c4eva Spoke! (2011-12-07 #fw)

[2011-12-07 03:20AM UTC] #fw <semperfi> update is out now right?
[2011-12-07 03:20AM UTC] #fw <Smithers> yes
[2011-12-07 03:20AM UTC] #fw <semperfi> cool
[2011-12-07 03:20AM UTC] #fw <semperfi> LT 3.0 should be out soon then
[2011-12-07 03:21AM UTC] #fw <c4eva> yes

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  1. avatar 1 says:

    Is it alright for me to go ahead and do this dashboard update since I have an old hitachi drive?

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  2. avatar Apollo220 says:

    C4eva will the abgx360 be released with the lt3.0 firmware ???

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  3. avatar BuriA says:

    lol. let's begin it here.

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  4. avatar Dolphinus says:

    How sweet is that comment??!!! C:

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  5. avatar mcrook says:

    Will this latest firmware work on my PS3?

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  6. avatar Giulio Amici Garcia says:

    go to go c4eva !!!

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  7. avatar transfusionsb says:

    I just lol'd at the last 4 lines

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  8. avatar megadork says:

    <3 !!

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  9. avatar John..... says:

    Great News.

    LT 3.0 seems to good to be true. Knowing it is true and its coming soon is great! :)

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  10. avatar KCO says:

    first troll?

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