c4eva Spoke! (2011-10-17 #fw)

[2011-10-17 08:44PM UTC] #fw <c4eva> A is NEC chipset=bad
[2011-10-17 08:45PM UTC] #fw <c4eva> Y is NEC chipset sorry, A=old
[2011-10-17 08:46PM UTC] #fw <c4eva> Y=bad
[2011-10-17 08:47PM UTC] #fw <c4eva> dont think they have made Y for awhile

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  1. avatar memduh usta says:

    so the "t32" in "IHAS524-T32 B" doesn't matter? i mean "IHAS524-T32 B" and the "IHAS524B" are the same?? i know similar questions were answered but not this particular model..

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  2. avatar venom12 says:

    If i have Ihas 122 i cant do nothing?

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  3. avatar balta says:

    i have liteon IHAS122 B ,would it work?

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  4. avatar Max says:

    I have the same question that you have Porblem.
    Can anyone tell me how to identify the drive without instal in the computer case and see in the the device manager?
    In Pixmania have not the letter A, B or Y.

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  5. avatar martin says:

    finally can we put forza 4 in drives with LT+2.0 & play it.thanks c4eva

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  6. avatar Dimon says:

    Is this drive ok Lite-On DVD±RW/DVD iHAS124-34B Black?

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  7. avatar Adrian says:

    Please recommend an extermal case for this drive!

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  8. avatar mommy says:

    "The PC DVD burner fw allows for burning 100% of an XGD3 ISO to regular DVD+R DL discs. Preferred media for error-free burns are Verbatim MKM001 (burning at 2.4x), and Verbatim MKM003 (burning at 2.4x or 4x)."

    Does this mean we dont have to use MKM003 disc for XGD3 games anymore ?

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  9. avatar Crosap says:

    hi guys, i'm sorry but i still don't get the Y A B thing on the burners, i need to buy new ones 'cause mine are LG.

    should these work? http://pcfactory.cl/producto/777-DVDRW.SATA.24x.Negro.OEM

    on my country there are not many places to go look for harware.

    im sorry about my english, i hope everything is understendable

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