c4eva Spoke! (2011-10-17 #fw)

[2011-10-17 08:44PM UTC] #fw <c4eva> A is NEC chipset=bad
[2011-10-17 08:45PM UTC] #fw <c4eva> Y is NEC chipset sorry, A=old
[2011-10-17 08:46PM UTC] #fw <c4eva> Y=bad
[2011-10-17 08:47PM UTC] #fw <c4eva> dont think they have made Y for awhile

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  1. avatar Canne says:

    no Lt+2.0 Hitachi GDR-3120L soon

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  2. avatar Anonymous says:

    how i now my dvd burner is liteon help

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    • avatar phrizz says:

      Look in your Device Manager under "DVD/CD-ROM drives"

      Right click My Computer -> Properties, Hardware tab, then Device Manager button
      Start -> Settings -> Control Panel -> System, Hardware tab, then Device Manager button

      Hope this helps!

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  3. avatar fernando says:

    forgiveness for my English. first of all thank you very much for your work, well here's my question let me know if MAX sucrase Burner LG iXtreme since in these parts of the world is very difficult to find a brand burner LITE ON and less available models have iXtreme Burner MAX not until scene here comes my xbox 360 at the moment. I hope your answer thanks and good luck friend.

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    • avatar phrizz says:

      If you're talking about the firmware for the DVD burners, the only supported drives are Lite-On not LG (also known as "LifesGood") and there has been no announcement of extending the burner firmware to other brands.

      The iXtreme (also known as Lt+ or LiteTouch) is firmware for the XBox360 DVD drive, and again there are no LG XBox360 drives.

      I'm not sure if this answers your question(s) m8, but I took a shot at it so hopefully it helps =)

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  4. avatar Claudio says:

    between what comes out the firmware for hitachi GDR-3120L? sorry for my bad english!

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  5. avatar 1 says:

    us hitachi owners are people too… any idea when 2.0 might be done? i hope we are not last priority..

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  6. avatar Anonymous says:

    msh1156: 122-18b works use the ihas524b and liteon flash utility crossflash the driveto ihas524b then it will work ,this works i did this today!

    hi mate you mean this one
    LiteOn iHAS524 B (SATA, Smart-Erase, LabelTag)
    • AL27 – stock

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  7. avatar leonardotorres says:

    I hava a question will this firmware eliminate xdg3 burning problems, Im talking about the fact that many peaple have to burn twice or even more times because they keep gettin "dirty disc error" when they play or try de copy the game on de HD,or is just a way for secure online playing?

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    • avatar brett says:

      If your getting errors like that you probably have bad media or a weak laser on your burner. Or possibly burning too fast. Ive had three burners Lightscribe , Liteon, and a Sony no problems with burns. If you use proper ISO's , media , and decent enough burner none of thos errors should occur. The B-MAX's purpose is to be able to burn 100% ISO to dvd DL media. So far have played Rage for 17hrs , Gears3 for 20hrs and Warhammer for about 10hrs all XGD3 no issues whatsoever. Unless you have a Samsung drive which has issues with LT2.0 and C4 is working on 2.01.

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    • avatar phrizz says:

      If the errors are related to CIV checks, I would say yes that this should fix the problem since you will now be able to burn the entire disc image as opposed to truncating and losing 2-3% at the end of the disc. But general "dirty disc" errors could be caused by a variety of different reasons.

      Sorry, I have a Hitachi so I haven't played any XGD3 backups yet, just my originals, so I'm not entirely familiar with the XGD3-related errors people have encountered on truncated discs.

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  8. avatar moobs says:

    H i t a c h i 2 . 0 P l e a s e.

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  9. avatar Red says:

    I have a fat xobx 360 with Lite-On player, burn the xgd3 with 2.4 x Pioneer DVR – D111, imgburn and dvd + r dl verbatim, never had errors Civ. It happens with dvd good or not made ​​in China.

    Another thing, master C4eva, with the next FW for Samsung LT 1.2 is not native, you can read the game xgd3?

    Please give me an answer?

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