c4eva Spoke! (2011-12-07 #fw)

[2011-12-07 03:20AM UTC] #fw <semperfi> update is out now right?
[2011-12-07 03:20AM UTC] #fw <Smithers> yes
[2011-12-07 03:20AM UTC] #fw <semperfi> cool
[2011-12-07 03:20AM UTC] #fw <semperfi> LT 3.0 should be out soon then
[2011-12-07 03:21AM UTC] #fw <c4eva> yes

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  1. avatar hoopsy says:

    Verbatim 96577 8.5 GB 2.4x-6x Double Layer Recordable Disc DVD+R DL – 50-Disc Spindle$47.99

    free shipping usa only

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  2. avatar Kevsky says:

    It is correct ALL XGD3 and AP25 games will need repatching as the tables have changed. This will not be possible until the new ABGX or ripping software is updated.
    SO once you have the latest dash and new LT3 you WILL need to re rip or re patch all your games and reburn them. Instant flag if not and you wont get a black screen to warn you etc!!!

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  3. avatar hoopsy says:

    wait for abgx ok only old drives work atm

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  4. avatar AARON says:

    c4eva your the man keep up the good work

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  5. avatar Phil says:

    If I update to 2.0.14699.0 my console with LT+ 2.0, but I play with original games, will I be banned?

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  6. avatar multirusho says:

    c4eva so what is taking lt+ 3.0 cause i have waited like two week and a half without no mw3 how can a person live with out the daily dose of cod

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  7. avatar phrizz says:

    That was really intelligent and clever, Gus. We KNOW that 78/79 will get 3.0 – along with the other drives that are slated to get it. So troll elsewhere please.

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  8. avatar phrizz says:

    It sounds as though your attitude toward 3.0 releasing is based entirely on the idea that 3.0 was supposed to come out December 7th at 12:01AM or something. Since you can read, seeing as how you managed to post, you would see that the front page lists 3.0 for all drives that need it are "IN PROGRESS". Which would be expected at this time, especially considering 3.0 was just recently added to the status table and the Fall Dash just began rolling out internationally.

    What was c4 going to test on if you thought 3.0 would release immediately after December 6th, the old dash? What would be the point in testing it on an old dash when perhaps the biggest update of the year was days away? Sorry, but your logic eludes me.

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    • avatar phrizz says:

      You obviously haven't been around here for very long, or simply don't follow the scene, so I won't flame you. For all you or I know, c4 hasn't even had an opportunity to fully analyze the official Fall Dash, let alone complete his own tests of the FW and sent the FW to his testers. Based on that, to make such broad assumptions as "it's never coming" is quite a leap. The "IN TESTING" in the status table usually doesn't even show up until AFTER he completes his own tests, then he sends it out to the rest of the team for more rigorous testing on a much wider scale.

      Stop being a Debbie-Downer (sorry to anyone actually named Debbie, no disrespect =P), it's not even the end of December 7th and you are seriously going to start complaining about 3.0 taking too long, or not coming at all now? If you had a Hitachi, I'd shudder to think how you would react to things "taking too long", then you would really know what it's like to wait.

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  9. avatar Danny1990 says:

    lol shut up and wait

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  10. avatar mykel says:

    i swear to god every person who is bad mouthing 3.0 and it not being out yet is simply retarted it just hurts my brain reading some of these moronic comments. and to zaac dude there is so much more involved that just making it work so much is going on the background of the program constantly checking security and things like that i swear if you were in front of me and said a comment like that id just open hand slap you across the face and tell you to STFU cause explaining it to you would be pointless.

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