c4eva Spoke! (2011-11-09 #fw)

[2011-11-09 06:46PM UTC] #fw <optimizal> if I have a hitachi 0078fk is it recommended to go to 2.0 / 2.1?
[2011-11-09 06:47PM UTC] #fw <c******> there is no 2.0/2.1 for hitachi yet optimizal
[2011-11-09 06:48PM UTC] #fw <c4eva> very soon :)
[2011-11-09 06:49PM UTC] #fw <optimizal> does the 0078fk drive require a firmware update for the new dashboards and games?
[2011-11-09 06:51PM UTC] #fw <c4eva> optimizal:yes, for xgd3 backups
[2011-11-09 06:51PM UTC] #fw <optimizal> thnx, is the 2.0 or 2.1 in the works for the hitachi drives or should I be looking at getting a new xbox?
[2011-11-09 06:52PM UTC] #fw <xboxer> i solved my burning problem c4eva
[2011-11-09 06:53PM UTC] #fw <c4eva> hitachi phat 2.0 is complete, forza 4, mw3 backups running fine
[2011-11-09 06:53PM UTC] #fw <braven> c4eva: is there an estimated eta how long will it take for testers until its released?
[2011-11-09 06:54PM UTC] #fw <c4eva> xboxer:great
[2011-11-09 06:54PM UTC] #fw <c4eva> not long

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17 Responses to c4eva Spoke! (2011-11-09 #fw) (Including One Discussion Thread)

  1. avatar phattstaxx says:

    thanks c4!!! =]

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  2. avatar PAC92 says:

    Hi C4eva,sorry but I can't speak english very well. Thank you for your hard work! you're great! i'm waiting for the new abgx. When is out? i want to donate something to you! I promise i will do it when abgx is released! :)

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  3. avatar jeal06 says:

    Excited. Thanks!

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  4. avatar The Gamer says:

    Can't wait c4 = Neo

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  5. avatar drake says:

    Gracias c4evas, sabes o sabeis algun sitio donde explique como se aplica la actualización?

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  6. avatar artcoder says:

    Thanks C4eva !!!! for your great work you are truly a LEGEND!!

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  7. avatar Digifred says:

    Thks again c4eva
    Q is there a way to spoof (use) a samsung 28 drive in a hit47 xbox to play XGD3 games ?
    I build in another drive because my hit 47 diddnt read anymore.

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  8. avatar dino7c says:

    great news

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  9. avatar Anonymous says:

    the boss!!!!!

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  10. avatar Nickname says:

    Bla bla bla…

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