c4eva Spoke! (2011-10-23 #c4e)

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[2011-10-23 05:09AM UTC] #c4e <Tilde88> the pack i bought
[2011-10-23 05:09AM UTC] #c4e <Tilde88> was mkm003
[2011-10-23 05:09AM UTC] #c4e <Tilde88> i tried at 4x OPC
[2011-10-23 05:09AM UTC] #c4e <Tilde88> failed
[2011-10-23 05:09AM UTC] #c4e <Tilde88> i did mkm003 at 2.4x success
[2011-10-23 05:09AM UTC] #c4e <helenclar> Really?
[2011-10-23 05:09AM UTC] #c4e <SOL> I didn't opc my 4x worked fine
[2011-10-23 05:09AM UTC] #c4e <Tilde88> mkm001 at 2.4x OPC fail
[2011-10-23 05:09AM UTC] #c4e <Tilde88> mkm001 at 2.4x no OPC success
[2011-10-23 05:09AM UTC] #c4e <smokey357> @Tilde88 did it install or lupe back to start up screen to bf3
[2011-10-23 05:09AM UTC] #c4e <Tilde88> TDK 4x no OPC succces
[2011-10-23 05:09AM UTC] #c4e <helenclar> So turn off opc and burn at 2.4
[2011-10-23 05:09AM UTC] #c4e <Tilde88> its installing now smokey
[2011-10-23 05:10AM UTC] #c4e <Tilde88> 42%
[2011-10-23 05:10AM UTC] #c4e <helenclar> ?
[2011-10-23 05:10AM UTC] #c4e <Tilde88> this is on the TDK 4x
[2011-10-23 05:10AM UTC] #c4e <zainag> Burning Forza 4 at 4x w/opc on MKM003 now – will let you guys know
[2011-10-23 05:10AM UTC] #c4e <Tilde88> helen
[2011-10-23 05:10AM UTC] #c4e <Tilde88> yes
[2011-10-23 05:10AM UTC] #c4e <helenclar> Great
[2011-10-23 05:10AM UTC] #c4e <Tilde88> but be SURE to not have ANYTHING eating up the system caching
[2011-10-23 05:10AM UTC] #c4e <zainag> lol
[2011-10-23 05:10AM UTC] #c4e <Tilde88> hike up your buffer in IMGburn to like 100
[2011-10-23 05:10AM UTC] #c4e <Tilde88> thuogh i used the stock 40, but i have a fast HDD so
[2011-10-23 05:11AM UTC] #c4e <Tilde88> ill be impressed when the install passes 50%
[2011-10-23 05:11AM UTC] #c4e <zainag> SDD
[2011-10-23 05:11AM UTC] #c4e <helenclar> Tilde88: Me too
[2011-10-23 05:11AM UTC] #c4e <Tilde88> <— IMPRESSED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
[2011-10-23 05:11AM UTC] #c4e <zainag> did your verify pass 100%?
[2011-10-23 05:11AM UTC] #c4e <Tilde88> 51%
[2011-10-23 05:11AM UTC] #c4e <Tilde88> verify was 100% no error
[2011-10-23 05:11AM UTC] #c4e <Tilde88> now to burn disc 2 of BF3
[2011-10-23 05:11AM UTC] #c4e <helenclar> This is a good day, haha
[2011-10-23 05:12AM UTC] #c4e <Tilde88> on a TDK at 4x
[2011-10-23 05:12AM UTC] #c4e <zainag> BF3 burnt no prob as well
[2011-10-23 05:12AM UTC] #c4e <helenclar> Tdk? Is that what your installing from?
[2011-10-23 05:12AM UTC] #c4e <zainag> no fucking wonder
[2011-10-23 05:12AM UTC] #c4e <helenclar> You are*
[2011-10-23 05:13AM UTC] #c4e <Tilde88> c4eva is on MSNBC News!. c4eva, what do you have to say for yourself for this amazing wonderful job?
[2011-10-23 05:13AM UTC] #c4e <MoonKnigh> what size should verbatims show up as in imgburn?
[2011-10-23 05:13AM UTC] #c4e <Tilde88> the community is now burning discs with your original customized firmware on cheap brands!
[2011-10-23 05:13AM UTC] #c4e <frenetic> using via chipset on jungleflash w/ windows 7 – portio32.sys is saying not installed
[2011-10-23 05:13AM UTC] #c4e <frenetic> any ideas
[2011-10-23 05:13AM UTC] #c4e <Tilde88> surely, you are an artisan of your craft, c4eva!
[2011-10-23 05:13AM UTC] #c4e <Smithers> MoonKnigh: 8.7GB
[2011-10-23 05:13AM UTC] #c4e <Tilde88> 8,7XX,XXX
[2011-10-23 05:14AM UTC] #c4e <MoonKnigh> hmm, mine are showing up as 8.5 gb
[2011-10-23 05:14AM UTC] #c4e <Tilde88> ( all dual layers hold the same nbo matter the name)
[2011-10-23 05:14AM UTC] #c4e <Tilde88> its the darkness of the disc

[2011-10-23 05:14AM UTC] #c4e <c4eva_> if burning at 4x and it fails on your system, try 2.4x (opc off) on verbatims, works for me everytime
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[2011-10-23 05:14AM UTC] #c4e <Tilde88> darker = stronger
[2011-10-23 05:14AM UTC] #c4e <Tilde88> c4eva
[2011-10-23 05:14AM UTC] #c4e <Tilde88> i was able to 100% burn and verify on a TDK
[2011-10-23 05:14AM UTC] #c4e <Tilde88> is now @ 75% HDD install
[2011-10-23 05:14AM UTC] #c4e <BotChewer> OK make that 2 times at band camp, memorex has failed me.
[2011-10-23 05:15AM UTC] #c4e <BotChewer> I have to go find my tuba.
[2011-10-23 05:15AM UTC] #c4e <Tilde88> memorex is super bright, compare the disc color to a verb or TDK
[2011-10-23 05:15AM UTC] #c4e <Grimms> no lec uncorrectable error? Good job…
[2011-10-23 05:15AM UTC] #c4e <frenetic> "can't install portio32.sys driver, be sure to run as administrator"
[2011-10-23 05:15AM UTC] #c4e <B3NJAMIN> burned at 2,4 with 003 OPC off 2 times, 2 times vertify failed
[2011-10-23 05:15AM UTC] #c4e <Tilde88> frenetic are you on 64bit
[2011-10-23 05:15AM UTC] #c4e <Grimms> frantic press f8 on startup
[2011-10-23 05:15AM UTC] #c4e <Tilde88> reboot PC and tap F8 a few times after POST
[2011-10-23 05:15AM UTC] #c4e <frenetic> i have to do it in safe mode
[2011-10-23 05:15AM UTC] #c4e <Wearp_> i could burn forza disc1 on 003 at 2.4x but disc2 failed lol
[2011-10-23 05:15AM UTC] #c4e <smokey357> tilde88 where do you chenge buffer in image burn
[2011-10-23 05:15AM UTC] #c4e <Grimms> disable signature enforcement
[2011-10-23 05:15AM UTC] #c4e <Tilde88> and hit Disable Driver Signature enforcement
[2011-10-23 05:15AM UTC] #c4e <Tilde88> smokey357
[2011-10-23 05:16AM UTC] #c4e <frenetic> i did the deso.exe
[2011-10-23 05:16AM UTC] #c4e <Tilde88> its under I/O
[2011-10-23 05:16AM UTC] #c4e <Tilde88> page 2
[2011-10-23 05:16AM UTC] #c4e <Tilde88> deseo doesnt always work well
[2011-10-23 05:16AM UTC] #c4e <Tilde88> F8 it
[2011-10-23 05:16AM UTC] #c4e <frenetic> dseo.exe – however i have to run my system in safemode
[2011-10-23 05:16AM UTC] #c4e <frenetic> i can't boot normally
[2011-10-23 05:16AM UTC] #c4e <Tilde88> no not safe mode
[2011-10-23 05:16AM UTC] #c4e <BotChewer> No place around here stocks TDK DL's. Verbs are crazy expensive at my best buy 30pk for $56
[2011-10-23 05:16AM UTC] #c4e <Tilde88> internet is 50pack TDK for $30
[2011-10-23 05:16AM UTC] #c4e <Tilde88> 4 days arrived
[2011-10-23 05:16AM UTC] #c4e <MoonKnigh> guess I will flash my drive again, still showing up as 8.5 gb in imgburn
[2011-10-23 05:17AM UTC] #c4e <Tilde88> moonknight
[2011-10-23 05:17AM UTC] #c4e <BotChewer> I have some verbs showing up. I just got impatient.
[2011-10-23 05:17AM UTC] #c4e <Tilde88> its fine
[2011-10-23 05:17AM UTC] #c4e <smokey357> if under i/0 it is at 40mb
[2011-10-23 05:17AM UTC] #c4e <Tilde88> yea i used 40MB but i have a super fast HDD
[2011-10-23 05:17AM UTC] #c4e <Tilde88> i recommedn 72
[2011-10-23 05:17AM UTC] #c4e <MoonKnigh> so select overburn?
[2011-10-23 05:17AM UTC] #c4e <Tilde88> it super slow CPU dont over do it
[2011-10-23 05:17AM UTC] #c4e <Tilde88> monnknight

[2011-10-23 05:17AM UTC] #c4e <c4eva_> b3njamin:what burner and are verbatims made in singapore?

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178 Responses to c4eva Spoke! (2011-10-23 #c4e) (Including 31 Discussion Threads)

  1. avatar Shenmuejon says:

    I to am a laptop only user so i've had to purchase a usb to sata connector for the liteon ihas124b i purchased from amazon. For anyone who wants to get a cheap connector i found one on ebay here: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/320383801768?ssPageName=STRK:MEWAX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1438.l2649

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    • avatar phrizz says:

      A lot of newer laptops also have an eSATA port which can be used. If you have an eSATA port, you would just need a SATA -> eSATA cable and a power adapter to power the drive. Although a kit like you posted may be a better solution for simplicity purposes =)

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  2. avatar Anonyma says:

    For those of you who have troubles burning dvds , don't forget to update your burner with the newest official burner firmware before upgrading with the iXtreme Burner MAX

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    • avatar doubledd says:

      Y would you do that? its only gonna get deleted and over written by lt burner max which im sure c4 used latest firmware to build with and tweak

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      • avatar QuickMythril says:

        the way i understood the tutorial, you have to update the firmware, then update the eeprom based on the newest version of the installed firmware, then write Burner Max. if you don't update first, the eeprom might not have consistent data with the newer firmware.

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      • avatar Anonyma says:

        Because as QuickMythril said , the newest official firmware contains datas which are able to install successfully the iXtreme Burner MAX firmware

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        • avatar phrizz says:

          From my understanding, everything you need is what came in the Burner MAX Firmware package. The tutorial doesn't say "go download the latest firmware", it says to use the stuff that came in the pack, with pictures pointing out everything that is included, when to use it and how.

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          • avatar QuickMythril says:

            you're right phrizz. the tutorial says upgrade your drive at the beginning, but the upgrade exe file comes in the folder with the firmware bin file. i was thinking of when i changed the firmware from ihas124b to ihas524b. i had to write the firmware then adjust the eeprom. then i did the tutorial steps afterwards.

          • avatar phrizz says:

            you’re right phrizz.the tutorial says upgrade your drive at the beginning, but the upgrade exe file comes in the folder with the firmware bin file.i was thinking of when i changed the firmware from ihas124b to ihas524b.i had to write the firmware then adjust the eeprom.then i did the tutorial steps afterwards.

            That makes more sense, thanks for clarifying m8 =)

  3. avatar Tyson says:

    It would take a miracle for hitachi to go from In Progress to In Testing

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  4. avatar Bobby says:

    Dude I just wanted to say everything is working like a champ. Bought an iHAS323 B and some verbatim MKM001 discs. Forza 4 burnt and verified 100%. Thank you c4eva and teams for the hard work. You never cease to amaze me :)

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  5. avatar Cranio84 says:

    hi c4eva but the hitachi lt2.0?

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  6. avatar AndreG says:

    I also have burning problems here. I am using the Verbs MKM 003 but every time I try to burn I get en error when verifying around 50%. The errors is the LEC undetectable error. I already wasted 5 Verbatim DVD's and every time I get the same error when verifying and always around 50%.

    I just wander what did C4eva test over this couple of weeks that there are so many people getting the same error as I am getting? I mean if you test something then it must be good when you release it am I correct? And it seems that nobody has a solution for this specific burning error? Maybe ADMIN maybe you can help us?

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  7. avatar Octavio says:

    works in : TSSTcorp CD/DVDW SH-W162D TS01 0227 M ????

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  8. avatar Nickname says:

    notified quickly if you are working on Hitachi 0500!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    to see if another works on it …

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  9. avatar kmos says:

    hi just wondering something, and maybe someone cant ilustrait me, i have the sammy ms25 ok and i flashed it to the new LT 2.01, but in JF sais its LT 2.0, so if i burn one of my backups with the new CFW for PC drives will it work? and if i return it to the regular LT 2.0 will the games work to?

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  10. avatar Gammerman3 says:

    To all hitachi users. "Do not tread loosely my brothers, for we shall have our day and it shall be glorious!" United we stand! I dont intend to start a revolution, Iam just trying to cheer up some downed and frustrated people these days. Hang in there guy, im with ya…..

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    • avatar Sean says:

      yeah my intentions are never to complain about C4eva and his work, everyone knows he does it cuz he wants to and releases it to the masses out of love for the scene. Thats no question much props to him. We would just like some feedback on the issue. If you ask someone a question and they look at you stupidly and say nothing, you're like wtf i just asked a question lol. A reply to questions is all people want and to be able to enjoy the games like everyone else without dropping 63.00 bucks everytime a new game drops. Anyways C4eva if i knew how to do your job I would help out 100% but i dont. So with that being said keep up the good work you are the man bro. People one other thing stop getting your panties in a wad when someone asks a question about hitachi or any other drive s**t, we all just want to enjoy gaming, aren't we all gamers? Just show love and help out if you can the world has enough a**holes already, dont you agree? Hitachi owner, gamer and a laid back dude who enjoys seeing others happy.

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