c4eva Spoke! (2011-10-22 #c4e)

[2011-10-22 01:04PM UTC] #c4e <c4eva> hello :)
[2011-10-22 01:27PM UTC] #c4e <TomBrady> Is there an ETA on the burner max firmware yet?
[2011-10-22 01:27PM UTC] #c4e <c4eva> just getting things ready, soon!
[2011-10-22 02:09PM UTC] #c4e <c4eva> release imminent!

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[2011-10-22 08:46PM UTC] #c4e <anglis> Yes alldrives :)
[2011-10-22 08:46PM UTC] #c4e <enepote> VERYFIED OK!!!!! THANKS TO ALL!!!!
[2011-10-22 08:47PM UTC] #c4e <ThatDude> djnaff: Did you try labeltag?
[2011-10-22 08:47PM UTC] #c4e <kRypt0n> more if possible to get proper results, burning just one disc and having it fail doesn't mean anything
[2011-10-22 08:47PM UTC] #c4e <djnaff> http://www.djnaff.com/pics/c04f29ba8c290978f084cb40db3f6ba4.jpg
[2011-10-22 08:47PM UTC] #c4e <wwJFnet34> so i have 124B so burn verbs (mkm 001) at 2.4 spped with opc off and verify on?
[2011-10-22 08:47PM UTC] #c4e <Abdiel> so about crossflashing, is it really the exact same hardware? can you buy a 124 and flash it to 624?
[2011-10-22 08:47PM UTC] #c4e <djnaff> ^ ThatDude
[2011-10-22 08:47PM UTC] #c4e <soete> any idea on when firmware for the phat hitachi's are coming out?
[2011-10-22 08:47PM UTC] #c4e <Jaimbo> i have burned 2 games the first veriefied and installed and im veryfing the second one but i am wondering is i really necessary to verify every burn
[2011-10-22 08:47PM UTC] #c4e <djnaff> but its no good for xbox
[2011-10-22 08:47PM UTC] #c4e <alldrives> <wwJFnet34> yes
[2011-10-22 08:47PM UTC] #c4e <ThatDude> Funky stuff man
[2011-10-22 08:47PM UTC] #c4e <kRypt0n> djnaff: depends what you burned on it :)
[2011-10-22 08:48PM UTC] #c4e <Jaimbo> verifying takes ages
[2011-10-22 08:48PM UTC] #c4e <alldrives> <Jaimbo> yes, verify
[2011-10-22 08:48PM UTC] #c4e <alldrives> <Jaimbo> in imgburn
[2011-10-22 08:48PM UTC] #c4e <soete> any idea on when firmware for the phat hitachi's are coming out?
[2011-10-22 08:48PM UTC] #c4e <Jaimbo> yes i know in imgurn
[2011-10-22 08:48PM UTC] #c4e <hackteck> what was the abgx360 chan again
[2011-10-22 08:48PM UTC] #c4e <Morpheu5> how to play xgd3 on hitachi drivers :
[2011-10-22 08:48PM UTC] #c4e <djnaff> #PEBKAC
[2011-10-22 08:48PM UTC] #c4e <hackteck> thanks
[2011-10-22 08:48PM UTC] #c4e <Jaimbo> its just that it takes ages to verify
[2011-10-22 08:48PM UTC] #c4e <[Death|]> u cant play on hitachi
[2011-10-22 08:48PM UTC] #c4e <logan`> B3NJAMIN: as of v5.6 it does it automatically if the hardware has it
[2011-10-22 08:48PM UTC] #c4e <[Death|]> for the million time
[2011-10-22 08:48PM UTC] #c4e <Grimms> jaimbo: 20 minutes more and it gives you relief
[2011-10-22 08:48PM UTC] #c4e <Admas> hmm.. i just got verify error on verb mkm003 at 50%.. wtf?
[2011-10-22 08:48PM UTC] #c4e <kRypt0n> djnaff: do you know if the drive is actually doing OPC when OPC is enabled or is it doing something else?
[2011-10-22 08:49PM UTC] #c4e <alldrives> <Jaimbo> 20 mins, geeees
[2011-10-22 08:49PM UTC] #c4e <Grimms> make sure to save your IMGburn log file for vertification purposes
[2011-10-22 08:49PM UTC] #c4e <djnaff> should be doing opc
[2011-10-22 08:49PM UTC] #c4e <Grimms> Adamn did you click opc and burn at 4X?
[2011-10-22 08:49PM UTC] #c4e <sukalis> djnaff how much do the kProbe results actually matter? Like when you burn and verify successfully with imgburn, does that rate the burn as good or still depends on kProbe results?
[2011-10-22 08:50PM UTC] #c4e <Grimms> admas i mean?
[2011-10-22 08:50PM UTC] #c4e <Admas> Grimms: yes, i did that
[2011-10-22 08:50PM UTC] #c4e <f-s> i had a bad burn mkm-003 opc on 4x
[2011-10-22 08:50PM UTC] #c4e <scat3> do we have to set booktype or anything like that in imgburn?
[2011-10-22 08:50PM UTC] #c4e <Jaimbo> kprobe wth is kpreobe
[2011-10-22 08:50PM UTC] #c4e <f-s> burned fine at 2.4x though
[2011-10-22 08:50PM UTC] #c4e <soete> i know you cant play on hitachi yet but has c4e said anything about the firmware release for them?
[2011-10-22 08:50PM UTC] #c4e <Jaimbo> am i missing something
[2011-10-22 08:50PM UTC] #c4e <Grimms> hmmm…
[2011-10-22 08:50PM UTC] #c4e <[Death|]> nope, nothing said.
[2011-10-22 08:50PM UTC] #c4e <soete> dang
[2011-10-22 08:50PM UTC] #c4e <soete> thanks
[2011-10-22 08:50PM UTC] #c4e <scat3> do we have to set booktype or anything like that in imgburn?
[2011-10-22 08:50PM UTC] #c4e <kRypt0n> Jaimbo: disc quality tester, same as dvd info pro and cd speed, only newer (probably better too)

[2011-10-22 08:50PM UTC] #c4e <c4eva> soete:yes,soon

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17 Responses to c4eva Spoke! (2011-10-22 #c4e) (Including 2 Discussion Threads)

  1. avatar c4eISGOD says:

    thx for everything you do c4eva for work is much appreciated. I sincerely appreciate the hard work your incredible talents let you create.

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  2. avatar Rosy says:

    There will also a pack where anything goes? LT+2 , 0800 for liteon and benq ,Ixtreme burn, abgx, XBC, etc. ..

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  3. avatar Rosig says:

    Es wird auch eine Packung, wo alles möglich ist? LT +2, 0800 für LiteOn und BenQ, Ixtreme brennen, abgx, XBC, etc. ..

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  4. avatar jsmokey says:

    hey c4 where is the firmware going to be released like what website it would be nice if you could reply :) thank you

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  5. avatar gingeee85 says:


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  6. avatar IGOR says:

    Good evening c4eva and others! I already wrote earlier but why that nobody has answered a question interesting me. In requirements to insertion LiteOn Burner appear Verbatim MKM003 or 001. And if at me Mirex too with MKM003? The matrix same, but they is cheaper twice and quality good. Whether it is possible to use them instead of Verbatim? This question is very important!

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  7. avatar Drew says:

    How will we know which games are safe to burn and play? What I read before only RRoD rips are good… haven't seen any from them in some time.

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  8. avatar linnx88 says:

    Waiting with intense anticipation….sooo close now. :)

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  9. avatar silin65 says:

    when will the firmware for hitachi?

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  10. avatar miakx says:

    Imminent is killing me ! T__T

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