c4eva Spoke! (2011-11-28 #c4e)

[2011-11-28 08:18AM UTC] #c4e <c4eva> hitachi 79 fix incoming!

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  1. avatar Anonymous says:

    im with u frogmann that will teach you pussys im glad you hitatchi users have had to wait all this time 4 dodgy firmware lol

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  2. avatar henrich says:

    C4eva, thanx a lot for your great work!

    Esterday i've tried reflash my hitachi 79 3 times, but there only red light on XDG3
    Today i'm going to continue flashing but now will wait fix

    and one question who knows – there 4 .bin files for hitachi 79, which one i have to use, or jungleflasher choose necessary files automatiсally?

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  4. avatar Ucla says:

    Good. I called this yesterday. hopefully now ppl will stop spamming bs answers pretending to know what they're talking about. I'm tired of reading use ihas or your drive is spoofed when the op is using ihas on a non spoofed drive. Also keep in mind there are a lot of revisions per each drive model. Between that and all the impatient ppl asking for 2.0 this was prob easy to miss. Be grateful c4eva acknowledged the issue quickly and is working on a fix. This time how about we shut up and let the man do his magic!

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  5. avatar Rrainbowsix says:

    I've updated my 46 with LT+2.0. XBG2 all work. XBG3 = no joy.
    I reburned on my new Ihas124B I bought this week. XBG3 = JOY!!! All working!!!
    I think people are having issues because their games were not burned correctly.
    Spend the $25 and buy a proper burner and you will not have any issues with the update.
    Used: Memorex DL DVDs + Ihas burner + Imgburn (set Layer Break =2133520 + OPC + 4X speed)
    Tested: MW3 + Batman Arkam City.

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    • avatar Hitachi says:

      Iv just bought me a Lite-On Intern SATA DVD±RW 24x -(IHAS124-19)
      it was the cheapest and someone recomended it, hope it will work :)

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      • avatar Rrainbowsix says:

        Hope it works for you. Please let us know when you get it.
        I just flashed a 59 and had the same issues. Old burns did not work. New Ihas burns worked like a charm!
        I'm telling you guys, the problem is with the truncating when using a regular burner. It has nothing to do with C4eva's LT+2.0!!!!
        Spend the money and save yourselves a lot of headaches!!!

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  6. avatar Momotaro says:

    I am having the 79fk "problem" with a 78fk…..anyone confirming that it's a 78 issue as well or someone has xgd3 running fine on 78 (so it is just me)?
    BTW, mi xgd3 backups work on Sammy, on 78 flashed lt2.0 i get dirty/unreadable disc error.
    Thank you.

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  7. avatar jimbo says:

    Tester1: Hey man, it's been 3 months don't you think we should test that 79 fw?
    Tester2: Or … we could get high and play skyrim?
    Tester1: Yeah, that sounds much better

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  8. avatar rizla says:

    Hitachi 79 unrecognized dvd but played xgd2 halp plz

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  9. avatar lowa east sider says:

    Its funny how clearing the cache lets you boot xgd3 on 79 hitachi.

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  10. avatar digiitz says:

    Hi guys
    Quick help please -
    I just flashed my hitachi 78 to LT2.0 and burned Skyrim (4x – Verbatim – LiteOn iHAS 324 – Burner Max).
    The game loads fine however it is extremely slow in-between scenes then it just doesn't go past the "start" page afterwards. Tried installing it, it always fails at 38% stating disk isn't clean.

    Any suggestions? Is it a firmware issue?


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