c4eva Spoke! (2011-11-03 #fw)

[2011-11-03 07:26PM UTC] #fw <_GTX^> https://twitter.com/#!/Stepto
[2011-11-03 07:35PM UTC] #fw <c4eva_> stepto lol, cant even detect originals properly :)
[2011-11-03 07:42PM UTC] #fw <xbMarrek> hey c4eva, how is it going with the hitachi firmware ?
[2011-11-03 07:46PM UTC] #fw <c4eva> phat hitachi code complete,testing

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  1. avatar Nickname says:

    Hi C4evas… I bring $100 for HITACHI 0500.

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  2. avatar hboi321 says:

    GREAT NEWS!!!!!…….how long tell testing is complete

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  3. avatar Term2012 says:

    Sweet !!!!!!!

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  4. avatar Anonymous says:

    genial, great notice

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  5. avatar little says:

    good job man!!!! Thanks

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  6. avatar dj1978 says:

    Can't wait cheers

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  7. avatar Rock9999 says:

    Thanks C!

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  8. avatar Alienw says:

    Hi dude, firstly thx for your job, I have a phat hitachi (79 or 78 FK don't remember), and i'd just like to know if i have to go back to original firmware (i have lost it :[ ) to flash on LT2.0 or i can flash from an XTREME 1.6 to LT2.0 ?
    Thank ! (sorry for my english i'm french =p )

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    • avatar Gammerman3 says:

      Yes, u must always return your hitachi drive to stock fw before upgrading. Not doing so could cause your drive to be bricked. I believe there is a hitachi fw pack which has all of the drive versions original & hacked, you should be able to find this in its usual place. Just extract your drive key from drive & apply it to original bin file of whatever drive u have & flash it. Then u can proceed with your upgrade. Good Luck!

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  9. avatar phrizz says:

    Finally, something a little more concrete then "soon" or "its on the to-do list" =)

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  10. avatar Jstylen says:

    YAY! First time I looked on this site for an update and I'm really happy to see this!

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