c4eva Spoke! (2011-10-21 #fw)

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[2011-10-21 09:17PM UTC] #fw <ManU07> thats what i did $100 for console and all acessories and gta4
[2011-10-21 09:17PM UTC] #fw <ChuckNorr> its my main box with LT2.0 right now
[2011-10-21 09:17PM UTC] #fw <Fenny> ManU07: Not a bad idea… don't care if it's banned…
[2011-10-21 09:18PM UTC] #fw <ManU07> wont be banned most likely
[2011-10-21 09:18PM UTC] #fw <ManU07> its a slim
[2011-10-21 09:18PM UTC] #fw <vegas2222> heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
[2011-10-21 09:18PM UTC] #fw <hackteck> what happened to the rapture
[2011-10-21 09:18PM UTC] #fw <DeeX> lol
[2011-10-21 09:18PM UTC] #fw <_vcdplaya> anyone use rapidrar?
[2011-10-21 09:18PM UTC] #fw <ManU07> no rapture till after bf3 release
[2011-10-21 09:19PM UTC] #fw <ChuckNorr> OK so what hardware to I need to JTAG a Xenon?? A JTAG programmer of some sort?
[2011-10-21 09:19PM UTC] #fw <Fenny> ManU07: True I am excited to see what happens with thee next banwave… of mutilation.
[2011-10-21 09:19PM UTC] #fw <ManU07> yo uneed a cpld and a programmer for it
[2011-10-21 09:19PM UTC] #fw <Glottis> you can't glitch a xenon, only jtag
[2011-10-21 09:19PM UTC] #fw <ManU07> ah xenon didnt notice that
[2011-10-21 09:20PM UTC] #fw <ManU07> xenos are fn trash
[2011-10-21 09:20PM UTC] #fw <ManU07> jlet the bitch die
[2011-10-21 09:20PM UTC] #fw <Fenny> I agree.
[2011-10-21 09:20PM UTC] #fw <Glottis> 1
[2011-10-21 09:20PM UTC] #fw <ChuckNorr> all I have is a TI MSP430 programmere
[2011-10-21 09:20PM UTC] #fw <ManU07> hitachi drive also?
[2011-10-21 09:20PM UTC] #fw <mastag23> you cant glitch xenon
[2011-10-21 09:20PM UTC] #fw <Fenny> Her said jtag.
[2011-10-21 09:20PM UTC] #fw <Glottis> ChuckNorr go read jtagging guides
[2011-10-21 09:21PM UTC] #fw <Glottis> there are plenty
[2011-10-21 09:21PM UTC] #fw <ManU07> any new updates on lt max release or same shizzle?
[2011-10-21 09:21PM UTC] #fw <Fenny> Chuck, you can build a nand programmer from a parallel cable, and a pc.
[2011-10-21 09:21PM UTC] #fw <Glottis> ManU07 nope, but you can now play all games on reset glitch
[2011-10-21 09:21PM UTC] #fw <ManU07> lol ya i know
[2011-10-21 09:21PM UTC] #fw <ChuckNorr> really? sweet… lol whats a parralel cabel again the DB-25 or DB-9 ??
[2011-10-21 09:22PM UTC] #fw <hackteck> what hardware do you need for a reset glitch anyway
[2011-10-21 09:22PM UTC] #fw <ManU07> got 2 glitch slims and 3 jtags im good
[2011-10-21 09:22PM UTC] #fw <coughee> StarDrone.PSN.PS3-DUPLEX
[2011-10-21 09:22PM UTC] #fw <Glottis> crazy
[2011-10-21 09:22PM UTC] #fw <Fenny> 25
[2011-10-21 09:22PM UTC] #fw <coughee> :D
[2011-10-21 09:22PM UTC] #fw <ChuckNorr> OK cool I have some 25's
[2011-10-21 09:22PM UTC] #fw <Fenny> db9 is serial.
[2011-10-21 09:22PM UTC] #fw <ChuckNorr> :D
[2011-10-21 09:22PM UTC] #fw <ChuckNorr> yeah tahts right
[2011-10-21 09:22PM UTC] #fw <Glottis> hackteck same as jtag programmable chip
[2011-10-21 09:22PM UTC] #fw <ChuckNorr> i knew that heh
[2011-10-21 09:22PM UTC] #fw <ChuckNorr> just wanted to make sure
[2011-10-21 09:22PM UTC] #fw <ManU07> i hope tx gets a move on with thier glitch chip
[2011-10-21 09:22PM UTC] #fw <ManU07> i have 5 ordered
[2011-10-21 09:22PM UTC] #fw <hackteck> can you use a usb jtag for a jtag
[2011-10-21 09:23PM UTC] #fw <ChuckNorr> do I need any resistors or transistors or anything to build the probrammer?
[2011-10-21 09:23PM UTC] #fw <ManU07> just buy one its like $10
[2011-10-21 09:23PM UTC] #fw <Fenny> might want to put an rj45 end on it, and solder the wires to a new rj45 port on the xbox makes reflashing easier… if required.

[2011-10-21 09:23PM UTC] #fw <c4eva> ixtreme burner max firmwares/samsung LT 2.01/new jungleflasher released within 24 hours!

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6 Responses to c4eva Spoke! (2011-10-21 #fw) (Including One Discussion Thread)

  1. avatar landon says:

    here we go…thank you c4eva, thank you so much team jungle & team xecuter

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  2. avatar Pabloncho says:

    Good!!! i waiting the custom Firmware for lite-On Recorders =) i really wanna try!! your amazing mod!

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  3. avatar albert says:

    does anyone know if its safe to to the OCT.11.11 update. please answer i really want to play xbox liv. did c4eva say anything about that?

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  4. avatar Deebuzz says:

    Could anyone please tell us, if its possible to play full burned discs on non LT2.0+ OLD Hitachi drives?

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  5. avatar Deebuzz says:

    Thx, then i don't need to buy a new burner yet ;)

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