c4eva Spoke! (2011-12-07 #fw)

[2011-12-07 03:20AM UTC] #fw <semperfi> update is out now right?
[2011-12-07 03:20AM UTC] #fw <Smithers> yes
[2011-12-07 03:20AM UTC] #fw <semperfi> cool
[2011-12-07 03:20AM UTC] #fw <semperfi> LT 3.0 should be out soon then
[2011-12-07 03:21AM UTC] #fw <c4eva> yes

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  1. avatar Dougie says:

    Hahaha I hate the people that think they know everything:

    Lt 3.0 will be out soon?

    haha c4e Thanks, and all others stop acting like you know everything! Because you really DON'T.

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  2. avatar ReFLeX says:

    If my xbox is flashed but I don't play backed up games, will I still be able to update or no?

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  3. Pingback: update out?

  4. avatar RG052610 says:

    my friends xbox just got banned 30 min ago…can somebody plz tell me if the update bans modded consoles?..i havent updated mine yet i want to wait fo LT 3.0

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  5. avatar javier diaz says:

    cuando sale la 3.0 para xbox 360? por favor respondan!!

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  6. avatar Haloslayer says:

    So since the Samsung status has not changed does that mean we can update and flash LT2 back on? I would really like to know so i don't wait for the 3.0 pack to only fine v2 in there.

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  7. avatar aeternal says:

    Isn't it ironic… don't you think??

    And people told hitachi users to STFU with asking questions about LT2.0 well after the release on the major drives. LT3.0 has the new AP2.5 silver bullet feature and not even a day after the release of the new dash folks are starting to get restless. I really thought that this was the end of CFW as it appeared MS could just keep changing the DAE.bin at will. You should at least take comfort that a solution is in the works!

    I should reflect back on my post about why hitachi drives cause less headaches (at least the lower revisions). It's nice not having to mess around with title updates heh. About the only negative things i've been reading are due to weak lasers (the drives are what.. 5 years old now?? it's to be expected) and that hitachi lt2.0 can't play truncated games which people shouldn't be doing anyways.

    Yes.. waiting really sucks. I didn't come back here to gloat either. But I am sure I'm not the only one fascinated by the technical aspects of the situation and the rivalry between C4e and MS. It's like david and goliath.

    On an unrelated note.. I burned GOW3 on a windata DVD DL and the results are pretty good! it's a hell of a deal at $10 for a 25 pack. I used to buy 5 pack verbs for like $15 bucks lol…

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  8. avatar John..... says:

    Question for Admin.

    I'm not 100% sure how LT 3.0 works, but I think it goes something like this, when a ap25 challenge is sent to the drive, it checks the disc and then the drive gives a positive respond, if the ap25 sectors are updated, but in LT 3.0 this is replaced with some other date to make the drive always give a positive response.

    If this is true, then M$ could easily defeat LT 3.0 by sending challenges to the disc that are supposed to result in a negative response, do you think M$ will do this?

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    • avatar GamerGuy says:

      I'm don't think it works quite like that. If C4 can make the drive send a positive response every time than why wouldn't he be able to send a negative response as well, besides a negative response= flag = ban…

      Like always, AGBX would be able to counter any M$ changesupdates. Don't be so paranoid..When C4 says that AP25 is defeated believe him!

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      • avatar QuickMythril says:

        i think 3.0 is more like this: dashboard (dae.bin) asks drive for ap2.5 response, original disc has responses pressed in as physical data. new discs burned with topology data have a record of the physical structure of the original disc and LT 3.0 gives whatever response an original disc would based on that topology data. in other words the burned disc emulates a retail disc. if microsoft updated the dae.bin to request a "negative" response, the burned disc would still respond just as an original disc. but honestly i don't think a negative response would exist. either it responds the way an original would or it doesn't

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  9. avatar chubs69 says:

    hahaha.you f**kin fool!any one with 59 or lower are the only ones that can still play xgd3/ap25 games at the minute!!!even online!so for all the one's that was saying hitachi's s**t and taking the piss saying c4eva shouldnt release it for us……hahahahahahahaha.who's waiting now and whos had the last laugh.idiots!

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    • avatar Mykel says:

      I dunno what crack your smoking but I have a liteon with the new dash and LT 2.0 and I'm playing AP 2.5 and xgd3 using the USB game update. so your wrong about being the only ones who can boot them.

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      • avatar chubs69 says:

        you oviously havn't got many brain cell's!you still cant play online!!!if you play xgd3/ap25 with 2.0 with the new dae bin you are flagged!unlike hitach's and samsungs!

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        • avatar Anonymous says:

          I never said online you said your the only one that can play and seeing as how I am playing regardless of being online or a flag proves you wrong. as many people said my self included don't care about live so a flag doesn't matter so get off the pipe cause again you said we can't play them but cause I am proves you wrong.

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      • avatar chubs69 says:

        hahaha you havn't proved any one wrong you moron.any body with common sense wouldnt get them selves flagged so it shows exactly how dumb you are!!!hitachi's can play online an offline without flag or any problem.FACT.if your stupid enough to get flagged then you carry on.what a retard!

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  10. avatar hoopsy says:

    if ya install 2 hard drive ya ok

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