c4eva Spoke! (2011-12-07 #fw)

[2011-12-07 03:20AM UTC] #fw <semperfi> update is out now right?
[2011-12-07 03:20AM UTC] #fw <Smithers> yes
[2011-12-07 03:20AM UTC] #fw <semperfi> cool
[2011-12-07 03:20AM UTC] #fw <semperfi> LT 3.0 should be out soon then
[2011-12-07 03:21AM UTC] #fw <c4eva> yes

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  1. Since this new update is exactly like the beta, I'll be looking for this highly anticipated 3.0 to be released "soon" as quoted by the great c4.
    Thanks to everyone involved.

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  2. avatar RexTaz says:

    Oh Yeah the big man himself says soon LOL
    Thanks C4 & team for everything u do

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  3. avatar DKS says:

    Hum!! Maybe you can release the 3.0 ¬¬"

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  4. avatar Tyson says:

    Will 3.0 support truncated XGD3 discs for Hitachi?

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  5. avatar Ringostar says:

    Great work c4 living legend!!!!!

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  6. avatar BuriA says:

    too bad for hitachi users. we ain't gonna get 3.0 except 79/78. the firmware is fine, it just needs a little polish. hopefully the 2.0 firmware gets an update.

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  7. avatar c4eva_big_fan says:

    "yes" COWABUNGAAA!!!! :D

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  8. avatar NeroGTX says:

    Truncated Discs are not safe on Live, bad idea to use these… get a IHAS Burner… no need to make them supported if they are not safe…

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  9. avatar Anonymous says:

    No need to make them supported, they are not safe on live… just get an IHAS burner…

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