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[2011-10-21 09:17PM UTC] #c4e <grifter35> messah..i hope so
[2011-10-21 09:18PM UTC] #c4e <Messeh> just asking your opinion and thoughts :)
[2011-10-21 09:18PM UTC] #c4e <Tilde88> I tried to flash my crystal ball to a Magic 8ball to help you
[2011-10-21 09:18PM UTC] #c4e <xombiemp> doesn't look like there needs to be an upgrade. just added to the verified database
[2011-10-21 09:18PM UTC] #c4e <Tilde88> thanks… I bricked it
[2011-10-21 09:18PM UTC] #c4e <Dssman> My 8 ball doesn't even work right
[2011-10-21 09:18PM UTC] #c4e <hiker135> Cypher21: Can you or someone else take a screenshot of what good K-Probe results look like?
[2011-10-21 09:18PM UTC] #c4e <Volgera> @Cypher21: Can I get K-Probe2 instead?
[2011-10-21 09:18PM UTC] #c4e <skynets> Tilde88 its doing a scan right now. what should i be looking for to know if my console is possibly banned
[2011-10-21 09:18PM UTC] #c4e <xombiemp> red
[2011-10-21 09:18PM UTC] #c4e <Tilde88> thats not what you check
[2011-10-21 09:19PM UTC] #c4e <Tilde88> you said that you are trying to check your CONSOLE?
[2011-10-21 09:19PM UTC] #c4e <Cypher21> thats the one volgera
[2011-10-21 09:19PM UTC] #c4e <MrRx7> http://www.xecuter.com/forums/showthread.php?t=73298
[2011-10-21 09:19PM UTC] #c4e <Tilde88> if so then its under system info
[2011-10-21 09:19PM UTC] #c4e <Tilde88> and a program called XVal
[2011-10-21 09:19PM UTC] #c4e <Volgera> @Cypher21: k tnxs
[2011-10-21 09:19PM UTC] #c4e <Tilde88> skynets PM me if want help
[2011-10-21 09:20PM UTC] #c4e <skynets> is it true that the new dash doesnt output anything so xval is useless?
[2011-10-21 09:20PM UTC] #c4e <Tilde88> idk
[2011-10-21 09:20PM UTC] #c4e <Volgera> people say so
[2011-10-21 09:20PM UTC] #c4e <Dssman> Can you get on live?
[2011-10-21 09:20PM UTC] #c4e <Tilde88> ive read a few things about Zval popping up but i couldnt tellyou
[2011-10-21 09:20PM UTC] #c4e <Dssman> Then yer not banned I guess?
[2011-10-21 09:20PM UTC] #c4e <skynets> i can get on live
[2011-10-21 09:21PM UTC] #c4e <Tilde88> no ban
[2011-10-21 09:21PM UTC] #c4e <turny> original disc with 0800 v3 and burn with new fw and burner, no abgx needed :/
[2011-10-21 09:21PM UTC] #c4e <sorta> xval will let you know if a console is banned (old style banned with Z code) or if you failed the ap2.5 challenge
[2011-10-21 09:21PM UTC] #c4e <farQhard> mrrx7 is that prefered
[2011-10-21 09:21PM UTC] #c4e <Tilde88> yes @ turny
[2011-10-21 09:21PM UTC] #c4e <sorta> turny how do you check if the rips are correct or uncorrupted?
[2011-10-21 09:21PM UTC] #c4e <Tilde88> re rip
[2011-10-21 09:21PM UTC] #c4e <Tilde88> and CRC check/md5
[2011-10-21 09:21PM UTC] #c4e <Tilde88> :D
[2011-10-21 09:21PM UTC] #c4e <sorta> and both are corrupted?
[2011-10-21 09:22PM UTC] #c4e <Tilde88> then you are too scared
[2011-10-21 09:22PM UTC] #c4e <Tilde88> dont try it
[2011-10-21 09:22PM UTC] #c4e <sorta> *if both
[2011-10-21 09:22PM UTC] #c4e <Volgera> do it thrice
[2011-10-21 09:22PM UTC] #c4e <turny> i assume its correct cos i did it
[2011-10-21 09:22PM UTC] #c4e <djnaff> and if uploaders is corrupted
[2011-10-21 09:22PM UTC] #c4e <farQhard> hey turny
[2011-10-21 09:22PM UTC] #c4e <Cypher21> lol
[2011-10-21 09:22PM UTC] #c4e <sorta> yes turny but you're not a tard
[2011-10-21 09:22PM UTC] #c4e <sorta> :P
[2011-10-21 09:22PM UTC] #c4e <Tilde88> 0800= C4E . In c4e we trust blindly.
[2011-10-21 09:22PM UTC] #c4e <sorta> can't say the same for a lot of other peopple
[2011-10-21 09:22PM UTC] #c4e <Tilde88> Point period.
[2011-10-21 09:22PM UTC] #c4e <Cypher21> wow, that coming from sorta is a compliment

[2011-10-21 09:23PM UTC] #c4e <c4eva> ixtreme burner max firmwares/samsung LT 2.01/new jungleflasher released within 24 hours!

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  1. avatar tomy says:

    Very good.

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  2. avatar phrizz says:

    Just as predicted..Samsung gets their 2.01 fix before Hitachi even see's a 2.0. I suppose I understand if Samsung simply needed a minor tweak or two, but it's definitely disappointing news for Hitachi owners

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    • avatar Canne says:

      we have to burn our Hitachi's :( (

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    • avatar jeckel says:

      at least now you will have c4s time for hitachi drive (i dont have a hitachi but i see how it could be unfair)

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    • avatar iHack13 says:

      but Hitachi owners should be thankful that c4e is willing to save their asses wheras MS hasn't cared about them.
      They should be happy that they are gonna get a fw at all

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      • avatar phrizz says:

        Just as all the other XBox360 owners should be happy that they get CFW, Hitachi is no different other than they're always last.

        On the "MS cares" subject; MS cares so much about the Lite-On owners that they've come out with half a dozen or more different models/revisions and SPI locks just to help us out and protect us, right? =p

        We'll just have to agree to disagree m8, we definitely don't see eye to eye on this matter considering I have a Hitachi 79 and you probably have, well, ANY other drive and running Lt+ 2.0. I could be wrong, and if I am then my apologies m8

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        • avatar sean says:

          Word up phrizz all those who give a thumbs down whenever someone asks a question about hitachi are probably already running 2.0 so they can go eat a d**k. I agree 100 % that if you are gonna show love to the masses dont just do it halfway, do it to the fullest. Yes i have a hitachi. Yes ive had it since launch and yes i pirate games so what. C4 if your gonna do this s**t do it. If its about the scene then show love to the scene. Hitachi was the first and probably the best drive

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          • avatar phrizz says:

            Thanks sean, my initial comment wasn't even knocking anyone or any other drive. I simply stated that my prediction from two-three days ago was correct and is disappointing for Hitachi. Then I get blasted with "just be glad c4 is saving your ass" and a bunch of thumbs-down as if I shot man-juice into their Cap'N'Crunch cereal or something.

            Oh well, I'm sure the majority of them are running 2.0 as we speak, so my suggestion to them is: go play your 2.0! what are you still doing here getting upset over Hitachi comments?


      • avatar sean says:

        No you should shut the bleep up and get a life captain save em

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        • avatar sean says:

          Yeah people dont like anyone to mention hitachi here its like the black plague but as you stated sammy and lite on owners were asking the same questions

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          • avatar phrizz says:

            It's alright m8, there are definitely short memories on these boards. A thumbs-up thumbs-down war is really quite petty and frankly I don't come here to start arguments over quite trivial things.

            I try to help when I can, and I state my opinion(s) on occasion. If some folks don't like my opinion, that's fine, disagree with me; as I said we can agree to disagree and be done with it.

            If you can't tell from my avatar, I'm a pretty laid back dude so if something I say comes off as rude or condescending, I can almost guarantee that it wasn't my intention. Hell, I even apologize if I feel or think that I might be incorrect.

    • avatar phrizz says:

      lol, thumbs-down because you don't own a Hitachi so you couldn't care less about what anyone with a Hitachi has to say? Sad..you do realize we all listened to hundreds of the same Lite-On posts prior to it's 2.0 FW release, yea? =p

      Seems like I stated a fact, and it rubbed everyone without a Hitachi the wrong way somehow..so they thumbs-down..even more sad.

      Hide behind the anonymity that thumbs-down provides you for this post too =)

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      • avatar jeckelbrothers says:

        hey i dont want to p some on off but i think the reason for hitachi's being last i think its because of how many fw's there are. but i do feel you that hitachi use do bight the dust when a new fw comes out. in a way i wish for all hitachi fat users that they do what they did with lite on fat drives and make a fw that works with all hitachi's! (ps i do not have a hitachi i hace a benq, a lite on, and a samsung drive)

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        • avatar phrizz says:

          I hear ya jeckel, but really there are only two distinctive Hitachi phats. 78/79 and pre-78/79. But I agree, a full pack that supports all Hitachi revisions would certainly not only please Hitachi owners, but would apparently also please everyone else who has eternal hatred for anyone with a Hitachi lol

          cheers m8 =)

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    • avatar bob says:

      @phrizz jesus shut the hell up, go buy a liteon xbox in the meantime then.. be thankful u can do this at all

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  3. avatar gentynha says:

    Great news
    Thank c4eve

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  4. avatar xombiemp says:

    phrizz: treme burner max firmwares/samsung LT 2.0

    Oh, for real dude! You should totally get a refund.

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  5. avatar aeternal says:

    Trust me, I'm just as frustrated and disappointed as all the rest of the hitachi people out there… starting to feel like there's anti Japanese sentiment going on!

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  6. avatar Mon3yshotzz says:

    Thanks C4EVA!!! Great work, cant wait till release

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  7. avatar Term2012 says:

    and there was a war cry out of the dark……HITACHI!!!!!!!!

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  8. avatar zetman says:

    and hitachi´s ?…….

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  9. avatar Cueball1878 says:

    Great News C4eva You Do a Awesome Job!!!

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  10. avatar Scott Peters says:

    I would like to make a donation to support all of C4E's efforts, where is the best place to do that?

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