if they can flag it that way then they can flag it period
[2011-10-11 09:33AM UTC] #c4e <nicko7> as soon as you sign on
[2011-10-11 09:33AM UTC] #c4e <nicko7> ive never flashed back once
[2011-10-11 09:33AM UTC] #c4e <AmaroK> it's better to flash back to stock first. I never did that and still unbanned, but then again I could get banned at any time
[2011-10-11 09:33AM UTC] #c4e <WUTANG198> nicko i got customers that dont
[2011-10-11 09:33AM UTC] #c4e <blotsm> Why do you say that…. c4eva might say he needs to update the fw.
[2011-10-11 09:33AM UTC] #c4e <TuFF> I've never flashed back to stalk
[2011-10-11 09:33AM UTC] #c4e <nanomad> So, what does the new dash add?
[2011-10-11 09:33AM UTC] #c4e <WUTANG198> family members etc
[2011-10-11 09:33AM UTC] #c4e <TuFF> stock*
[2011-10-11 09:33AM UTC] #c4e <nicko7> i still think the only way people get banned is through bad rips
[2011-10-11 09:33AM UTC] #c4e <WUTANG198> so they just take the chance
[2011-10-11 09:34AM UTC] #c4e <kappa> something new for forza4 ?
[2011-10-11 09:34AM UTC] #c4e <AmaroK> no?
[2011-10-11 09:34AM UTC] #c4e <Opt1cal> nop
[2011-10-11 09:34AM UTC] #c4e <TuFF> Why the hell is Forza being so protected by AP2.0?

[2011-10-11 09:34AM UTC] #c4e <c4eva> busy times :)

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46 Responses to c4eva Spoke! (2011-10-11 #c4e) (Including 7 Discussion Threads)

  1. avatar Supermonkey says:

    opps.. looks like LT 2.1 is not so soon..

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  2. avatar mrbad1 says:

    mmm a new system update tomorrow that wont add any new features………. Hang in there c4eva!! you can take these chumps :)

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  3. avatar DJ morbid says:

    whats the current situation regarding hitachi drives?

    im guessing c4e checks this page so if you could give us an indication on the progress ?
    is there a 2.0 for the hitachi thats even close to testing if not then whats the problem with the hitachi compared to all other drives ?

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  4. avatar ecoluis says:


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  5. avatar XX-360 says:

    we waiting C4EVA Thanks.

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  6. avatar YourSoulEater says:

    c4eva what about this system update, is it safe to play gears of war 3 rrod backup online?
    or microsoft activated something like CIV to ban people?
    waiting for your answer, really hope i can still play online because i've been waiting for so long to play gow3 and i've started co-op campaign yesterday but i predict that i'll have to play offline till new fw comes out.

    Thanks for your hardwork c4eva and TX.


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  7. avatar Sam says:

    hi.someone please answer my question.TNX.:

    Should i Update The New Dashboard for Xbox 360 which Released Today?

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  8. avatar wigan says:

    hi sam im in uk and have just updated my consol this morn im on a phat liteon running 1.9 no probs with update didnt reflash back to stock all back ups work

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  9. avatar .-.devilbringer.-. says:

    You poor silly… The CIV doesn't exists! I'm playing Forza4 from almost 2 days, and nothing happens…
    The CIV was a check on a Jtag console, because of bad game rip! To fix this problem, has been relesed a 2.24 dashboard.
    No problems on LiteOn LT 2.0! Come on, be serious!!!!

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    • avatar YourSoulEater says:

      yeah but i dont even know if microsoft can activate any new protection on gow3 or detect the fw that's why i wanna know if it's safe to update…a new update without any new functions is very suspicious dont u think?
      that's why i want the admin or c4eva to tell if its safe to update =)

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    • avatar ginge says:

      really? not slating you or anything dude, but c4eva even said he found this new civ check, if it was only jtag cause of bad rip then thats good

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  10. avatar Tim says:


    First off all thanks C4EVA for all your great work! I know people are waiting for hitachi firmware and what not but can someone explain what this new CIV is thats found on Forza 4? Is this some kind of online check or does it make games impossible to play?


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