c4eva Spoke! (2011-10-30 #fw)

[2011-10-30 06:31PM UTC] #fw <L0pz> is this true? There is a mistake in the burner max fw that probably is the cause for probs with MKM003 media. In the cfw the MKM003-00 is renamed to MKM0a3-00 so that the burner has no correct write strategy for the MKM003 Verbatims (look at Verify Error with iHAS624 B – ImgBurn Support Forum). You can fix the name in the burner max fw reflash and hopefully your problems will be fixed.
[2011-10-30 06:35PM UTC] #fw <c4eva> l0pz:not true, by design
[2011-10-31 06:44PM UTC] #fw <hybriduno> i bought 150, and there terible
[2011-10-31 06:44PM UTC] #fw <Zoneout> 150 verbs?
[2011-10-31 06:44PM UTC] #fw <Zoneout> you may as well get an xkey
[2011-10-31 06:44PM UTC] #fw <Zoneout> lol
[2011-10-31 06:45PM UTC] #fw <Zoneout> and re-burning for each update
[2011-10-31 06:45PM UTC] #fw <Zoneout> would be a pain in the arse
[2011-10-31 06:45PM UTC] #fw <daveyboy> xkey will not live on
[2011-10-31 06:46PM UTC] #fw <phantasm> 100$ is steep for that stuff
[2011-10-31 06:46PM UTC] #fw <Zoneout> $100
[2011-10-30 06:46PM UTC] #fw <Zoneout> let's see
[2011-10-30 06:46PM UTC] #fw <Zoneout> burner, 0800 drive
[2011-10-30 06:46PM UTC] #fw <Zoneout> flashing tools
[2011-10-30 06:46PM UTC] #fw <Zoneout> DL media
[2011-10-30 06:46PM UTC] #fw <Zoneout> that's over $100 alone
[2011-10-30 06:46PM UTC] #fw <Zoneout> lol
[2011-10-30 06:47PM UTC] #fw <Zoneout> and re-burning for each update
[2011-10-30 06:47PM UTC] #fw <Zoneout> and re-flashing drives every now and then
[2011-10-30 06:49PM UTC] #fw <c4eva> zoneout:all ode are not live safe, already had one banned with xkey, rgh>ode, ode is expensive way of getting banned!
[2011-10-30 06:50PM UTC] #fw <L0pz> c4eva is true this that some ppl say? is this true? There is a mistake in the burner max fw that probably is the cause for probs with MKM003 media. In the cfw the MKM003-00 is renamed to MKM0a3-00 so that the burner has no correct write strategy for the MKM003 Verbatims (look at Verify Error with iHAS624 B – ImgBurn Support Forum). You can fix the name in the burner max fw reflash and hopefully
[2011-10-30 06:51PM UTC] #fw <c4eva> l0pz:again no, by design, imgsupport lol :)
[2011-10-30 06:52PM UTC] #fw <daveyboy> c4eva hows the hitachis going
[2011-10-30 06:53PM UTC] #fw <c4eva> phat hitachi , almost done
[2011-10-30 06:53PM UTC] #fw <daveyboy> any eta please
[2011-10-30 06:53PM UTC] #fw <c4eva> when its done :)

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73 Responses to c4eva Spoke! (2011-10-30 #fw) (Including 17 Discussion Threads)

  1. avatar Amir says:

    HI C4eva

    Thnaks for your answer!

    But when you work on the DVD Drive Lite_ON (Desktop pc) Y Series?

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  2. avatar chappers says:

    would you shut the f**k up he has said many times that it is on his to-do list so it will be done im a 0500 owner as well but i dont bitch about how long it takes its f**king free so unless you can write your own cfw and to the level commodore4eva dont f**king waste peoples time with stupid comments about the 0500 he will get on to it sooner or later
    and i dont see why you are complaining you are ment to be using this cfw for playing backups of your original games unless your are a pirate arrrrrrrrrr and if so f**k off

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  3. avatar thunder75 says:

    good news

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  4. avatar MrChips says:

    Hello people, I'm having a bit of a problem with flashing the slim drives.
    0225 Drive, updated with 13599 and by the 1.4.4 JF tutorial when it says first off press slim key, NO to unlock drive then turn off and on, it keeps failing. I've tried JF 1.88 and 1.89
    I'm using Xecuter CK3 PRO, VIA CHIPSET / SATA CARD.

    Computer Specs: FOXCONN Motherboard, 1GB Ram, WIN XP.

    Any suggestions on how to fix this please. Thanks

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  5. avatar PapaJon says:

    w00t. Been waiting for this since I flashed for the first time a couple of weeks ago.

    I bet it'll be my luck the 79 and 46 versions will be substantially different and the 46 doesn't get released for another few weeks.

    Many thanks c4eva

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  6. avatar PHYSC says:

    Great C4EVA your on the hitachi nig time now i see that's awesome of you.I remember skimming through here one of the days not too long ago and can't forget the mention of someone possibly having a bash at ps3 firmware's i don't know if you were writing about it or another user now my memories horrific.But any way i just thought i would say if someone out there has the know how to take a shot at them that would be seriously cool as i myself have a faulty ps3 where the board connector for the bdrom ribbon has been damaged in an almost certainly permenant way but if let's say it were possible to downgrade it or flash it to a custom firmware that issue would take care of it's self as it would then be possible to back-up games to the drive via pc bdrom or usb drom could be used maybe or even just ftp the iso over then you see current 3.7 firmwares are "apparently" none jailbreakable or downgradeable unless you use a progskeet or e3 flasher tool but i think someone of your stature may find an alternative bypass via usb or usb/ some kind of jtag method? i know that's off topic for 360 firmware but i thought i'd add that as a little food for thought.Good luck on the hitachi project and thanks for all your work :)

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  7. avatar jeckel says:

    cool story bro…. but r u mad bro

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  8. avatar PatrolinMexican says:

    So I'm kinda lost, do we need the new DVD burners for XGD3 games?
    Also I have a 74850C DG-16D2S Fat 360 and I am not certain which firmware file is mine, can someone please specify?
    Appreciate It

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    • avatar Dave says:

      1. Yes, you need it, otherwise you could have CIV failures ingame and you'll have to restart the game.
      2. Connect your drive to your computer, get JungleFlasher and it will say which iXtreme version has your drive. If it's stock, and your dasboard is higher than 13146, then you now have a 0225 drive, and you have to reflash it to play backups.

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  9. avatar zulverein says:

    will be released an ixtreme burner max for other model??? :)

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  10. avatar Wesley says:

    Hi. I have a liteon Ihas524B. I have done the flash to the max burner. When i try to burn games at 4x with image burn its say in the info bar that the writer only supports from 6x – 24x burning speeds & then fails on 50%. I have a buddy who uses the same disks as me & his works however he has the Ihas324. Is there something i did wrong & or there a step that i missed?


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    • avatar Dave says:

      I recommend you to enable HyperTuning and Online HyperTuning and disable buffer underrrun, that will improve your disks' quality. Plus, close all programs before burn. I'm burning my disks in safe mode.

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      • avatar Brett says:

        What kind of discs? The disc is what allows the speed of the burn. Burners usually support 2.4x up to max. If your buddy uses the same discs as you he may have modified the burner firmware to burn at 2.4x. Ihave seen people the set the media code in the burner firmware to force slower burning and have better results. Like setting a memorex disc that usually only allows a 4x burn and making the burner think its a verb or other media that can burn at 2.4x. 6x is way to fast for any xgd3 or xgd2 backup to have good or consistent results. Verbs are always reccomended….expensive i know but they worth every penny. I hear of people have good results with TDK's but i just use verbs because theres no "if" in burning those. They just work. Good luck! No more 6x burning you will just be tossing discs out the window. Hope this helps.

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