c4eva Spoke! (2011-10-22 #fw)

[2011-10-22 08:10AM UTC] #fw <OGHUGO> the burner max software will be released soon and will it just work out of the box with imgburn .?
[2011-10-22 08:10AM UTC] #fw <c4eva> yes
[2011-10-22 08:11AM UTC] #fw <devil2005> is there a point of crossflashing with your FW before you upgrade or will the all drives act the same with the firmware and have all the features ?
[2011-10-22 08:12AM UTC] #fw <nuub162> can i burn at 4x on a mkm001?
[2011-10-22 08:12AM UTC] #fw <c4eva> devil:fw for each model
[2011-10-22 08:13AM UTC] #fw <nuub162> even though the recommended for mkm003 is 4x
[2011-10-22 08:13AM UTC] #fw <c4eva> nuub:mkm001 2.4x
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[2011-10-22 08:50PM UTC] #fw <birdmnags> I ran richojpn through kprobe and it came back with 74 max for pfi and max 5 for pi
[2011-10-22 08:50PM UTC] #fw <SonicSam> kProbe setup keeps freezing on "Registering fonts"
[2011-10-22 08:50PM UTC] #fw <SonicSam> lol
[2011-10-22 08:50PM UTC] #fw <tosspot> They shouldnt do
[2011-10-22 08:50PM UTC] #fw <SonicSam> installing
[2011-10-22 08:50PM UTC] #fw <tosspot> Works for me
[2011-10-22 08:50PM UTC] #fw <AR_156> BF3 keeps rebooting after "Press start button", bad fw? bad burn?
[2011-10-22 08:51PM UTC] #fw <Krahmer> the dye is very high quality, so unless the disc is at fault (bad batch) or the drive, you wont get any errors
[2011-10-22 08:51PM UTC] #fw <tosspot> I'm running my first backup through it now
[2011-10-22 08:51PM UTC] #fw <mIRC_Ya> In the reviews I see someone saying the 124 they bought is "B" as well.
[2011-10-22 08:51PM UTC] #fw <jaycboy> hey can anyone from uk confirm these burners ok for burner max http://www.ebuyer.com/176026-liteon-ihas124-19-24x-dvd-rw-dl-ram-sata-optical-drive-oem-ihas124-19
[2011-10-22 08:51PM UTC] #fw <tosspot> I have a 124 from newegg and it's a B
[2011-10-22 08:51PM UTC] #fw <Pedobear1> how do u patch the bf3 with the 0800 files it came with xbgx dont support xgd3 yet
[2011-10-22 08:51PM UTC] #fw <tosspot> But right now I'm using a crossed asus drive
[2011-10-22 08:51PM UTC] #fw <alldrives> <AR_156> failing civ
[2011-10-22 08:51PM UTC] #fw <^3rt> nice
[2011-10-22 08:51PM UTC] #fw <^3rt> flasher up
[2011-10-22 08:51PM UTC] #fw <mIRC_Ya> now we have 2
[2011-10-22 08:51PM UTC] #fw <tosspot> Which seems to be performing perfectly
[2011-10-22 08:51PM UTC] #fw <mIRC_Ya> =)
[2011-10-22 08:51PM UTC] #fw <crispice> yep just get 124
[2011-10-22 08:51PM UTC] #fw <funkwares> Yeah, if you call verbatim and tell them you got a bad disc they gave me a 30 pack free
[2011-10-22 08:51PM UTC] #fw <SonicSam> !
[2011-10-22 08:52PM UTC] #fw <SonicSam> really funkwares
[2011-10-22 08:52PM UTC] #fw <SonicSam> what makes it a bad disc
[2011-10-22 08:52PM UTC] #fw <mIRC_Ya> ty <crispice>…no reason to wait on 324's to come back in stock then I guess…ty all
[2011-10-22 08:52PM UTC] #fw <tosspot> Theh stand by the quality of their products
[2011-10-22 08:52PM UTC] #fw <erik_> i asked this before but, here is a .dvd file included with Gears of war 3… should i use it with my flashed 624?
[2011-10-22 08:52PM UTC] #fw <DiRTY-D> Does anyone here know if Rocksmith (US) is region free?
[2011-10-22 08:52PM UTC] #fw <LT-MAXXX> ar_156 did u burn using burnermax?
[2011-10-22 08:52PM UTC] #fw <funkwares> I got a bad burn about a year ago and they asked for the serial number on the disc, they said it was a bad batch and sent me a 30 pk free
[2011-10-22 08:52PM UTC] #fw <ChuckNorr> DiRTY-D what does it matter you don't have a USB to 1/4" cable do you?
[2011-10-22 08:53PM UTC] #fw <SonicSam> nice
[2011-10-22 08:53PM UTC] #fw <mROOT> none of mine is passing 49% on ver on arite dvd
[2011-10-22 08:53PM UTC] #fw <Ded> whats civ error is that sometihng the 360 displays
[2011-10-22 08:53PM UTC] #fw <FlintTown> http://imgur.com/OhABM
[2011-10-22 08:53PM UTC] #fw <Dthruking> anyone here burn an xgd3 disc yet?
[2011-10-22 08:53PM UTC] #fw <DiRTY-D> ChuckNorr: I want to order the game from the states
[2011-10-22 08:53PM UTC] #fw <Dthruking> please pm me
[2011-10-22 08:53PM UTC] #fw <AR_156> burnt with 124b burnmax fw
[2011-10-22 08:53PM UTC] #fw <FlintTown> ok so hotfile is racist
[2011-10-22 08:53PM UTC] #fw <[Death|]> nice c4eva just said soon for the hitachi fw :)
[2011-10-22 08:53PM UTC] #fw <wwJFnet47> ? updates
[2011-10-22 08:53PM UTC] #fw <ChuckNorr> ahh I see
[2011-10-22 08:53PM UTC] #fw <^3rt> dcthuking: make sure you dont put the disc in the tray upside down
[2011-10-22 08:53PM UTC] #fw <changO-> ? jf
[2011-10-22 08:53PM UTC] #fw <reace> <mroot> try 4x :)
[2011-10-22 08:53PM UTC] #fw <changO-> ? jungleflasher
[2011-10-22 08:53PM UTC] #fw <ChuckNorr> well take apart your adapter and tell me how its made so I can build me one

[2011-10-22 08:54PM UTC] #fw <c4eva> mroot:lol, try verbs
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[2011-10-22 08:54PM UTC] #fw <AR_156> anyone?
[2011-10-22 08:54PM UTC] #fw <LT-MAXXX> ar_156 did u burn using burnermax?
[2011-10-22 08:54PM UTC] #fw <AR_156> burnt with 124b burnmax fw
[2011-10-22 08:54PM UTC] #fw <^3rt> c4, good looks today, thank you
[2011-10-22 08:54PM UTC] #fw <Kushan> c4eva: Anything else about the LT MAX firmware we should know? Region-Free, maybe?
[2011-10-22 08:54PM UTC] #fw <LT-MAXXX> alldrives said that's a sign of failing civ
[2011-10-22 08:54PM UTC] #fw <alldrives> <AR_156> what media?
[2011-10-22 08:55PM UTC] #fw <AR_156> BF3 keeps rebooting after "Press start button", bad fw? bad burn (burnt with BurnMax fw on Husky)?
[2011-10-22 08:55PM UTC] #fw <DiRTY-D> Rocksmith looks awesome, no plastic guitar with stupid buttons on it
[2011-10-22 08:55PM UTC] #fw <Ded> how do you test for CIV errors
[2011-10-22 08:55PM UTC] #fw <^3rt> yah buddy of mine bought rocksmith
[2011-10-22 08:55PM UTC] #fw <^3rt> pretty coo
[2011-10-22 08:55PM UTC] #fw <alldrives> <AR_156> husky?
[2011-10-22 08:55PM UTC] #fw <be4i> c4eva thx for the fw its working great :)
[2011-10-22 08:55PM UTC] #fw <Glottis> Ded play forza4
[2011-10-22 08:55PM UTC] #fw <mIRC_Ya> Lol @ Husky =P
[2011-10-22 08:55PM UTC] #fw <alucard1> thanks c4eva
[2011-10-22 08:55PM UTC] #fw <erik_> Does anyone know the correct layerbreak for burning xgd3 with burner max? there is a .dvd file inlcuded with the realse. should i use it?
[2011-10-22 08:55PM UTC] #fw <Scu-> am i the only one not able to get on the bf3 servers
[2011-10-22 08:55PM UTC] #fw <Scu-> or did EA shut them down
[2011-10-22 08:55PM UTC] #fw <Scu-> ;_;
[2011-10-22 08:55PM UTC] #fw <^3rt> scu
[2011-10-22 08:55PM UTC] #fw <|X|nWo|X|> wicked solo mission
[2011-10-22 08:56PM UTC] #fw <be4i> erik_: yes
[2011-10-22 08:56PM UTC] #fw <^3rt> bf3 is not out
[2011-10-22 08:56PM UTC] #fw <|X|nWo|X|> need a code for mp
[2011-10-22 08:56PM UTC] #fw <AR_156> Thx C4e but I am having issues…
[2011-10-22 08:56PM UTC] #fw <|X|nWo|X|> servers prob not up till monday
[2011-10-22 08:56PM UTC] #fw <Scu-> ^3rt, i was playing for 3 hours
[2011-10-22 08:56PM UTC] #fw <^3rt> morons
[2011-10-22 08:56PM UTC] #fw <Scu-> online
[2011-10-22 08:56PM UTC] #fw <Scu-> now its saying EAQ online server is offline
[2011-10-22 08:56PM UTC] #fw <DiRTY-D> ^3rt: yeah, looks great. If they only had shit like that when I was a kid
[2011-10-22 08:56PM UTC] #fw <knwkno> weird… tried kprobe on mkm001. Rage disc1 verified etc.. and it won't give me any results.

[2011-10-22 08:56PM UTC] #fw <c4eva> ar_156:use verbs, follow tut
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[2011-10-22 08:56PM UTC] #fw <Scu-> EA*
[2011-10-22 08:56PM UTC] #fw <^3rt> you go online earily with games… i guess its your choice.
[2011-10-22 08:56PM UTC] #fw <CreATiVe0> LayerBreak=2133520
[2011-10-22 08:56PM UTC] #fw <ArabMoneY> thanks C4
[2011-10-22 08:56PM UTC] #fw <changO-> ? jungleflasher
[2011-10-22 08:56PM UTC] #fw <Al_lee> is there a tut for flashing the drives out?
[2011-10-22 08:57PM UTC] #fw <gameover9> just flash with the iexteme burner max
[2011-10-22 08:57PM UTC] #fw <Al_lee> using what
[2011-10-22 08:57PM UTC] #fw <reace> sad going online earlier fairly obvious whats gonna happen
[2011-10-22 08:57PM UTC] #fw <gameover9> and imgburn says devince not ready
[2011-10-22 08:57PM UTC] #fw <AR_156> Thx C4e, now this drive will only accept Verbatin? I've been using Huskey or Ridata successfully
[2011-10-22 08:57PM UTC] #fw <gameover9> device
[2011-10-22 08:57PM UTC] #fw <mIRC_Ya> C4!!! =) What is thy bidding my master. *Kneels* TY
[2011-10-22 08:57PM UTC] #fw <^3rt> AR156, it was satated what is recommended
[2011-10-22 08:57PM UTC] #fw <deceit-> AR_156, no you can burn normal dvd/cds
[2011-10-22 08:57PM UTC] #fw <SOL> AR_156: for xgd3 you need to use that
[2011-10-22 08:57PM UTC] #fw <^3rt> if you choose not to follow the recommendations
[2011-10-22 08:57PM UTC] #fw <Ded> Glottis i meant is there a program that can test on PC
[2011-10-22 08:57PM UTC] #fw <Ded> heh
[2011-10-22 08:57PM UTC] #fw <^3rt> that is your choice
[2011-10-22 08:57PM UTC] #fw <gameover9> any ideas?
[2011-10-22 08:57PM UTC] #fw <n4n4ki> the PDF instructions on how to flash your drive is included with the FW download
[2011-10-22 08:57PM UTC] #fw <funkwares> It only burns well with verbatim and keeps sucessfull checks on the outside of the disc
[2011-10-22 08:58PM UTC] #fw <ChuckNorr> Huskey rofl isnt that snuff??
[2011-10-22 08:58PM UTC] #fw <gameover9> device not read (medium not present)
[2011-10-22 08:58PM UTC] #fw <ChuckNorr> huskey dvds ROFL
[2011-10-22 08:58PM UTC] #fw <Copermine> just bought bf3 code for 6.00 on ebay….sick!!!
[2011-10-22 08:58PM UTC] #fw <|X|nWo|X|> lemmie check
[2011-10-22 08:58PM UTC] #fw <gameover9> not ready
[2011-10-22 08:58PM UTC] #fw <|X|nWo|X|> my 11/11 in kprobe
[2011-10-22 08:58PM UTC] #fw <funkwares> App. even a scratch on the outside of the disc can cause you to fail a check
[2011-10-22 08:58PM UTC] #fw <reace> 100% verified arita
[2011-10-22 08:58PM UTC] #fw <AR_156> it loads fine BF3, but after I press START it restart the disc, never seen the option menu
[2011-10-22 08:58PM UTC] #fw <sukalis> |X|nWo|X| you already burned 11 discs?
[2011-10-22 08:58PM UTC] #fw <crispice> someone was selling bf3 code on ebay already? lol
[2011-10-22 08:58PM UTC] #fw <crispice> they would make more money if they sold it after its out
[2011-10-22 08:59PM UTC] #fw <crispice> plus its only $10 if you bought it on xbl lol

[2011-10-22 08:59PM UTC] #fw <c4eva> ar_156:use verbs for xgd3, your cheap crap for anything else
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[2011-10-22 08:59PM UTC] #fw <gameover9> thanks c4eva
[2011-10-22 08:59PM UTC] #fw <AR_156> oh…
[2011-10-22 09:00PM UTC] #fw <gameover9> so is that why I get device not ready?
[2011-10-22 09:00PM UTC] #fw <mr1000> thnx c4eva
[2011-10-22 09:00PM UTC] #fw <erik_> c4eva, the firmware works fine. Thank you :)
[2011-10-22 09:00PM UTC] #fw <AR_156> thanks
[2011-10-22 09:00PM UTC] #fw <CocaCola> Would a 100% verified disc that was burnt at 4x without OPC (accidentally) be Live safe c4eva?
[2011-10-22 09:00PM UTC] #fw <mIRC_Ya> < c4eva> no difference in using 124's as opposed to 324's? Ty
[2011-10-22 09:00PM UTC] #fw <ArabMoneY> AR it has been stated many times . Use Verbatim. Simples
[2011-10-22 09:00PM UTC] #fw <AirEdwin> it worked for me, with Imgburn it says Free Space: 8,738,897,920 bytes
[2011-10-22 09:00PM UTC] #fw <gameover9> imgburn says "device not ready (medium not present)"
[2011-10-22 09:00PM UTC] #fw <mr1000> c4eva is gears 3 and batman safe online
[2011-10-22 09:01PM UTC] #fw <AirEdwin> i flashed a iHAS124-04 B

[2011-10-22 09:01PM UTC] #fw <c4eva> 100% verified is good
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[2011-10-22 09:15PM UTC] #fw <Leox360> how..
[2011-10-22 09:15PM UTC] #fw <mIRC_Ya> =P
[2011-10-22 09:15PM UTC] #fw <Leox360> sorry
[2011-10-22 09:15PM UTC] #fw <hitcat> um c4eva
[2011-10-22 09:15PM UTC] #fw <FlintTown> funny how people talk to c4eva and expect him to reply
[2011-10-22 09:15PM UTC] #fw <apathy`> knwkno: I use OSX, and I don't sit around waiting for someone to release it
[2011-10-22 09:15PM UTC] #fw <scat9> lol noobs
[2011-10-22 09:15PM UTC] #fw <USE_VERBS> LMAO i know
[2011-10-22 09:15PM UTC] #fw <apathy`> I just start up Parallells (30 seconds)
[2011-10-22 09:15PM UTC] #fw <apathy`> And get to work
[2011-10-22 09:15PM UTC] #fw <hitcat> read the nfo in the burner max package
[2011-10-22 09:15PM UTC] #fw <Leox360> how change the fw for the liteon dvd burner?
[2011-10-22 09:15PM UTC] #fw <^3rt> parallells is handy
[2011-10-22 09:15PM UTC] #fw <Leox360> ok
[2011-10-22 09:15PM UTC] #fw <knwkno> apathy: there ya go…
[2011-10-22 09:15PM UTC] #fw <USE_VERBS> erik_ only media tested that worked consistantly
[2011-10-22 09:15PM UTC] #fw <knwkno> also works ;P
[2011-10-22 09:15PM UTC] #fw <FlintTown> oh god please can we have a break m$
[2011-10-22 09:15PM UTC] #fw <RRoW> he replies when you least expect him to "[
[2011-10-22 09:15PM UTC] #fw <horny33m6> add me msn horny33m6inch@hotmail.com
[2011-10-22 09:15PM UTC] #fw <mIRC_Ya> why are you two laughing? He does come in and answer
[2011-10-22 09:15PM UTC] #fw <FlintTown> these newbs are killing me
[2011-10-22 09:15PM UTC] #fw <RRoW> :p*
[2011-10-22 09:16PM UTC] #fw <|X|nWo|X|> in kprobe
[2011-10-22 09:16PM UTC] #fw <Leox360> you mean kidding me :P
[2011-10-22 09:16PM UTC] #fw <killswitc> hi guys i want to know if its possible to connect the liteon drive to the pc directly using sata to flash the firmware
[2011-10-22 09:16PM UTC] #fw <|X|nWo|X|> set speed and remove the spiked check
[2011-10-22 09:16PM UTC] #fw <|X|nWo|X|> thats it ?
[2011-10-22 09:16PM UTC] #fw <apathy`> killswitc: You should read a tutorial on flashing drives
[2011-10-22 09:16PM UTC] #fw <^3rt> nwo, what you checking
[2011-10-22 09:16PM UTC] #fw <Vinnymac> killswitc: yes.
[2011-10-22 09:16PM UTC] #fw <hitcat> killswitch the burner fw?
[2011-10-22 09:16PM UTC] #fw <|X|nWo|X|> cpl these burnz
[2011-10-22 09:16PM UTC] #fw <dasmoover> sup?
[2011-10-22 09:16PM UTC] #fw <erik_> USE_VERBS okay thanks
[2011-10-22 09:16PM UTC] #fw <LatinShad> how come i get failed when trying to write bin to burner
[2011-10-22 09:17PM UTC] #fw <CreATiVe0> nobody cant read anymore lol
[2011-10-22 09:17PM UTC] #fw <DBAjoe> verbs and nouns too
[2011-10-22 09:17PM UTC] #fw <eternityk> -_- now i can't seem to get my drive into vendor mode… haven't had this issure before LT 2.0
[2011-10-22 09:17PM UTC] #fw <mIRC_Ya> no one "chooses" to read…lol…big diff
[2011-10-22 09:17PM UTC] #fw <eternityk> sammy ms28
[2011-10-22 09:17PM UTC] #fw <hitcat> Yeah I dont fucking get how you can be an op in this channel. I be bld as a mofo
[2011-10-22 09:17PM UTC] #fw <dasmoover> anyone know the status of BF3 CIV checks with a truncated burn?
[2011-10-22 09:17PM UTC] #fw <scat9> aone gold works perfect
[2011-10-22 09:17PM UTC] #fw <apathy`> dasmoover: Yes, it's a risk to take online
[2011-10-22 09:17PM UTC] #fw <dasmoover> really?
[2011-10-22 09:17PM UTC] #fw <yfzrider> its a risk either way
[2011-10-22 09:17PM UTC] #fw <hitcat> scat9:YOU stupid fuck NO it doesnt
[2011-10-22 09:17PM UTC] #fw <hitcat> ok!

[2011-10-22 09:17PM UTC] #fw <c4eva> erik:verbs work best, fw doesnt care about brand of disk

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25 Responses to c4eva Spoke! (2011-10-22 #fw) (Including 7 Discussion Threads)

  1. avatar David says:

    C4eva will all the non lite-on dvds work with the brand new firmware?

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  2. avatar mcrook says:

    OMG, release it already lol, its 1:30 am PST, came here, saw this, was excited, only to find nothing new or 'released' yet haha :D

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  3. avatar leonardotorres says:

    People a question, i know verbs are the best but I cant find verbs in the country so is it going to be impossible for me to burn complete xdg3 isos even with the ixtreme burner max firmware using MEMOREX dl dvd, because like i said no verbs here onle memorex, imation and matrix available. I already know it is not impossible to truncate the games cause many of my friends already burnt a bunch of xdg3 games and no major problems so far (just one or two failed burns) even in my own xperince and evryone i know using memorex for the older games (not the xdg3 ones) no one have had any troubles, no damaged xbox drives nothing so the dvd aren´t so bad. So will be possible to use memorex or they are crap for you guys??

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  4. avatar J4eva says:

    all those 3 brands are cheap rubbish..
    just import them, or find different mkm001/3 (verbs aren't the only ones apparently)

    yes, there is a problem you missed out 3% of the game on the other discs…. just lucky there hasnt been much of anything there..

    now if they start (on purpose) adding the (OLD) CV checks to the end of the disks like in forza 4.. there will be a lot of banned consoles… oh and of c ourse a lot of games just bringing up errors halfway through..

    just get the burner and verbs mate. I can safely assume that cos' you arent wanting to buy discs.. that you DL the games anyway. so think how much money you save and just do it

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  5. avatar Michelangelo says:

    C4eva… is according to you possible to end a game burnt to 98% (GOW3)? or bloccherà first or then

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  6. avatar asterix says:

    Question about the Max firmware release, will the firmware work on the same drive but lesser speed ie: iHAS122B or does it have to be iHAS124B as one is 22x speed and other is 24x speed.

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    • avatar J4eva says:

      Question about the Max firmware release, will the firmware work on the same drive but lesser speed ie: iHAS122B or does it have to be iHAS124B as one is 22x speed and other is 24x speed.

      Its a different chipset mate..

      you MIGHT be lucky .. there has been some reports on myce that a few people flashed (normal) 24 to a 22 drive, so maybe worth a shot, as long as you backup etc.. first..

      so… apply the firmware to what would be the 'similar' drive.. restart then go into eeprom click convert drive, restart again..

      if you are lucky it should work… :)

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  7. avatar cfcboy says:

    does anyone know if battlefield 3 has cv checks?

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  8. avatar lt20help says:

    i need some help
    i have a 9504 with dash 12625 and lt 1.9 and i want to update to lt 2.0
    what are the steps ? should i update to latest dashboard then lt 2.0 or i can apply directly lt 2.0 ?

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  9. I've bought a DVD Burner like 2-3 Months ago and it's an ATAPI iHAS224 B ATA Device Model, could it be the right DVD Burner to fully burn XGD3 Games with the New Firmware Update? Thanks in advance for a proper answear.

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  10. avatar beats026415529 says:

    I’ve bought a DVD Burner like 2-3 Months ago and it’s an ATAPI iHAS224 B ATA Device Model, could it be the right DVD Burner to fully burn XGD3 Games with the New Firmware Update? Thanks in advance for a proper answear.

    yes it should work

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