c4eva Spoke! (2011-10-17 #fw)

[2011-10-17 08:44PM UTC] #fw <c4eva> A is NEC chipset=bad
[2011-10-17 08:45PM UTC] #fw <c4eva> Y is NEC chipset sorry, A=old
[2011-10-17 08:46PM UTC] #fw <c4eva> Y=bad
[2011-10-17 08:47PM UTC] #fw <c4eva> dont think they have made Y for awhile

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  1. avatar ijoK says:

    I also found these at a nearby retailer:

    iHAS524 – T08 B and iHAS124-06 B –

    I'm confused. Do these
    'T08 and the 06 ' matter or not?

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  2. avatar xbeen says:

    hi c4eva
    i have Lite-on iHAS324-32 Y, is that will be supported soon??
    or only B drives??

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  3. avatar dsfghj says:

    metrx: you ARE a f**king moron, if you payed attention all of these question have already been answered……..

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  4. avatar ToXa says:

    Can anybody tell me, how to understand, what version of drive is in shop?
    Is there some link between 124-04, 124-19, 124-34 fnd those letters A, B, Y?

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  5. avatar Yoyo says:

    After we have burned a disc with this new fw on the lite-on drives would it be possible to copy the disc with 2 standered drives? (eg burning tower)

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  6. avatar Porblem says:

    I have to order this from a online store, there's no place's where I can look for these driver in where I live.
    The only place where I found the drive is this this place.

    It doesn't say that what version it is, A, B or Y. Is there a way to know which one I will get if I order this?
    Someone sais that all the new ones are version B, but I don't know if this old or new stock.

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  7. avatar Juri says:

    Hi c4eva you have done a great jobb and saved us once again!

    I need to buy a new drive so i can burn the new XDG3 games and was wondering if this one will work becouse can find the "original" Liteon iHAS124B.

    I only found this one in the EU http://www.webhallen.com/hardvara/106943-lite-on_intern_sata_dvdrw_24x-svart

    It's the Lite-On Intern SATA DVD±RW 24x – black (Dual-Layer) (IHAS124-19) (Bulk)

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  8. avatar J4eva says:

    After we have burned a disc with this new fw on the lite-on drives would it be possible to copy the disc with 2 standered drives? (eg burning tower)

    only if the drives where the lite-on's with new firmware.

    THINK before you post… WHY do we need the Verb's and the Firmware? and then slap yourself in the face.

    The Verbs = Excellent quality, at the moment, theres around 1/2/3mm or whatever left on the edge of the disc which isn't being written to..

    now normal discs are flaky here to record to due to quality so thats why they tend to leave it off (hence the 8.5GB)

    now Verbs are great quality which means they actually seem to be working ok…

    The firmware for the drive FORCES the drive to burn to this unknown territory on the discs which generally throws up errors and such…

    so you HAVE to have the firmware…. not so much the verbs.. but they are the only ones which didnt error.

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  9. avatar Andy says:

    hi this is the first time, C4eva could you tell me if a SH-S223L drive will work. Or are you just making firmware for Lite-on's.
    Thanks in advance for any replys

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